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Isuzu Sento is the main heroine of the anime and light novel series Amagi Brilliant Park.

She is voiced by Ai Kakuma in the Japanese version, and by Molly Searcy in the English version.


Sento is a beautiful young woman in her mid-teens with a voluptuous figure and golden brown hair tied in a large ponytail, as well as golden colored eyes. She wears a secretary full dress uniform with gold aiguillettes worn on her right shoulder and a white ribbon below her black collar. Accompanying the uniform are thigh high white stockings with black ribbons tied around the top, black boots, and a black skirt. Depending on the season, her uniform may or may not have sleeves.

She is also seen with normal yet fashionable clothing, and a business uniform.

Other uniform


Sento's personality is best described as stoic, or kuudere. She is very expressionless, not very understanding of jokes, not emotionally reacting to surprising moments quick enough, and very dry and blunt. However, she does feel embarassment and nervousness. Despite her demeanor, she is sensitive as shown when Seiya Kanie blames her for the park's dreadfulness. 

Because she is somewhat emotionless, she interacts in an awkward way with people, being very blunt and dry, but also sarcastic at times. She is very violent because she is unaware of the accepted way to interact with people, as shown multiple times when she pulls her out her muzzle loaders out of frustration. She also has a monstrous temper, so extreme that when she was betrayed by Tiramy in a gimmick, she frightened her so much she regretted it. In her tempers, she doesn't yell or anything, making it different than famous tempers such as Donald Duck

She is romantically interested in Kanie. She not only has an inner desire to become closer to him, but also blushes occassionally due to him. 


Despite appearing human, she is a Maplelander from the magical land called Maple Land. The boss of Amagi Brilliant Park (shortened as Amaburi) is Latifa Fleuranza, also a native to Mapleland. The point of the park is not actually to amuse people, but it is to collect magical energy called animus to keep the inhabitants of Maple Land alive. It is also the place of refuge for Latifa, as she is cursed by an evil wizard to slowly die. Normally she would already be dead, but the "fun energy" of the park that Maplelanders can absorb has kept her alive, but fragile. Her condition explains why the park has been near shutdown due to poor management, as the park was made solely for her sake, making her the founder and de facto manager (princess). Isuzu Sento managed the park for a full year until she sought Seiya Kanie, a genius, child actor, and prodigy. She pulled out her magical musket to extort him into going on a "date" with him to Amagi Brilliant Park, not spoken romantically however. 

Sento asks Kanie to come to Amagi Brilliant Park

They sarcastically toured Amaburi, which sarcastically classifies as an amusement park since the place is a dump. Once Kanie agrees that the place sucks, he expresses desire for it to be improved. Sento tries unsuccessfully to get Kanie to become manager, and tells the bad news to Princess Latifa. Kanie makes a surprise appearance at the public service annoucement, relieving Latifa and Sento, but the other employees were repulsed by him. He openly criticized the park and the employees, and they did not accept their criticizm nicely. Regardless, Kanie became manager due to his uncanny intellect. 

Throughout the series, Kanie slowly improves the park, disproving and disregarding all hate and doubt cast by the employees (it is worth noting he is also a narcissist). Sento begins to become romantically interested in Kanie, but refuses to show it. In the very middle of the anime he manages to hire more people, and Sento frets that she won't be able to be as close to Kanie if she has to compete with other workers. She ends up working with the new workers and gets over her paranoia.

By Episode 12 the visitor count reaches 499,997-- 3 less than the required 500,000 so that Amaburi doesn't get shut down. His final thrifty decision that skyrocketed the visitor count was negotiating a deal to host an important soccer game at the park. Using his magical ability gifted to him by Princess Latifa, he reads the agents' minds, making the negotiation flawless. Against his calculations of the turnout, there were still 3 numbers left before they could dodge their shutdown. However, thanks to Sento, three boys crossed the entrance line just to tackle her, saving the park. 

Sento becomes romantically interested in Kanie throughout the series, and at the end of the anime, she even gives him a gift. However, not understanding humans as well due to being a Maplelander, the gift was hardly even a gift. She has been shown to blush around Kanie at times despite her initial appearance as expressionless. 

In the light novel, they finally become a couple at long last, putting aside their embarrassment to admit their feelings.


Magical Ability

Her magical ability is to summon a muzzle loader named Steinberger wherever she's at. The musket is magical in many ways, as she can summon it anytime rather than physically carry it around. The muzzle either doesn't need to be reloaded, or Sento's ability also allows her to reload it at inhuman speeds. It is unknown how she obtained this ability. 

The muzzle-loader is able to shoot many different types of magical bullets:

Bullet Type Properties
Pain Bringer Non-lethal bullets that bring sharp pain without physically harming whoever it hits 
Forgotten Realm Causes short term memory loss, useful for unhappy visitors or interrogations
Paradise Lost Makes target sterile by shutting down reproductive organs
Exorcism Magical bullets for magical or spiritual entities


  • She takes 3 baths a day, because if she doesn't she says that she feels like she's dying.
  • She puts her stockings on first when getting dressed.
  • Her uniform as well as her characteristics and abilities make her resemble a British royal guard.
  • She commonly texts with emojis that make no sense, or appear to have a hidden message.
  • She never misses with her musket.
  • She has zero experience entertaining children, leaving that job for the non-human magical creatures of Amaburi.
  • "Isuzu Sento" may be a reference to 50 Cent:
    • Isuzu means 50 bells, and Sento is a cognate for Cent.


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