I'm Isuzu. Leave the torpedo squadrons to me. I'll bring victory to the Admiral with all my power. Pleased to meet you.
~ Isuzu
Isuzu (五十鈴 軽巡洋艦 Isuzu keijun'yōkan?) was one of six Nagara-class cruisers in the Imperial Japanese Navy. It was named after the Isuzu
CL Isuzu 022 Full
River, near Ise Shrine in the Chūbu region of Japan.


The first half of the Nagara-class wears the same uniform, it consists of a Miko-like sleeveless serafuku with shide-like ornaments under the armpits, a maroon collar, a black scarf, a short red pleated skirt and detached sleeves. Several 14cm guns are attached to the user and one of these is built like a bullpup assault rifle.

Isuzu herself has long dark-blue hair in twintails as well as blue eyes.

The sole member of her class with a second remodel, her new uniform now features a white collar and a radar headband while she gained several chest sizes. She now holds two guns, a bullpup-like Twin 12.7 cm AA gun and a SMG-like Triple 25mm AA gun holding a depth charge. This came with much stronger AA and ASW stats but a short attack range if she isn't given a surface gun.


She's notorious for being "farmed" for the radars she gets at level 12, as well as the large amount of Anti-Air she gives for modernisation.


  • Sunk 7 April 1945 by United States Navysubmarines off Sumbawa, Java Sea 07°38′S 118°09′E
  • The only light cruiser which underwent conversion into a dedicated anti-aircraft/anti-submarine cruiser.
  • Received her Kai Ni on 25/09/2013.
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