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My favorite color is spring.
~ Ivern's quote when selected.

Ivern, also known as The Green Father, is a heroic playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends.

Originally a warrior known as Ivern the Cruel, he was the one who chopped the sacred God-Willow with his axe. After seeing the life flowing back from the God-Willow's felling, Ivern had an epiphany and begged for forgiveness. The God-Willow accepted Ivern's apologies, turning him into a human-tree hybrid and giving him the ability to communicate with nature. Since then, Ivern has spent his days befriending the creatures of the wild and teaching humanity to embrace the beauty of the natural world.

He is the 133rd champion introduced to the game, released on October 5th, 2016. He is often played in the jungle.

He is voiced by David Lodge, who also voices Skarner and pre-rework Galio in the same game, Tenderheart Bear from Care Bears: Welcome to Carealot, Jiraiya from Naruto and Jeralt from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Ivern was once a warrior from the ancient Vorrijaard (now Frejlord), known as Ivern the Cruel. His clan was the fiercest and most warlike, and he was no exception. He had sought to destroy the Iceborn in order to take their power for himself, so he and his clan sailed to find them. They eventually landed in Ionia, where they discovered a sacred grove named Omikayalan, "The Heart of the World". After destructively rampaging through the wilds, Ivern found the legendary God-Willow and chopped it down to ruin the shatter the Ionians' resolve.

After it was felled, Ivern stopped. Even though the God-Willow had died, new life billowed from its ruin, a beauty which Ivern had never seen before in his life. Awed by the beauty of life, Ivern thought about all of his crimes and wept. The God-Willow turned him into a tree-man hybrid and forgave him, to his confusion. It then told him to go and embrace the wilderness, which he grew to enjoy.

With all of his past cruelty becoming nothing more than echoes in his heart, Ivern befriended all of the plants, animals and golems in the wilderness. He once saved the life a dying stone golem, and named her Daisy after the flowers that sprouted from her body, who then became Ivern's best friend. Sometimes, he would encounter human settlements; some humans told tales of his strange benelovence, but most of them would lay ruin to the environment to Ivern's displeasure, so he retreated from humanity's presence.

Despite this, Ivern never gave up on teaching mankind, and vowed to teach them how to appreciate nature due to once being a mortal human himself.


Ivern is a ranged catcher-type champion, who  His passive ability, Friend of the Forest, makes him unique since it makes him only champion who cannot attack monsters in the jungle, instead he can plant a grove near their area which will grow after time. Once a grove is fully grown, Ivern can visit the area again to free the monsters and get rewarded with experience and gold without killing them (though he will instantly free them with the Smite summoner spell). He can use Rootcaller to bind enemies using magical vines or dash to targets ensnared by his vines. Ivern can also support his allies by using Brushmaker to grow temporary brush for them to hide in, or Triggerseed to plant an seed on an ally which explodes to damage enemies. His ultimate summons Daisy to fight alongside him, and he can command her to go wherever he instructs.


In his past life, Ivern the Cruel was a fierce warrior who tore down the environment for conquest. After the World-Tree gave him a new destiny, Ivern is now the polar opposite of his mortal self, being kind, pacifistic, and cherishing every life he encounters. He is always calm and loving, and never feels any negative emotions. Though he retreated from humanity out of disappointment due to them taking more from nature than it could give, he understands as he was once human himself and wishes to teach them about nature's true beauty. In battle, while Ivern attacks enemies, he does not enjoy combat or killing and instead likens it to the cycle and retribution of nature.


  • Ivern is estimated to be 9000 to 10,000 years old.
  • Lillia is related to the God-Willow, and Ivern is considered to be her grandfather despite his human origin.


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