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Ivy is one of the supporting characters of Cats & Dogs.

She is voiced by Susan Sarandon, who also played Miss Spider from James and the Giant Peach.



She is domestically challenged.

Roles in films

Cats & Dogs

She is first seen after the ninjas try to kill Lou, Lou finds Ivy in a trash can and Ivy had her suspicions. Lou was making sure that this dog wasn't bad like cats. Ivy soon leaves and tells the beagle to tell Butch that she's back in town. She is seen later talking to Butch about Lou, but he tells her to stay away from him.

IIvy help Lou to defeating Mr. Tinkles.


  • Her Breed is Saluki.
  • She was former dog agent, who has a history with Butch.
  • She doesn't appears in Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore.
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