The history of the 9th and current holder of One for All, Izuku Midoriya.



Little Izuku defending another child from Katsuki.

When he was a child, Izuku greatly looked up to and admired heroes. Being a huge fan of All Might, he wished to be a hero like him once he got his Quirk. However, by the time the children of his age had started manifesting their powers, Izuku still showed no signs of having any special abilities. Due to that, his mother chose to take him to a doctor, where he received the news that the fact that he has two joints on his pinky toe meant he would never have a Quirk. Later on that same day, Izuku kept watching videos of All Might on his computer and tearfully asked his mother if he could still become a hero. She hugged him and apologized, words that Izuku would remember as not what he wanted to hear.

Even so, Izuku kept aiming to be a hero and to get into U.A. High School. That led him to be constantly bullied and ridiculed by his childhood friend, Katsuki, and his classmates, who believed it was impossible for someone without a Quirk to ever become a hero.

Izuku offers to help Katsuki.

However, things escalated when Izuku tried to help Katsuki after he fell off a small bridge into a stream. Izuku offered a helping hand, but Katsuki's pride caused him to take this an insult. He believed that Izuku made him appear as if he needed aid from someone who is beneath him. This would strain the relationship between the two for years to come.


Entrance Exam Arc

Izuku bullied by Katsuki.

Izuku is attending class at Aldera Junior High while his teacher announces that all students will graduate this year. Katsuki replies that he is not like the others, calling them all fodder and that only he is destined to attend U.A., and he alone will surpass All Might. Once his teacher announces that Izuku is attempting to get into U.A. as well, Katsuki is shocked and furious. He berates Izuku and uses his Explosion Quirk to scare him, claiming that someone who is Quirkless cannot get into U.A. and do anything at all.

Katsuki burns Izuku's notebook.

After class, Katsuki burns Izuku's hero notebook and tosses it out the window. Katsuki tells Izuku that Heroes have had stories about them since their early school years, that only he is destined to reach that school and Izuku is just a stepping stone for his greatness. Before leaving class, Katsuki warns Izuku not to apply to U.A. at all. Izuku leaves the classroom to retrieve his notebook and recollects about how he started dreaming about being a hero as well as how he found out about his Quirklessness.

Izuku's first encounter with All Might.

One day when walking home from school, Izuku is attacked by a villain fleeing a crime scene. He had apparently escaped an attack by All Might, a famous hero known as the Symbol of Peace. Before All Might leaves, Izuku asks him whether he can become a Hero without a Quirk. All Might tells him that it is fine to dream but he should not confuse his dream with his reality and leaves.

Izuku confronts the Sludge Villain.

Continuing walking home, Izuku then spots a crowd watching a Sludge Villain wrecking havoc on Katsuki. Not willing to stand by and do nothing, Izuku jumps in to try and save Katsuki, shocking the crowd and All Might who decides to step in and defeats the villain with Detroit Smash.

Nearly home, Katsuki approaches Izuku and threatens him, telling the boy to never try to help him again. Katsuki leaves, seething in rage. Suddenly, All Might appears and thanks Izuku for inspiring him with his bravery despite not having a Quirk. All Might then tells Izuku that he has a proposal for him and that he too can become a hero, which makes Izuku cry in joy for having his dream finally acknowledged not by anyone, but by the Hero he admires the most: All Might.

All Might tells Izuku that he is worthy to inherit his strength, confusing the boy. All Might explains that his Quirk, One For All, can be passed down and he has selected Izuku as his successor. Izuku asks why All Might would give his Quirk to him, to which All Might replies that he doesn't mind giving it to him and because he shined more than any of the other so-called "heroes". All Might says that the decision is his to make and Izuku decides to accept All Might's proposal.

Izuku training to become a vessel for One For All.

All Might begins to train Izuku to allow his body to inherit One for All. All Might begins to train Izuku in order for his body to inherit One For All, explaining that if he gave it to him now, his body would be blown to bits. All Might has Izuku clean the Seaside Bay of its trash as a great way to strengthen Izuku's body into a proper vessel by the end of ten months, after which U.A.'s Entrance Exam will happen. After ten months of intense training, it is now the day of U.A.'s Entrance Exam. Izuku's body is now more refined and muscular, which causes All Might to say that he has become a genuine vessel. All Might decides to give Izuku his reward for having worked so hard for the last ten months, saying he has earned it fair and square: the One For All quirk. All Might then gives Izuku a piece of his hair to eat.

Izuku meets Ochaco at the Entrance Exam.

Izuku runs to U.A., having arrived in time for the Entrance Exam. However, he begins to fall, but is saved by a girl's Quirk. She wishes him good luck, which leaves him speechless, as he finally gets to talk to a girl.

Present Mic explains how the entrance exam works. The first half is a practical test, which is to dispatch as many robots as possible to earn a high score, followed by a written test in the second. The practical test of the Entrance Exam begins but as it nears the end, Izuku has been unable to dispatch any of the robots. Suddenly, a huge robot appears and Izuku sees the same girl who helped him earlier trapped under rubble. Izuku, mustering courage, decides to save the girl. Izuku jumps up to the robot and, for the first time, uses One For All and delivers a destructive punch to the huge robot, smashing it into pieces and shocking everyone. All Might in his true form, who is in the crowd watching, smiles.

Izuku uses One For All for the first time to destroy a 0-point robot.

Izuku, having used One For All for the first time, begins feeling the aftershock of the Quirk; his legs are broken as well as his right arm. Izuku considers using One For All to make a safe landing but is unable to do so, due to his battered limbs. The girl who Izuku saved from the huge robot, uses her Quirk to make him float, saving him as he lands on the ground thinking of the exam. However, the practical test is declared over, much to Izuku's devastation before he falls unconscious. The other participants' comment on Izuku's Quirk, calling him incredible as Tenya Iida notes on Izuku's heroic action of saving the girl instead of running. Recovery Girl, U.A.'s nurse, heals Izuku's injuries.

One week later, Izuku receives a letter that will reveal whether he made it into U.A. or not. He opens the letter, which displays a screen with All Might on it. All Might apologizes to Izuku for not contacting him sooner. He then says that from now on he is going to work at U.A.. All Might tells Izuku that he did fine on the written test, but scored zero points on the practical test which meant he failed, much to Izuku's sadness. However, All Might then shows a video of the girl who saved Izuku, Ochaco, asking Present Mic if she could share her points with him because he saved her, much to his shock. All Might says that the judges were looking for more than just smashing robots; they were also looking for rescue points, of which Izuku scored 60 for saving Ochaco. All Might says that Izuku has passed, meaning he has been accepted, and U.A. will now be his Hero Academia, much to Izuku's joy.

Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

Izuku meets All Might at the Takoba Municipal Beach Park where All Might personally congratulates Izuku for being accepted into U.A. All Might then tells Izuku that he will have to keep adjusting to the One For All Quirk if he wants to use it properly and then leaves.

In the first day of U.A.'s academic year. Izuku prepares to leave and is wished good luck by his mother. At U.A., Izuku walks to his class which is Class 1-A, hoping that Katsuki and the person wearing glasses isn't in his class, but his hopes are dashed when they are revealed to be in his class. The student wearing glasses introduces himself to Izuku, saying that his name is Tenya and commends Izuku for understanding the true nature of the practical test, admitting he is the better man.

Shota Aizawa explains that they will be having a Quirk Apprehension Test that will try out their Quirks since they were not able to use their Quirks in middle school. After Katsuki uses his Quirk for a trial pitch, the students find it to be fun. However, Shota doesn't seem pleased by their reactions and then makes a new rule; the student who ranks last in total points will be deemed hopeless and immediately expelled, which shocks Izuku.

Shota explains that his Quirk has a major drawback and says that nobody will come to his aid when he is crippled. He continues to say that his "power" won't help him become a hero if his power causes him to be rescued by others. Shota decides to give Izuku a second chance. Taking Shota's advice, Izuku throws his pitch but at the last second, he concentrates One For All through his fingertip, which causes the ball to fly high into the air, giving Izuku a high score. Izuku then says to his homeroom teacher that he can still move (and proved Shota wrong that his power could cause him to get rescued by others), impressing him.

All Might is impressed with Izuku's solution. As Ochaco cheers for Izuku and Tenya comments on Izuku's finger, Katsuki is shocked and horrified at what happened, finding it impossible for Izuku to have a Quirk. Thinking that Izuku lied to him for all these years about not having a Quirk, an enraged Katsuki charges at Izuku demanding that he explain himself, but Shota stops Katsuki using his Capturing Weapon. Izuku, because of his broken finger, underperforms through the remaining tests, eventually getting last place. However, after showing the results of the test, Shota reveals that he lied about the expelling in order to motivate the students to give their all, calling it a logical ruse, much to Izuku's shock.

At the end of the day, Izuku is joined by Ochaco and Tenya, with the newly formed trio walking back home together, where Ochaco tells Izuku that his insulting nickname of Deku, given by Katsuki, sounds like the Japanese word for "you can do it" (できる, dekiru), causing him to adopt the nickname, to Tenya's surprise. Izuku explained his views of his name has just changed.

