Even if it involved all of this bloodshed, when I was in the presence of the general, I was able to dream. You see I became a member of Gjallarhorn, and I went on to prove myself, but I'm still from the colonies. Without the assistance of a patron, it was absurd to even dream of tomorrow. Such is the world, that we now find ourselves living in. Someone like you, a man born under the name of Bauduin, could never understand... I and the General's...
~ Isurugi's last words to Gaelio.

Isurugi Camice is the second-in-command of the Outer Earth Orbit Joint Regulatory Fleet under McGillis Fareed, as well as McGillis's right-hand man.


Isurugi Camice grew up in the colonies before joining Gjallarhorn, and was looked down by the other officers for his place of birth. However, he was eventually spotted by McGillis Fareed, who recognized his potential, and brought into his fold, becoming McGillis' right-hand man.

After a meeting of the Seven Stars, Isurugi and McGillis discuss the situation at the Mars branch. When McGillis commented that he has someone he can trust on Mars, Isurugi asks if it's a friend, but McGillis answers that he has none. Isurugi is later given command of a battle-ship by McGillis and sent to Mars to assist Tekkadan in defeating the Dawn Horizon Corps, participating in the battle himself by piloting a Schwalbe Graze. He is later tasked by McGillis with strengthening ties with Tekkadan by building relations between the organization and the economic bloc leaders.

When Tekkadan discovers a mobile armor buried on Mars, Isurugi accompanies McGillis to investigate. After it is activated, he is given the Helmwige Reincar and sorties alongside McGillis. The two are then confronted by Vidar in his Gundam Vidar, but he was son called off by Julieta Juris to support Iok Kujan. During the battle with mobile armor Hashmal, Isurugi attempted to strike the mobile armor with the Helmwige Reincar's large sword but the mobile armor evaded and kicked his mobile suit away. When Mikazuki Augus arrived in his Gundam Barbatos Lupus, Isurugi was ordered by McGillis to provide support but Mikazuki declined their help. Isurugi then remains on the side with McGillis and Julieta, and watched with them in amazement as Mikazuki fought one on one with the Hashmal. Isurugi was so shocked by the battle that he could not respond when Mikazuki borrowed the Helmwige Reincar's large sword to finish off the mobile armor.

After McGillis Fareed launches his revolution against the Seven Stars and goes to battle against the Arianrhod fleet, Isurugi takes part in the battle. In his Helmwige Reincar, Isurugi led a team of mobile suits to support the group's struggling young officer forces after his request was approved by McGillis. Later, Isurugi and his team intervened in the fight between McGillis, piloting the Gundam Bael, and Gaelio Bauduin, piloting the Gundam Kimaris Vidar. Isurugi and his team struggled to hold Gaelio and his Gundam Kimaris Vidar back as it was too powerful, but McGillis soon returned to save Isurugi. As the battle between Gundam Bael and Gundam Kimaris Vidar was too fast paced, Isurugi could not back up McGillis. He later noticed Tekkadan's chaff and ordered the rest of the Revolutionary Fleet to retreat. When the Gundam Kimaris Vidar's drill knee was about to hit the Gundam Bael, Isurugi and his Helmwige Reincar rushed in. The drill knee penetrated the suit's cockpit and fatally wounded Isurugi. Despite this, he still managed to hold back the Gundam Kimaris Vidar, allowing McGillis to retreat. With his last breath, Isurugi explains to Gaelio that, while he doesn't personally care for McGillis, he believes in his goals and wants to see the world he can create.


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