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Isolde is a posthumous heroic character in the lore of League of Legends. She was a seamstress from the now-lost kingdom of Camavor, whom the king Viego fell in love with and married, promoting her to queen. Viego obsessed over his relationship with Isolde over the duties of his kingdom, resulting in a scandal that caused an assassination attempt on him via a poisoned dagger, but Isolde was accidentally harmed instead. As she died from the poison, Viego fell into madness and accidentally caused the Ruination that corrupted the Shadow Isles with the intent of bringing her back to life. At the same time, Isolde's soul split into several fragments, possessing people valuable to her new mission to stop her husband's madness as he tries to claim her back.

She is voiced by Andressa Andreatto.


Before the Ruination

Isolde was born in Camavor, where she was in a lower class and took an affinity to sewing. She created a doll named Gwen, whom she grew an attachment to. One day, the king of Camavor, Viego, fell in love with her and the two got married, resulting in Isolde being appointed as the queen. Viego loved Isolde so much that he refused to go anywhere without her and focused more on romancing her than ruling his kingdom. This bred contempt towards the other kingdoms, knowing that Camavor would crumble due to Viego's neglectful rulership.

Camavor's enemies took advantage of this, with one kingdom sending an assassin to kill Viego using a poisoned blade. The assassination was foiled due to the king's guards, but Isolde was accidentally grazed by the dagger and subsequently poisoned. As she slowly succumbed to the poison, Viego's sanity deteriorated as he became more desperate for a cure. His niece and most trusted general Kalista, was sent to the Blessed Isles to find the Holy Waters that would cure the poison, came back too late and the cure failed as Isolde had already died. Viego flew into a rage and imprisoned Kalista in the dungeons as a traitor.

Viego's loyal commander Hecarim came to Kalista's cell to find out about the location of the Blessed Isles, which promptly caused Camavor to invade the Isles. The natives stood in their way, refusing to bring Isolde back to life as death was not meant to be subverted. Viego ordered Kalista to kill them, but she refused, so Hecarim and the Iron Order killed her, her allies and the people of the Blessed Isles as Viego was led by a lowly custodian into the Waters of Life, where he lowered her into the waters. However, it failed and Isolde was revived as a rotting corpse. In agony and confusion, she stabbed Viego with his enchanted blade, which caused the blade's magic to amplify a hundredfold and caused the disaster known as the Ruination, where the protective mist that cloaked Blessed Isles was corrupted by the magic into Black Mist, turning everyone on the island into undead wraiths who now torment the living. Viego gained full control of the Black Mist and regularly spreads it across Runeterra in events known as Harrowings, seeking to recover Isolde so Viego may reunite with her again.


After the Ruination, Isolde's soul was split into many different fragments. The fragments spread to many different parts of Runeterra, and had the power to purify Viego's Black Mist into Hallowed Mist. One of the fragments possessed her old doll Gwen, turning her human and imbuing her with sewing-related magic. Although Gwen doesn't remember her maker's name, absorbing both of the mists gave her memories of Isolde and Viego, and she fights against Viego for her creator's sake.

Another part of Isolde possessed Senna when she was young, after the Black Mist attacked her settlement. She was cursed to attract Black Mist since it was seeking Isolde, but she was saved by a Sentinel of Light known as Urias. Senna became a Sentinel of Light herself and married his son Lucian. Isolde's soul regularly guided Senna on where to go, but Lucian became more intent on saving Senna from her curse. One fateful day, the couple went to the Shadow Isles and encountered Thresh, whom was responsible for Isolde being in her current state in the first place. He killed Senna and trapped her soul in his lantern, and Lucian spent years pursuing Thresh to save her. All the while, Isolde's power had given Senna the ability to harness the Black Mist and communicate with the souls trapped in it. Finally, Lucian broke all of the souls out of the lantern to free them, including Senna, who became more powerful than before and remained in the mortal realm to finish her goals.

Afterwards, Lucian and Senna were approached by Viego himself, who became aware that Senna had a fragment of Isolde's soul. Senna was warned by Isolde about the Ruination, before Viego came up to her and demanded her to return his queen. Senna told him that he'd destroy this world, but Viego replied that Isolde was his world. After spreading the Black Mist to regions like Demacia, Noxus and Ionia, Viego extracted Isolde's soul from Senna and prepared to kill her, but she was saved by Lucian. When Senna awoke, she was desperate to save Isolde's soul, but Lucian told her that they couldn't do it alone, while the other champions affected by the attack unite to stop Viego.



  • After the first teaser for the three new champions since Viego's release, one of the teaser images showed a needle and fabric with the crest of Camavor. This was most likely the teaser for Isolde, as she was a seamstress from Camavor who had the biggest connection with Viego, but it was later revealed to be teasing Gwen instead. However, Gwen still technically counts as Isolde due to being brought to life by her soul.
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