Battle Trial Arc

All Might tells all students to wear their Hero Costumes and head to Ground Beta. Izuku reminisces about the time he had to order a costume of his own. It turned out that Izuku's mother had made the costume herself by hand after looking through some of her son's annotations, feeling guilt for previously not believing that Izuku could become a hero and promising to always cheer for him from now on. Wearing said costume proudly, Izuku stepped into the training field.

Izuku gets teamed up with Ochaco and is tasked to stop a team composed of Katsuki and Tenya from blowing up a fake nuclear bomb. They successfully infiltrate the building and look around the corners to see if anyone was coming, where Katsuki ambushes them. Izuku manages to save Ochaco from Katsuki's attack, but half of his mask is burned off in the process.

As Katsuki is about to attack him again, Izuku intercepts him, knowing that he would use his right arm to attack. Izuku tells the surprised Katsuki that he memorized his moves, as the same notebook Katsuki burnt and threw away in the past contained notes of heroes he has analyzed which include him. Izuku mentions that he is no longer the "Deku" who was a loser, but the "Deku" whose vibe is never giving up, much to Katsuki's fury.

Izuku tells Ochaco to go on ahead while he fights Katsuki who tries to attack him again. Having predicted that, Izuku evades and manages to grab Katsuki's leg with the Capture Tape, but Katsuki breaks free using an. Knowing he is at a disadvantage, Izuku retreats in order to think of a plan and contacts Ochaco to learn about her location for the strategy. Katsuki searches for Izuku, angrily voicing that Izuku was intentionally hiding his Quirk from him. Eventually, Katsuki finds him and attacks Izuku with a powerful Explosion move provided from his Grenadier Bracers. Izuku survives and calls Katsuki insane for doing that, but a seething Katsuki demands that Izuku use his Quirk.

The fight continues and Katsuki overpowers Izuku. although Izuku manages to hold his own. He concludes that Katsuki is stronger than he is. Izuku decides to use his Quirk and informs Ochaco to grab onto something. Instead of hitting Katsuki, Izuku aims his Detroit Smash into the ceiling, destroying the ground of every floor above them, including the one Ochaco and Tenya are on, but Izuku is forced to endure Katsuki's Explosion. Although Izuku was unable to defeat Katsuki, it did distract Tenya long enough for Ochaco to grab the fake nuclear bomb, allowing both Izuku and Ochaco to win.

Izuku later spends his days having his wound healed by Recovery Girl. After spending most of the day having his wounds healed, Izuku returns to his classroom. As he enters, Izuku is commended by many of his classmates for his performance during the battle trial. Ochaco asks him if he is alright, to which he replies that he is fine. Izuku then asks her where Katsuki is. Izuku tells Katsuki the secret about his Quirk.

Although many of his classmates try to stop him, Izuku goes to find Katsuki. After Izuku finds him leaving school, when Katsuki accuses him of coming to gloat, he instead tells him his secret: that he obtained his Quirk from someone else in order to convince him that he had not been deceiving him but Katsuki does not believe it and swore to defeat him.

U.S.J. Arc

Izuku is confronted by a reporter to answer questions about All Might. Since he is not privy, he makes an excuse to escape the reporter. Back in class, Shota Aizawa leaves a remark about Izuku's performance and advises him to work harder. Afterwards, Izuku is elected as Class President after getting the most votes, much to his shock.

In the lunch room, Izuku is unsure if he is the right one for the task, but Tenya assures Izuku that he is as he voted for him. Izuku then learns that Tenya is from a prestigious family of superheroes and that Tenya is the brother of Ingenium/Tensei Iida. As they continue talking, the siren goes off and everyone begins evacuating. After Tenya stops the chaotic evacuation, Izuku returns to class where he decides to step down as Class President and give the position to Tenya, deeming him more worthy of the position than him which is well received by everyone.

In a flashback, Izuku is seen speaking to All Might telling him that he revealed to Katsuki about the secret of the One for All Quirk. However, All Might is not angry about it since Katsuki interpreted it as nonsense and tells Izuku to continue keeping the secret to himself and no one else. In the present, Izuku changes into his gym clothes (since his Hero Costume was tattered during his battle with Katsuki in the battle trial) in preparation for the rescue trial.

On the way to the U.S.J., Tsuyu Asui compares Izuku's Quirk to All Might's, which worries him although Eijiro Kirishima dismisses Tsuyu's claim since Izuku's Quirk hurts him unlike All Might's. Izuku then watches as the rest of Class 1-A make fun of Katsuki, which contrasts to their time in Junior High. They soon arrive at the U.S.J. and listen to No. 13's speech. Izuku applauds No. 13.

Suddenly, actual villains attack the U.S.J., shocking Izuku. Shota tries to hold them of but Izuku tried to warn him that he couldn't but is amazed to see his teacher hold his own against the villains. Tenya then gets his attention by telling him to evacuate with his class. However, he is suddenly warped by Kurogiri to the flood area.

Sent to the shipwreck zone, Izuku falls in the water where he was about to be attacked by a shark like villain who prepared to devour him, but Tsuyu saves him and throws him onto a boat along with Minoru. Izuku thanks her for saving him. Izuku then wonders about the villains' goal and then decides that their goal now is to fight.

Izuku says that Tsuyu was teleported (along with him and Minoru Mineta) to an area (the flood zone) that allows her to be at full strength thanks to her Frog Quirk, and then deduces that the villains do not know what their Quirks are. He then says that although the villains beat them in sheer numbers and experience, the one advantage they do have is the element of surprise (their Quirks as the villains do not know about them). Izuku concocts a plan to defeat the villains, and after telling Tsuyu and Minoru, Izuku uses Delaware Smash on the water while Minoru throws his sticky substance. The spread out water converges in the center along with Minoru's sticky substance (with the villains being pulled in), causing all the villains in the water to be stuck together by Minoru's quirk. Izuku then escapes along with Minoru and Tsuyu, with Tsuyu saying that he was impressive.

After that Izuku rambles that could have been dangerous, Tsuyu cuts him off and he says that their priority is to call for help, that they can take the waterside to the exit, but after remembering that Shota is at the central plaza fighting a large group of villains, Izuku decides that they should head to the central plaza and try to be of some assistance to Shota. However, after reaching the central plaza, Izuku is horrified to see Shota's condition after he is defeated by a monsterous villain.

However, the attack was intercepted by Nomu, who is not fazed as Izuku realizes Nomu is the secret weapon against All Might. Suddenly, All Might appears, much to Izuku's happiness. Izuku is then rescued by All Might along with Minoru, Tsuyu and Shota. All Might tells the students to take Shota to safety while he faces the villain.

Seeing All Might in a bad position, Izuku decides to help him, but he is nearly warped but Kurogiri though Katsuki's attack stops him. Izuku is then joined by Shoto and they hold down Kurogiri until Nomu attacks them to save the villain but All Might protects Katsuki even Kurogiri was freed.

Izuku then watches the battle between All Might and Nomu and worries for him as he was the only person who knows about the latter's time limit.

After defeating Nomu, Tomura and Kurogiri attempt to finish off All Might, but Izuku intervenes their attempt by running in front of All Might to protect him. Izuku's intervention gives the Heroes enough time to reach the U.S.J., forcing Tomura and Kurogiri to stop their attempt.

After Tomura and Kurogiri retreat because of the UA Staff and No. 13's attack, Izuku is seen on the ground, crying, as he was unable to do anything to help. However, All Might tells him that is not the case; because if Izuku did not intervene, he would have been dead and thanks him for saving his life. Afterwards, Izuku is taken to the infirmary to have his injuries attended.

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

The next day, Izuku listens to Shota's announcement about the U.A. Sports Festival. After end of the fourth period, Izuku and Tenya listen to Ochaco's reason for becoming a heroine and her history, to which Izuku replies that with her Quirk, she would be able to build for free. After the discussion, All Might arrives asking Izuku to have lunch with him. In the resting room, Izuku tells All Might that he is adjusting to his Quirk, which pleases All Might. All Might asks Izuku to show the world at the sports festival that he is the next generation's "All Might".

However, Izuku is unsure if he is up to the task; All Might assures Izuku that he is not forcing him and asks him to remember is feelings during his training at the beach park. During the two weeks before the sports festival, Izuku trains himself. On the day of the Sports Festival while Class 1-A prepares, Shoto Todoroki approaches Izuku, telling him that he is stronger than him and will defeat him. Izuku admits that Shoto is indeed stronger, but since everyone is giving it their all, Izuku will also give everything he has got. He then walks out to the sports festival with his head up high, stating to himself that All Might can retire.

Once the Obstacle Course Race begins, Izuku manages to get through the narrow gate while avoiding Shoto's ice. Izuku sees that there are robots in front of him and decides that now is the time to put his head to use, no longer shaking in fear unlike in the Entrance Exam.

Izuku sees that Katsuki and Shoto are on his tail using the two as balance, Izuku slams the plate on more landmines. This launches him once more and blows dust in their eyes, stunning them. Taking advantage of this, Izuku runs ahead and crosses the finish line in first place which allowed him to advance to the second event of the Sports Festival, which is a Cavalry Battle. Izuku then finds out that he is worth 10 million points for the Cavalry Battle, because he got first place on the Race Course, which horrifies him as now he is a prime target.

Fifteen minutes have passed and Midnight announces that the Cavalry Battle will begin soon. Team Midoriya has been formed; consisting of Izuku as the rider, Ochaco, Mei and Fumikage Tokoyami (who is revealed to be the last teammate) as the head of the horse. Izuku tells his teammates that he is glad to be with them.

The Cavalry Battle commences with many teams targeting Team Midoriya. Team Tetsutetsu and Team Hagakure attack but Team Midoriya escape their attack with Fumikage's Dark Shadow, Ochaco's Quirk and Mei's Hover Boots. Team Tetsutetsu attacks again but Fumikage blocks them with Dark Shadow. Suddenly, Team Mineta attack as well, forcing Team Midoriya to escape from them, breaking one of the Hover Boots and limiting their mobility. Katsuki appears and tries to attack Izuku, but Fumikage's Dark Shadow blocks his Explosion. Katsuki's team (consisting of Eijiro, Hanta, and Mina) arrive and Hanta uses his tape to reel him into the formation. Katsuki's headband is suddenly swiped by a Class 1-B student called Neito. Neito explains that his class was observing Class 1-A during the Obstacle Race and used their observation to their advantage for the Cavalry Battle. Neito then insults Katsuki, telling him that it must be sad to be a villain's victim every year. Absolutely enraged, Katsuki tells Eijiro that they are changing plans; before they get to Izuku they plan to fight Neito first.

Izuku then says to his teammates that things should be easier now. However, Izuku takes his words back when Team Todoroki confronts them. Shoto declares that he will be taking Izuku's 10 million headband.

Team Bakugo prepares to confront Team Monoma. To ensure no other team interrupts them, Team Todoroki electrocute and freeze the other teams in their tracks as well as taking some headbands as well. Team Midoriya and Team Todoroki begin their fight; Fumikage's Dark Shadow attacks but Momo uses her Creation Quirk to block Dark Shadow.

Team Todoroki have trouble in breaking through Team Midoriya's defense. With only a minute left, Tenya tells his team to hold on tight. Tenya uses his move Recipro Burst and in an instant, Shoto takes Izuku's headband. Panicking, Izuku does not know what to do. However, Ochaco pushes her team forward, telling Izuku to get the 10 million point headband back. Team Midoriya runs toward the immobile Team Todoroki and Izuku decides to finally use One For All. Shoto, noticing this, inadvertently activates his fire power in response. Izuku and Shoto prepare to have a final clash.

Team Midoriya and Team Todoroki have a final clash. Izuku uses One For All to create wind pressure which knocks away Shoto's blazing left arm. Shoto is shocked when he realizes he is using his fire power. Izuku grabs a headband thinking that it is the 10 million point headband and takes it from the shocked Shoto. After putting some distance between them, Izuku checks the headband but is surprised that it's a seventy-point headband. For the last ten seconds, Team Midoriya and Team Todoroki charge, preparing to clash again as Team Bakugo arrives but are too late to join the battle as the Cavalry Battle ends.

The first four teams advance to the final event of the Sports Festival: Team Todoroki places first, Team Bakugo places second, Team Shinso places third. Izuku tries to apologize to his teammates, however, Fumikage reveals he grabbed a 615-point headband during Izuku’s fight with Shoto, putting Team Midoriya at fourth place, allowing them to advance, much to Izuku’s joy as his eyes explode with tears.

After the Cavalry Battle ends, the Sports Festival takes an afternoon break. Shoto takes Izuku aside to confront him as Izuku wonders what Shoto wants. Meanwhile, the number one hero, All Might, greets the number two hero, Endeavor. All Might states it has been a long time and invites him for tea. Shoto says that Izuku made him broke his pledge; that he would never use his fire power. Izuku notes that his Fire Quirk would have helped and wonders why he didn't use it. After facing him in combat, Shoto notes how Izuku's Quirk is very similar to All Might's, which alarms Izuku; luckily Shoto only assumes that Izuku is All Might's illegitimate son, but Izuku denies it. After hearing this, Shoto concludes that Izuku still has some connection to All Might. He then says that Izuku should know about his father, Endeavor, who has been the number two hero forever and if Izuku is connected to All Might, the number one hero, he has all the more reason to win against Izuku.

Shoto then explains his reason why he must win against Izuku; his father wanted to advance his position above All Might but could never do it with his own power and devised a plan; a Quirk Marriage that would allow him to conceive a child with an enhanced Quirk and raise that child to rise above All Might. Shoto spitefully says that he will never be the tool of scum like Endeavor. Shoto then goes on to explain some of his past; that his memories of his mother have always been about her crying and that she despised his left side and dumped boiling water on him, much to Izuku's shock and horror. Shoto explains that the reason he must beat Izuku (someone who is connected to All Might) is a personal triumph over his father, saying that he will become the number one hero without using his father's Quirk and that it would be his total disavowal of him. Shoto then walks away, saying that he will climb over him using only his ice powers. While Izuku sympathizes with him, he states that he cannot lose either because of everyone who had supported him up to this point and not wanting to let them down. Izuku takes Shoto's war declaration and echoes it; saying that he will beat him.

After the noonday break is over, the Sports Festival resumes. The girls of Class 1-A appear in cheerleader uniforms (courtesy of Minoru and Denki's scheme). The girls realize they have been tricked, with Momo being most upset of all. The final event of the Sports Festival is revealed; a tournament event.

Before Midnight can commence the draw to determine the matchmaking for the tournament event, Mashirao requests a withdrawal, saying that his participation in the Cavalry Battle was done by being manipulated and insinuates that it was because of Hitoshi's Quirk. Mashirao says that he understands that the tournament event is a rare opportunity and that walking away would be foolish, but while everyone was giving their best on their own he wasn't doing his best due to being manipulated. Toru and Mina try to persuade him to reconsider, but Mashirao replies that he is saving his dignity. Shoda Nirengeki from Class 1-B also requests to resign, feeling that he does not deserve to participate in the tournament event. Midnight, liking his reasoning for resignation, accepts Mashirao and Nirengeki's requests for withdrawal from the tournament event. Midnight then says that the open slots will be filled in by the team that placed fifth: Team Kendo, but Team Kendo decide to give the opportunity to Team Tetsutetsu, much to Tetsutetsu's happiness. Midnight then announces that Tetsutetsu and Ibara will be replacing Mashirao and Shoda. After the drawing takes place, Midnight then shows the pairings for the tournament event. Izuku sees that his opponent is Hitoshi Shinso. Hitoshi approaches Izuku, but Mashirao warns Izuku not to respond to him. Katsuki notices he is fighting someone named "Uraraka" and wonders who that is, while Ochaco looks at Katsuki with a terrified expression. The Sports Festival has recreational activities before the tournament event. The recreational activities end and the tournament event begins.

Before Izuku steps out for his match, All Might goes to see Izuku, who says that he has gained control of One For All, but Izuku denies this, saying that he can only increase his strength by a minuscule amount, with All Might replying that he is hardly a five on a scale of one to a hundred, which saddens Izuku. All Might tells Izuku not to frown and encourages him to smile when he is full of anxiety and fear, saying that he is always watching Izuku.

The first match of the first between Izuku Midoriya and Hitoshi Shinso begins. Hitoshi calls Mashirao an idiot for throwing away the opportunity to participate in the tournament. Izuku is angered by Hitoshi's insults and attacks him, telling him to take back his words, but Izuku mysteriously stops moving. Hitoshi orders Izuku to go out of bounds. Izuku then turns around and starts to walk out of the arena. In his head, Izuku tries to stop himself but his body is moving on its own accord and is starting to lose consciousness. He then remembers that Mashirao told him about Hitoshi's Quirk before the match. Mashirao told him a strong bump could break the spell. He then goes on to tell Izuku to win the match for him. Suddenly, eight mysterious eyes pop out of the dark in front of Izuku. Izuku starts to freak out and wonders what is happening to his fingers. One For All starts to activate on Izuku's fingers by itself and breaks Hitoshi's spell with brute force. Hitoshi becomes confused by how he was able to break out of it. Izuku then remembers that All Might said One for All was passed down through the ages and hypothesizes that those people could be previous users of One For All.

Hitoshi then tries to get Izuku to talk to him again by taunting, but Izuku remains silent, now knowing that answering Hitoshi will result in him being brainwashed by Hitoshi again. Hitoshi says that he was born with a Quirk unfit for combat and unwanted by society, telling Izuku that a combat Quirk user like him will never understand how he feels. However, while running towards Hitoshi, Izuku understands Hitoshi's situation as he himself was in a similar situation (he was born without a Quirk and thus he was also unfit for combat like Hitoshi) before he received One For All. Izuku reaches Hitoshi and begins pushing him out of the ring, but Hitoshi retaliates by punching Izuku in the face. Despite this, Izuku continues to push Hitoshi out of the ring. Hitoshi grabs Izuku's neck but Izuku counters by grabbing Hitoshi's arm and then throws Hitoshi over his shoulder, slamming Hitoshi hard into the ground and in the process, causes Hitoshi's feet to go out of bounds, which ends the battle. Izuku is declared the winner and advances to the second round.

Izuku has defeated Hitoshi and advances to the second round. Lying on the ground defeated, Hitoshi remembers his past; where people at his previous school disliked his Quirk due to its villainous nature. After the crowd cheers for the combatants, Izuku questions Hitoshi as to why he wants to join the Department of Heroics. Hitoshi replies and says that he cannot help what he truly longs to be. The students of the General Department applaud Hitoshi's efforts while some people in the crowd comment on the usefulness of Hitoshi's Quirk against villains. Hitoshi declares that one day he will enter the Department of Heroics and show everyone that he will become a great hero. Hitoshi tells Izuku to not lose too pitifully and leaves. Izuku has his minor injuries attended to. He tells All Might about the mysterious figures he saw while being brainwashed. All Might says that he also saw something similar to what Izuku experienced in his younger days. All Might theorizes that what Izuku saw were the imprints of those who wielded One For All in the past. All Might remarks that instead of the imprints, it was Izuku's own willpower that activated One For All to help him break free of Hitoshi's brainwash. Izuku isn't satisfied with the explanation, but All Might tells Izuku not to dwell on it and tells him to go and watch the next match. After Izuku leaves, Chiyo comments to All Might that Izuku also saw him, to which All Might remarks that it's a good thing.

Katsuki leaves the ring and goes up the corridor. Katsuki encounters Izuku and accuses him of giving Ochaco strategies to use against him. However, Izuku denies this accusation, saying that Ochaco was the one who came up with the meteor shower strategy to use against him and tells Katsuki that Ochaco was the one giving him a hard time, much to Katsuki's anger. Izuku goes to see Ochaco who is in one of the waiting rooms and has had her wounds healed. Ochaco tells Izuku that she is fine and states to him that she cannot afford to lose again.

Izuku is walking to his second round match but surprisingly encounters Endeavor along the way which shocks him. After Endeavor tells Izuku that his Quirk can rival All Might, Izuku tries to leave, not wanting to be anywhere near him. As Izuku leaves, Endeavor tells Izuku to do his best not to give Shoto a disgraceful match. Before leaving, Izuku tells Endeavor that he isn't All Might and Shoto isn't him. The first match of the second round is about to commence with both Izuku and Shoto in the ring. The match begins and both Izuku and Shoto prepare to attack.

The battle starts with Izuku trying to strategize against Shoto. Shoto uses his Quirk Half-Cold Half-Hot and shoots pillars of ice towards Izuku on the ground. Izuku uses One For All on his middle finger and flicks it causing a shockwave of wind pressure that destroys Shoto's ice. Izuku then does the same thing again with his index finger to strike Shoto which hits him but Shoto creates ice behind him to prevent himself from being blown out of the ring. Shoto then uses his ice power on the ground and Izuku destroys the incoming ice using the wind pressure from his Quirk. Using the ice, Shoto creates a board of ice to get into the air with. He then uses his ice power on the ground again, knocking Izuku back and in the process causes Izuku's foot to become trapped in the ice. Shoto starts to attack the defenseless Izuku but Izuku creates another wind pressure attack which frees himself and knocks Shoto back. Shoto, noting that Izuku is in a critical position after seeing his broken fingers decides to end the battle and launches another wave of ice. However, Izuku fires another wind pressure attack destroying the ice which shocks Shoto. Izuku criticizes Shoto for only using half his power to aim for the top and says that he hasn't even managed to injure him with that half power. Izuku clenches his broken right hand into a fist and yells at Shoto to fight him man to man. Angry, Shoto wonders what Izuku is planning.

Shoto thinks that his father paid Izuku to go all out against him. Enraged, Shoto charges towards Izuku. However, as he gets close to Izuku, Shoto starts to experience the frostbite from using his ice power too much and his movements become sloppy, which stops him from evading properly. This causes Shoto to get hit in the stomach by Izuku's One For All enhanced punch, knocking Shoto down onto the floor and becoming slightly injured. However, Shoto gets back up and launches a wave of ice at Izuku but it is weaker than before. Izuku destroys the ice attack with a blast of wind pressure and knocks Shoto back. Shoto asks Izuku why he is going so far, to which Izuku replies that he wants to live up to his mentor's expectations and wants to become an awesome hero who can answer people with a smile. Shoto is hit by Izuku again who states that while he may never understand Shoto's circumstances and resolution, he thinks that becoming number one without using his full strength and doing it to disown someone is a joke which causes Shoto to tell Izuku to shut it.

Shoto starts remembering his miserable past; about how his father started to train him at five years old to become a hero to the point of throwing up. He also remembers how his father was abusive towards him and his mother as well as preventing him from being with his siblings. Meanwhile, Shoto begins to experience the full effect of his frostbite, causing icy marks to appear over his right side. Shoto, unable to move properly, is hit by Izuku again. Shoto remembers the incident of where his mother threw boiling water over his face and his father admitted her to the hospital due to the incident, which caused Shoto to start hating his father. As Shoto gets up, Izuku tells Shoto that his fire power "belongs to him and only him." After Izuku says these words, Shoto finally remembers what his mother said to him in the past; that he isn't a slave to his bloodline and can become whatever he wants to be. Touched by his mother's words and moved by Izuku's words, Shoto decides to activate his fire power, setting the left side of his body ablaze (causing Endeavor to smile wickedly in satisfaction), telling Izuku that he wants to become a hero as well and smile.

Endeavor, filled with joy and happy to see his son finally deciding to use his fire power, walks down from the bleachers to watch the match at a closer range, telling Shoto to surpass him and realize his ambition. Both Shoto and Izuku power up for their final attack; Shoto launches a great wave of ice at Izuku while Izuku jumps using One For All to get as close to Shoto as he can and launches a great wind pressure blast at Shoto. Cementoss creates a cement wall between the two combatants in an attempt to stop them. However, both Izuku and Shoto press onwards with their attacks. After thanking Izuku to himself, Shoto uses his fire power to ignite the cold (generated by his wave of ice) to create a huge wind blast which, along with Izuku's wind pressure attack, creates a huge shock wave which blasts both of them back and destroys Cementoss' cement wall in the process. The shock wave is felt throughout the entire arena.

After the shock wave subsides and the dust and smoke clears, Shoto is seen standing in the ring with a quarter of his shirt ripped off and without any injuries. Izuku, however, is standing out of bounds. Izuku finally succumbs to his grievous wounds and falls flat onto the ground. Shoto is declared the winner and thus Izuku is eliminated from the tournament event.

Izuku is taken to Chiyo's office to have his wounds attended to. Chiyo scolds All Might for making Izuku push his limits and tells All Might not to try and praise Izuku for going so far. Suddenly, Izuku's friends; Ochaco, Tenya, Tsuyu, and Minoru enter Chiyo's room, wanting to see how Izuku was doing. However, Chiyo makes them leave, saying that Izuku is going to undergo surgery. Izuku, even though he is weak and in pain from his severe injuries, apologizes to All Might for being unable to live up to his expectations and that all he wanted to do was help Shoto after seeing his sadness. Izuku then asks All Might for his forgiveness. All Might responds by saying that his match was simply an unfortunate outcome but praises Izuku for helping Shoto with his problem, saying that reaching out and helping people with their personal problems is one of the principal qualities of a hero, happy that Izuku has such a quality.

After Izuku's surgery is completed, Chiyo warns Izuku not to abuse his power and that she won't heal anymore of his self-inflicted injuries. Chiyo also asks All Might to find a different method Izuku can use to make better use of One For All. Izuku and All Might leave Chiyo's office. While walking through the corridor, Izuku sadly tells All Might that he thinks that someone else should be his successor. However, All Might reveals to Izuku that he used to be Quirkless just like him, which surprises Izuku. Izuku says to All Might that he never knew about that information, causing All Might to reply that Izuku never asked him. All Might tells Izuku that he chose him to be his successor at first due to him being similar to his former self and admits to Izuku that he has surpassed his expectations after seeing Izuku's actions. All Might says to Izuku that only he will be able to truly shine with the power of One For All. Having been cheered up by his mentor, Izuku apologizes to All Might. All Might tells Izuku to watch the rest of the Sports Festival, to which Izuku complies.

Izuku returns to the stadium where the tournament event is being held, finding out that he missed two matches. Tenya approaches Izuku, glad to see that his friend's surgery went well. Izuku and Tenya chat to each other, about how Tenya defeated Ibara and that his brother has been watching the Sports Festival but cannot watch it fully as a result of busy work.

Meanwhile, in an unknown area, there what appears to be a hero on the ground with blood everywhere. In the same area, a mysterious figure is disgusted by the fact that pro heroes call themselves "heroes", saying that they are not worthy of being heroes. The mysterious figure declares that there is only one person that is worthy of being called a hero. The mysterious figure comes into the light, revealing a disfigured face covered with bandages. The bandaged figure claims that the only person who is worthy of being called a hero is also the only one who is allowed to do him in and that hero is All Might.

Tenya tells Izuku and Ochaco to watch the final match closely for their payback later to which Izuku and Ochaco agree with. Tenya's phone starts ringing and excuses himself. Tenya goes to answer his phone in private. Tenya picks up his phone, noticing that his mother is calling him. Tenya apologizes to his mother for losing in his match and that he was too careless. However, Tenya's mother tells him that she is not phoning about that and tells Tenya to stay calm. Tenya is shocked at the news his mother is telling him and becomes distraught.

Meanwhile, the mysterious figure from before is revealed to be the Hero Killer, Stain, who appears on a rooftop. Stain says that the current society is distorted and twisted and declares that he will make them face reality. After Kurogiri appears, Stain draws his katana and aims it at Kurogiri. However, Kurogiri asks Stain to withhold his blade and says that he has been wanting to meet him due to his notoriety. Kurogiri asks Stain for a moment of his time, teleporting Stain and himself away.

At his home during breakfast, Izuku and his mother talk to each other. Izuku's mother says that she fainted seven times during the entire Sports Festival with Izuku saying that she almost had a rougher time than he did. Izuku's mother talks to Izuku about his Quirk, saying that it is a risky power and that risk doesn't put her mind at ease but she will keep cheering him on. Izuku realizes that all he has been doing is making the people watching over him worry about him. Izuku decides that he needs a method of his own that won't make people worry about him and once he finds that method, it will truly be his starting line. Izuku's mother asks him if he wants to watch the replay of the Sports Festival, to which Izuku says he will later.

Vs. Hero Killer Arc

Two days after the sports festival, Izuku is on a train to U.A. While on the train, some of the passengers recognize him from the sports festival, acknowledging his prowess. At U.A., Tenya is running and passes by Izuku, telling him that they should be at least 10 minutes earlier for school. After arriving inside, Izuku sees Tenya and remembers that recently his older brother Tensei had been seriously injured by a villain named Stain. Izuku tries to talk to Tenya, but he tells Izuku that he does not have to be worried about his older brother as he will be fine and apologizes for causing him unneccesary concern.

In class during the Hero Informatics period, Class 1-A must decide on Hero names. Izuku thinks of using names similar to All Might's name, but he wants to be more original and eventually picks a perfect name. Izuku is the last student to reveal his name; the class asks him if he is sure, to which Izuku replies that he did not like the name at first, but someone came along and changed the meaning of the name, making him happy. Izuku reveals his Hero name to be "Deku". After Class 1-A is finished formulating their Hero names, Izuku is given a list of 40 work places he can choose from so that he can train from one of them.

After the class period, All Might meets Izuku and tells him of a nomination from a person called Gran Torino, the friend of All Might's predecessor. All Might advises Izuku to choose Gran Torino for his workplace training as he will be able to advise Izuku on One For All usage, thus Izuku decides to go to Gran Torino for his training. At the train station, Izuku tells Tenya if he has any problems he can talk to him and Ochaco about it, to which Tenya replies that he will. Izuku arrives at Gran Torino's address and enters his apartment. However, Izuku finds Gran Torino to seemingly be a foolish old man and prepares to leave, disappointed. Suddenly, Gran Torino jumps towards the door and reveals he was merely putting up an act as he tells Izuku that he cannot stand to see how Izuku uses his Quirk and tells him if he wants to learn more about One For All, then he should stay and put his Hero Costume on.

Seeing the man's real persona, Izuku compares it to All Might's and realizes he is indeed the latter's teacher. He accepts the man's offer to train. Izuku puts on his Hero costume (which has not only being repaired but redesigned as well). He and Gran Torino have a mock battle, but Izuku is not able to keep up with Gran Torino's speed. After the mock battle finishes, Gran Torino gives a hint about Izuku's problem with One For All; that he thinks it is special. Izuku ponders about Gran Torino's hint and realizes that Quirks are simply body functions with One For All being no different. Izuku writes this discovery down in his notebook.

During the night on his first day, Izuku steps out of Gran Torino's apartment and goes to an alley in order to test out One For All by thinking of it as a simple body function. Izuku continues his practicing until morning. At breakfast, Izuku ponders why he still cannot gain control over One For All. After a new microwave arrives and Izuku fails to cook the taiyaki properly, Izuku realizes his next problem; that he has only been using One For All in one section of his body and not letting it flow throughout his body. Izuku activates One For All throughout his body and asks Gran Torino to test him.

Izuku battles Gran Torino as One For All: Full Cowl. this time, Izuku is able to keep up with Gran Torino, but Gran Torino decides to get serious and strikes Izuku. After the battle, the elderly Hero notes to himself that Izuku has dramatically changed in such a short space of time and compliments Izuku for being able to graze him (a cut is shown on Gran Torino's face) even though he was using his own power earnestly. Gran Torino states Izuku that he must get used to using One For throughout his body and informs him that they will continue training after breakfast. After breakfast, Izuku continues his training with Gran Torino.

Izuku continues his training in gaining proper control of One For All with Gran Torino for two days. It is the third day at 5:00 PM, Izuku is on the floor injured due to his training. Gran Torino decides to end Izuku's training in One For All, not wanting Izuku to become stale due to fighting him all the time. Izuku protests but Gran Torino denies Izuku's request to continue training in One For All. Gran Torino declares that they will move on to phase two which is workplace experience.

Izuku cleans himself up and puts on his Hero costume. Izuku and Gran Torino leave the apartment. Gran Torino and Izuku leave on a train for Shinjuku. The train passes Hosu. On the train, Gran Torino tells Izuku that they will be fighting villains since they appear at night. Suddenly, the train experiences an emergency stop and a Pro Hero comes crashing into the train, much to Izuku's and Gran Torino's shock.

Immediately afterward, a creature that looks similar to Nomu appears. Izuku tries to take action, but Gran Torino orders Izuku to stay put. Gran Torino jumps from his seat and slams himself into the Nomu-like creature, smashing the creature and himself out of the train and into the air above Hosu. Izuku goes to check on Gran Torino but sees that a part of Hosu has been set ablaze. Izuku wonders what is transpiring and starts worrying about Tenya's safety.

Izuku exits the train and starts running towards Hosu. In Hosu, Izuku witnesses the battle between the Pro Heroes and the two Nomu-like creatures. Izuku is surprised that Tenya is not at the battle and starts pondering. Izuku quickly figures out that Tenya came to Hosu to find and hunt down the Hero Killer Stain. Izuku leaves the battlefield and searches for Tenya. Izuku manages to find Tenya in an alley where he is on the ground injured and Stain is about to kill him. Izuku activates One For All throughout his body, dashes at great speed, and punches Stain in the face, preventing the Hero Killer from finishing off Tenya. Izuku declares that he came to save Tenya.

Izuku asks Tenya if he can move, but Tenya tells Izuku that he is immobilized. Stain praises Izuku for his efforts and then threatens Izuku. Izuku decides that he must protect Izuku and the injured Pro Hero. Tenya tries to dissuade Izuku from fighting his battle. Izuku puts on a brave face and says that getting involved in other people's business is one of the principal qualities of a Hero, causing Stain to smile.

Izuku activates One For All Full Cowl and briefly fights Stain. Izuku's enhanced speed manages to allow him to avoid Stain's powerful strikes and attacks Stain from above with 5% Detroit Smash. However, Izuku's move does not do anything and Stain immobilizes Izuku with his Quirk. Stain, impressed with Izuku's actions, decides to spare Izuku but prepares to kill both Tenya and the Pro Hero Native. Izuku yells at Stain to stop but to no avail. Suddenly, two columns of fire and ice attack Stain but he manages to avoid the attack in the nick of time. Shoto reveals himself and tells Izuku that he texted him more information than usual and came running. Izuku is surprised that Shoto showed up.

Izuku asks Shoto why he is here and is shocked that Shoto is using his fire power. Izuku watches Shoto's battle with Stain; Izuku warns Shoto to not let Stain get his blood. Stain jumps into the air and prepares to stab Shoto with his katana. Izuku realizes that he can move and activates One For All Full Cowl. Izuku, using enhanced jumping speed, appears before Stain and grabs him, attempting to throw him onto the ground. The Hero Killer retaliates by knocking Izuku away with his elbow, causing Izuku to fall onto the ground. Izuku informs Shoto that Stain's Quirk allows him to immololize people depending on blood types for a certain amount of time, earning praise from Stain. Izuku and Shoto team up. Izuku attacks but Stain easily strikes Izuku, licks his blood and immobilizes him; Izuku apologizes to Shoto.

Stain makes one last ditch attempt to kill Tenya but Shoto attacks Stain with his fire, causing him to lose consciousness. Izuku, Tenya and Shoto remove Stain's weapons. The three along with the injured Pro Hero leave the alley with Stain in tow. Gran Torino appears and berates him for not following his orders. Tenya apologizes to Izuku, although Izuku admits that he should have been more of a friend. Suddenly, the winged Nomu appears and grabs Izuku. Suddenly, Stain awakens, frees himself and kills the winged Nomu as well as saves Izuku. Izuku is shocked at Stain's action.

Tenya breaks Stain's katana and rescues Shoto; he apologizes to Izuku. As Shoto and Tenya battle Stain, Izuku is able to move again. Izuku and Tenya team up and attack Stain with their enhanced punch and kick respectively.

After Endeavor arrives, Izuku tries to break away from Stain. Stain's bandaged mask falls off and reveals his true face, shocking Izuku. Stain walks forward and declares that the only one who is allowed to kill him is All Might, unleashing a bloody malefic aura in the process. Izuku becomes terrified and unable to move due to the fear. After Stain loses consciousness for the last time, Izuku along with Shoto and Tenya are taken to the Hosu General Hospital to have their wounds treated.

The next day at Hosu General Hospital, the Chief of Hosu Police, Kenji Tsuragamae appears to talk to them. Kenji tells Izuku, Shoto and Tenya that the Hero Killer is undergoing treatment. Tsurugamae states that Izuku, Tenya and Shoto must be punished along with their mentors for not being with them. However, Tsurugamae tells them that the event that transpired with Stain will be covered up due to a limited amount of witnesses. Kenji states that Izuku along with Shoto and Tenya have a promising future and thanks them for their heroic actions.

Izuku gets a call from Ochaco who asks him about his injuries, to which Izuku states that he is fine. After the phone call, Izuku is excited at talking to a girl on the phone. Soon Tenya tells Izuku that his left hand will not work properly and has decided not to get surgery because he wants his injury to remind him of his mistake at Hosu. Tenya and Izuku resolve to become better Heroes. Izuku along with Tenya laugh with Shoto after they believed Shoto cracked a joke about people's hands going bad whenever he is around.

Izuku gets a call from Ochaco who asks him about his injuries, to which Izuku states that he is fine. After the phone call, Izuku is excited at talking to a girl on the phone. Soon Tenya tells Izuku that his left hand will not work properly and has decided not to get surgery because he wants his injury to remind him of his mistake at Hosu. Tenya and Izuku resolve to become better Heroes. Izuku along with Tenya laugh with Shoto after they believed Shoto cracked a joke about people's hands going bad whenever he is around.

At the end of the week, workplace training comes to an end. Outside Gran Torino's apartment, Izuku thanks Gran Torino for looking after him; Izuku praises Gran Torino for his training as it has allowed him to become stronger. Gran Torino advises Izuku to maintain his control and composure when using One For All and to not go over the 5% limit. Izuku wonders why no one in the Hero society knows about him, to which Gran Torino states that he was never interested in the life of a Hero. Before leaving, Izuku tells Gran Torino his Hero name, making Gran Torino smile. Izuku returns to U.A. and in Class 1-A, Tenya states his resolve to become a Hero anew, Izuku smiles.

Class 1-A has Foundational Hero Studies next; All Might says that their lesson will be a rescue training race through Playing Ground Gamma (an industrial site with many densely packed lanes which makes it look like a labyrinth). Izuku, along with Mashirao, Tenya, Mina and Hanta are the first group that will be racing each other to reach All Might. The race begins; with Izuku activating One For All Full Cowl: 5% and begins leaping and running through the site with ease while outpacing the others to get the lead. All Might and a majority of Class 1-A are greatly surprised and amazed by Izuku's extraordinary movements and better control of his Quirk since they had previously counted Izuku out. As Izuku leads, Katsuki is shocked that Izuku's movements in combat have become similar to his own, angry that Izuku has improved so much.

Izuku focuses on keeping calm and his power level steady, however, his foot slips from a small pipe and he falls into a painful face plant. After Hanta wins, Izuku remarks that he still has much to learn and that he will have to remember to take more care with where he jumps to. All Might approach Izuku and is impressed with him; he asks Izuku to meet with him so that he can tell him about One For All's history.

After Foundational Hero Studies is finished, Izuku heads to the boys' locker room to change into his school uniform. While changing, Izuku wonders why All Might was so serious. Afterward, Izuku meets with All Might in the Break Room. All Might tells Izuku to lock the door and then apologizes to Izuku for not being at his side during the Hosu incident, to which Izuku replies that he does not have to apologize. All Might reveals that Izuku's One For All Quirk was not stolen by Stain which is because One For All can only be passed on when the user wishes it. All Might tells Izuku about One For All's origin; originally, a man who was Quirkless was given a power storing Quirk by his older brother whose Quirk stole and passed on Quirks.

Unbeknownst to the older brother, the younger brother had a Quirk which could transfer, thus the younger brother's transfer Quirk and the power storing Quirk mutated and became One For All. However, the younger brother could not defeat his older brother and passed on One For All onto successors until it was strong enough to defeat his older evil brother. Eventually, One For All was passed onto All Might and he used it to defeat the evil older brother.

However, the evil older brother has returned, thus Izuku will face him in battle when the time comes. All Might apologizes for giving Izuku so much information. Izuku says that whatever task All Might gives him he will accomplish no matter what as long as All Might is by his side. All Might thanks Izuku. Back in class, Shota reveals that Class 1-A will be going to a forest lodge during the summer break.

Final Exams Arc

A week before the last exam of their semester, Izuku was ranked fourth in the terminals and proceeds to encourage Mina and Denki into doing their best in the finals, who failed, as he asks to go the forest ledge with them. At lunch, he was meet up with Ochaco and the rest, discussing their planned performances for their final exam until Monoma begins his harassment towards them about the sudden events of the Hosu Incident, not before Kendo knocks him out cold and apologizes to Izuku and the rest for his behavior.

Later on at class, Izuku reveals and explains about the content of the exercise class, much to Denki and Mina's surprise while Bakugo berated about the two being excited from this and says that they have no control of their powers. Bakugo then confronts Izuku, whom became nervous to him again, and declares furiously that he will outperform him and Shoto.

Forest Training Camp Arc

The first semester of U.A. ends and summer break begins. On the day of the Training Camp, Class 1-A boards a bus that will take them to the forest lodge destination. An hour later, Class 1-A's bus stops for a restroom break. However, Class 1-A notes that Class 1-B is not at the rest stop.

Suddenly, two females wearing cat-like costumes and a small boy appear. Before they could speak, Izuku excitedly introduces the females as the professional Hero Team, the Wild, Wild Pussycats. He explains their history to his classmates when he mentions how long they have been active, this irritates Pixie-Bob, who angrily seizes him by the face and states she is still eighteen years old at heart.

Mandalay explains to Class 1-A that they have three hours to traverse to their base. Pixie-Bob uses her Quirk to send Class 1-A down to the forest. They encounter a dirt beast; Izuku along with Shoto, Tenya and Katsuki mobilize and destroy the dirt beast. After this, Class 1-A begins traversing The Beast's Forest. Class 1-A arrive at the facility at 5:20 pm in the evening. Pixie-Bob admits that she thought they would take longer to get to the facility; Pixie-Bob commends Izuku, Tenya, Shoto and Katsuki for taking quick action against one of her Earth Beasts and concludes that they have experienced action against villains.

Izuku then asks about the boy, Kota and wonders if one of them is his mother. Mandalay explains to Izuku that Kota is her nephew and asks him to say hello to Class 1-A. Izuku introduces himself to Kota. Suddenly, Kota punches Izuku in his crotch and begins walking away. Tenya goes to check on Izuku and admonishes Kota for his actions. Class 1-A fetch their luggage from the bus, put it in their rooms and head to the dining hall to have dinner. Class 1-A finish eating their dinner and head to the hot springs for a bath. After Kota begins falling, Izuku catches him using One For All: Full Cowl. Izuku brings the unconscious Kota to the cabin's office who has passed out from the fear of falling.

In the office, Mandalay thanks Izuku for being there to help him. Izuku is surprised that Kota has a jaded view on Heroes. Mandalay explains that there are people in the world who do not like Heroes and if Kouta had a normal upbringing, then he would have grown up to idolize Heroes as well. Pixie-bob arrives and tells Izuku that Kota's parents (who are Mandalay's cousins) were once Heroes. Pixie-Bob tells Izuku about Kota's history and after hearing it, Izuku is reminded of his encounter with Tomura and his similar resentments towards Heroes; Izuku begin to understand that not all people have the same opinion.

The next day at 5:30 AM, Class 1-A are outside the training camp cabin. Shota greets his students and tells them that they will undergo reinforcement training to strengthen and upgrade their Quirks which will allow Class 1-A to obtain their temporary licenses. Izuku's training consists of intensive stretching, under the supervision of Tiger, one of the Pussycats. When Class 1-B arrives at the training area, Tiger asks that all strength type quirks train at his boot camp, and to demonstrate how his training will be, he Tiger asks Izuku to attack him; Izuku uses 5% Detroit Smash, but Tiger easily evades Izuku's move and punchs Izuku back and notes that his muscle fibers have not yet teared.

Later that at 4:00 PM, Izuku makes his own curry and while walking back to his class he sees Kota. Izuku follows Kota's footprints and finds him; he offers the curry to Kota after surmising that he did not have anything to eat. Kota harshly tells Izuku that he does not want any of his food or company and demands that he leaves. Kota expresses his contempt for the current society of Heroes and Villains; he is angry that they use their Quirks for violence just to show off and blames Quirks for being responsible for many deaths.

Izuku tries cheering up Kota with a story about someone born without a Quirk and could not accept the reality, explaining the moral that it hurts to reject reality. Enraged, Kota orders Izuku to leave and starts threatening him. Izuku apologizes to Kota for not being able to offer any useful advice and leaves the curry on the ground for him. Izuku walks away.

The next day which is the third day of the lodge trip; it is the afternoon and Class 1-A along with Class 1-B are undergoing their Quirk strengthening training. Pixie-Bob informs the students that tonight they will be playing a game; a test of courage.

That evening, Class 1-A and 1-B are cooking themselves dinner. Shoto asks Izuku what he wanted to talk to All Might about; Izuku replies that he wanted to talk to him about Kota. Izuku asks Shoto what he can do to help Kota; Shoto advises Izuku to use action than words. Izuku becomes encouraged from hearing Shoto's advice and knows Shoto is correct. Class 1-A and 1-B finish dinner.

During the test of courage later that night, Spinner and Kenji appear in front of the Pussycats and the remainder of Class 1-A; they attack and knockout Pixie-Bob. The Pussycats prepare to take action while Izuku realizes that Kota is alone and defenseless.

Mandalay tells the Class 1-A students to leave and orders Tenya to take the lead. As Tenya leads his classmates away, Izuku tells Tenya to go on ahead as he informs Mandalay about the villains' objective.

At the cliff, Izuku appears in time to save Kota from Muscular's attack. Izuku concludes that no one can help since his phone got broken in the attack and the location he is fighting in is secret. With no other choice, Izuku activates One For All Full Cowl and prepares to fight the villain who is revealed to be the one that murdered Kota's parents.

Izuku prepares to fight Muscular while protecting Kota. The villain takes off his cloak and activates his Quirk. The battle between Izuku and the villain begins. However, Izuku is taken by surprise by Muscular's empowered speed, causing Izuku to be smashed into the rocky wall. Before attacking again, Muscular asks Izuku where Katsuki Bakugo is because targeting Katsuki is his job. The villain attacks again, but Izuku uses his One For All Full Cowl's enhanced speed to evade in the nick of time. Muscular kicks Izuku into the rocky wall again.

Izuku is shocked at the incredible strength and speed of the villain's Quirk. Izuku uses an enhanced One For All punch but it does nothing; he is knocked back. Muscular considers Izuku an inferior version of him; he torments Izuku for thinking that he can save the child with his hollow strength, mocking Izuku for being unable to back his words up and laughs at the injured Izuku.

Before the villain can attack Kota, Izuku jumps at Muscular using One For All Full Cowl, telling him that he is the one at fault. Izuku analyzes that the villain's speed surpasses his own and the only slight chance of victory is to close their speed gaps. Izuku punches Muscular with his broken arm, trapping it between the villain's muscle fibers. Muscular mocks Izuku for thinking that his plan to put them in a position where speed does not matter will work since his inferior strength will not save him. However, Izuku tells Muscular that his job as a Hero is to put his life on the line for the sake of others; with no other choice, Izuku decides to unleash his Quirk's full power.

Izuku uses One For All 100% against the villain, which blasts Muscular with great force into the cliffside and also partially destroys the cliff due to the great impact. Kota is sent flying away, but Izuku manages to grab Kota's shirt with his mouth and drags him back onto the cliff. After apologizing, Izuku decides that they should quickly escape while the villain is incapacitated. However, Muscular used his Muscle Augmentation to reduce the impact of Izuku's One For All 100% Smash, although Izuku's attack did injure the villain. The villain compliments Izuku for his strength while Izuku is in disbelief that the villain is still conscious even though he used the same output of power as All Might. Izuku tries talking his way out by asking the villains' objective, but he receives no answer from Muscular who puts on his serious eye.

Izuku orders Kota to grab on to him; Izuku uses One For All Full Cowl to jump and run away from the villain. Izuku manages to avoid Muscular's first attack, but barely avoids the villain's second strike which sends Izuku and Kota tumbling to the cliff again. The heavily injured Izuku thinks that getting back to the facility where Shota could erase the villain's Quirk is a good plan, but starts to doubt the plan due to Muscular's speed surpassing his own.

Izuku quickly forgets about the plan considering the grave circumstances he is in and decides that he has no choice but to defeat Muscular. Izuku tells Kota Izumi to run back to the facility as fast as he can the second he clashes with the villain. Izuku uses 100% Detroit Smash against Muscular which keeps him at bay. Izuku orders Kota to escape while he still can but Muscular considers Izuku's struggle to be in vain. The villain begins overpowering Izuku's attack and begins pushing him into the ground while demanding blood and death.

Izuku is barely able to hold back Muscular's strength and is shoved into the ground by Muscular. Suddenly, Kota blasts water at the villain, demanding that he stop. However, the villain says that he will kill Kota after he is done with Izuku. Furious, Izuku refuses to let the villain kill Kota and begins pushing back the villain, eventually pushing the villain off him. Izuku uses 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash against Muscular, a powerful smack with incredible force that smashes Muscular into the cliff. Muscular becomes incapacitated due to the great force of Izuku's attack. Izuku roars with triumph.

After defeating Muscular, Izuku takes Kota to safety. While running through the forest, Izuku finds Shota and asks him to protect Kota. Before running off to find Mandalay, Shota asks him to give her a message. Izuku eventually finds Mandalay who is battling Spinner. Izuku activates One For All Full Cowl and shatters Spinner's sword with a leg lunge. Izuku tells Mandalay that Kota is safe and gives Shota's message for her to telepath. Izuku also tells Mandalay that one of the villains' goals is targeting Katsuki and ask her to tell everyone that. As Izuku sprints to the forest, Kenji tries to stop him only to be interrupted by Spinner's knife. Spinner then clarifies that the list belongs to Tomura Shigaraki and tells Magne that Izuku was the person that Stain saw fit to save thus being a man worthy of the title of a true hero.

Izuku runs through the forest, trying to find Katsuki. Out of nowhere, a giant shadow claw is about to attack Izuku; Izuku tries to defend himself, but his adrenaline begins wearing off and starts to feel great pain which stops him from moving. However, Izuku is saved by Mezo. Mezo decides to carry Izuku on his back after seeing his grievous injuries. Mezo explains to Izuku the situation and as a result, Fumikage has lost control over his Quirk. Izuku and Mezo turn their attention to Fumikage. Struggling against the rampaging Dark Shadow, Fumikage pleads Izuku and Mezo to run away from him otherwise they will die. Izuku watches in shock.

Izuku and Mezo are unable to fight back against the power of the rampaging Dark Shadow. Seeing that their situation is dire, Mezo asks Izuku to decide whether to rescue Katsuki by himself or rescue Fumikage with him. Izuku apologizes to Mezo because he cannot make that decision and says that he has a plan.

Mezo and Izuku arrive to where Katsuki and Shoto are along with Dark Shadow in pursuit, with Mezo asking one of them to make light. Before he can explain further, Moonfish senses Mezo and Izuku's presence and sends one of his teeth to attack them. The rampaging Dark Shadow uses its enormous claw to crush Moonfish, destroying Moonfish's teeth and knocking him out. Shoto and Katsuki are surprised at what happened. Izuku's plan was to lure the rampaging Dark Shadow to their location by creating decoys from Mezo's Replicant Arms which worked. Izuku is happy to see Katsuki, glad that he does not have to save only one of his classmates and sacrifice the other.

After the rampaging Dark Shadow effortlessly defeats Moonfish, Katsuki and Shoto manage to get close to Fumikage and use their Quirks, which calms down Dark Shadow; Dark Shadow reduces in size and retracts back into Fumikage, allowing Fumikage to return to normal. After Fumikage apologizes, Izuku tells Fumikage that their top priority is to protect Katsuki, who is the target of the villains. Izuku decides that they should escort Katsuki back to the facility and take a shortcut through the forest to do so. However, Katsuki is angry that he needs protecting and refuses their help. The Bakugo Escort Squad (consisting of Mezo, Shoto, Izuku and Fumikage) begin escorting a begrudging Katsuki back to the facility.

The Bakugo Escort Team travel to the facility and come across Ochaco and Tsuyu, who were fighting Himiko Toga. Seeing so many adversaries, Himiko decides to leave, but before that, he notices a battered Izuku and falls in love with him. After seeing that Ochaco and Tsuyu are alright, Izuku asks them to join the escort. However, Ochaco and Tsuyu wonder why Katsuki is not with them.

Mezo, Shoto and Izuku turn around only to find that Fumikage and Katsuki are missing. Suddenly, a masked villain known as Mr. Compress appears on a tree branch and reveals that he used his “magic” to take Katsuki by turning him into a marble. The masked magician-like villain states that the Heroes do not deserve someone of Katsuki's caliber and notes that Katsuki will shine even brighter on the villains' side. Izuku demands that he give Katsuki back.

Shoto attempts to stop Mr. Compress with ice, but Compress's speed allows him to avoid Shoto's attacks. Mr. Compress also reveals that he captured Fumikage due to his great power, much to Izuku's anger. Compress begins escaping. Izuku refuses to give up and hatches a plan to save Fumikage and Katsuki that involves them flying towards Mr. Compress. Izuku insists that he goes along which convinces Ochaco and Shoto.

They execute the plan; Tsuyu wraps her tongue around Izuku, Mezo and Shoto while Ochaco uses her Quirk to make them weightless. Tsuyu throws the weightless Izuku, Mezo and Shoto towards the Compress. The three fly at Mr. Compress at high speed and reach him. Ochaco deactivates her Quirk, causing them to land on Compress and smash him onto the ground at the villains' rendezvous point. Izuku, Shoto and Mezo see that they are right in front of Dabi, Himiko and Twice.

Dabi launches his flames, which hits Izuku and injures his arm. Himiko decides to fight and attacks Izuku, telling him her name and thinks that he should bleed more. Mezo smacks Himiko off Izuku while Shoto deals with Twice. When Mr. Compress finds that his pocket is empty, Mezo reveals that he took the marbles Fumikage and Katsuki from Mr. Compress, much to Izuku's happiness.

As Izuku and Shoto prepare to backup Mezo, Kurogiri arrives and blocks their path. Mr. Compress reveals that the real marbles are in his mouth, causing Izuku to chase after Mr. Compress. Suddenly, Mr. Compress is hit by Yuga's Navel Laser, causing him to spit out the marbles. Izuku, Mezo and Shoto rush to grab the marbles, although Izuku starts succumbing to his injuries which causes him to fall to the ground. Mezo grabs the marble containing Fumikage, thus saving him. Shoto is almost in reach of the marble containing Katsuki and nearly grabs it, but Dabi snatches it away before Shoto can grab it.

Mr. Compress deactivates his Quirk which frees Fumikage and Katsuki. Dabi and Mr. Compress begin teleporting away along with Katsuki. Before teleporting with the villains while Izuku desperately tries running to save him, Katsuki tells Izuku to stay away. Dabi, Mr. Compress and the captured Katsuki successfully teleport away. Izuku howls in grief due to being unable to save Katsuki.

Two days later at a hospital near the training camp, Izuku is recovering from his grievous injuries as a result of his battle with Muscular. Class 1-A arrive to see Izuku; Fumikage apologizes for causing trouble for him during the training camp, but Izuku rebuffs and says that it is his fault for causing them trouble. Tenya informs him about Toru, Kyoka and Momo's conditions. Notwithstanding Katsuki, all sixteen of them are here. Izuku is depressed about his failure to save Katsuki and the fact that his Quirk amounted to nothing when he needed it the most.

However, Eijiro states that this time they can save him. The previous day, he and Shoto overhead Momo talking to All Might about the tracking device she put on Nomu. Tenya deduces that Eijiro wants Momo to create a another device so Class 1-A can track down and rescue Katsuki themselves. Tenya demands that they need to allow the Pro-Heroes to handle the situation. He and Eijiro argue, and the latter encourages Izuku to go through with the plan as it will allow him to reach and save Katsuki. Izuku gives Tenya a pleading look, but Tenya is hesitant as he knows fully well about the consequences they will face.

Hideout Raid Arc

However, most of Class 1-A are against the plan. Tsuyu understands that everyone is distressed and asks Shoto and Eijiro to be level headed because if they go along with their plan thinking with their feelings, then their actions are no different than villains.

A doctor enters and asks Class 1-A to leave so that he can speak to Izuku privately. As Class 1-A leave the room, Eijiro tells Izuku that they talked with Momo yesterday and have decided that they will rescue Katsuki tonight, inviting him to join them. After Eijiro leaves, the doctor informs him that although his arms are healed, his ligaments are deteriorating and should he gain the same injury twice he will never move his arms again. The doctor tells Izuku that he is being discharged and hands Izuku a letter from Kota.

Later that night in front of the hospital, Izuku arrives to see Eijiro and Shoto along with Momo. However, Tenya arrives who is angry that they are about to repeat the same mistake he made at Hosu City. Although Izuku understands that breaking the rules is against the law, Tenya punches Izuku in the face for not taking his feelings into consideration; Shoto and Eijiro assure Tenya their rescue will be covert while Momo says that she will ensure that there is no combat involved. Izuku tells Tenya that he must save Katsuki. Seeing that they are determined and resolute, Tenya decides to accompany them.

Before leaving to rescue Katsuki, Izuku phones his mother and informs her about his wounds. Izuku's mother asks if he can stop going to U.A., to which Izuku replies that he is All Might's successor and as the successor he cannot sit back and relax. The group boards a train to a place called Kamino, Yokohama a place in Yokohama City in the Kanagawa Prefecture. At Kamino Ward, Izuku along with Shoto, Eijiro, Momo and Tenya put on disguises to make infiltration easier as well as to prevent the League of Villains from recognizing them. The disguised group exit the clothing shop and Izuku sees a video clip of the public apology issued by U.A.. After watching the clip, Izuku sees that U.A. are being treated like criminals and that the mood of the people watching has become heavy against U.A..

Izuku along with Eijiro, Shoto, Momo and Tenya continue towards the place that Momo's tracking device is detecting. After waiting for a while near the place, Momo notes that the villains have made no movements and states the possibility of Katsuki not being in the place while Tenya reminds them that if he sees any combat, then he will not hesitate to stop them. Izuku thanks Tenya and starts thinking about their options in "true Midoriya" fashion according to Eijiro and Momo. Afterwards, Momo, Tenya, Shoto, Eijiro and Izuku prepare to infiltrate the supposed League of Villains' hideout.

Izuku along with the group go to the back of the hideout and see a window. Izuku stands on Shoto's shoulders to see what is inside. After Eijiro sees the inside with his night-vision goggles, he hands them over to Izuku. Izuku looks inside and sees that there are Nomus, confirming that the hideout is actually a warehouse. Suddenly, Mt. Lady destroys the front of the warehouse which shocks Izuku.

Seeing that the Pro Heroes Best Jeanist, Tiger, Gang Orca and Mt. Lady are at the warehouse, Izuku and the group assume that All Might is with Katsuki as they are speaking. Izuku and the group decide to head home. Suddenly, a mysterious man appears to face the heroes and with a simple but powerfull attack he defeats the heroes, destroying the entire warehouse along with the surrounding area being significantly damaged. The man's aura above them utterly terrifies Izuku, Eijiro and Shoto. Izuku starts to realize who the man above them is since All Might told him about All For One; Izuku is in utter disbelief that he must eventually face such a monster in battle.

Izuku is paralyzed by fear and is unable to move. Katsuki has been teleported near the man, which catches Izuku's attention. Izuku quickly hatches a plan to rescue Katsuki but realizes that it will fail due to there being no options of escape. Izuku prepares to move, but Tenya stops him.

All Might arrives and faces All for One, meanwhile Bakugo tries to avoid being captured again by the League of Villains. Izuku knows that they are in a crisis and there are no openings to rescue Katsuki due to All For One's presence and Katsuki being outnumbered by the Vanguard Action Squad. Suddenly, Izuku comes up with an idea. Izuku says that the plan will not involve fighting and that it will enable them to rescue Katsuki and escape. However, the entire plan rests on Eijiro because Katsuki will respond to him due to the friendship they have built up during their time at U.A.

Tenya understands that the plan is a gamble but considering the situation there will not be much risk due to All Might's presence. Izuku, Eijiro, and Tenya break through a nearby wall. Shoto creates a large ice ramp for them to scale and they launch themselves high above the battlefield. Sensei sees the trio and attempts to attack them, but All Might intervenes by punching Sensei. Katsuki sees the trio while Eijiro yells at Katsuki to take his hand. Tomura tries to take Katsuki, but Katsuki uses his Explosion to launch himself towards Izuku, Tenya and Eijiro. Katsuki grabs Eijiro's hand and they make it the air.

Kenji and Spinner launch Mr. Compress into the air, but Mt. Lady intercepts him, allowing Izuku along with Eijiro, Tenya and the rescued Katsuki to get away. Izuku, Eijiro, Tenya and Katsuki land on the ground far from the battlefield and begin escaping.

Izuku and his group along with Katsuki escape safely into a crowd. Izuku sees All Might battling All For One on the broadcast screen and screams at him to win. After All Might defeats All For One, Izuku celebrates. After the battle, All Might points to the camera and delivers a message: "You're next." The citizens watching take All Might's message as a warning to all villains out there, causing the citizens to praise All Might and start celebrating again. However, Izuku knows what All Might's message truly meant; that his time as Symbol of Peace has come to an end and he (Izuku) is the next successor. Izuku now realizes that All Might's time has truly come to an end and starts crying.

Izuku along with Eijiro, Tenya and Katsuki meet up with Shoto and Momo. They take Katsuki to a Police Station for safety. Afterwards, Izuku says goodbye and heads home. Izuku arrives home and his mother is glad to see that he is safe and sound. Izuku goes to his bedroom and lies on his bed, exhausted from everything that has transpired and wonders if he made the right choice to rescue Katsuki. Later that evening, Izuku receives a message from All Might. Izuku runs out of his home and heads towards All Might's location.

At the Takoba Municipal Beach Park, Izuku goes to All Might. However, All Might greets Izuku with a Texas Smash as a part of his scolding. All Might reveals to Izuku that he can no longer use One For All and demonstrates this by entering his Hero form, only to exit it in a split second afterwards. All Might informs Izuku that he is retiring as a Hero since he is in a state where he cannot fight anymore. All Might scolds Izuku for never doing what he is told and for his recklessness in rescuing Katsuki.

However, All Might is glad that his recklessness did not get him injured this time and is proud of Izuku for that. All Might hugs Izuku and apologizes for not being a proper mentor towards him, but from now on he will focus solely on Izuku's development and training. Izuku begins to cry, to which All Might scolds him for again. Izuku now fully understands that the age of All Might has come to an end.

Toshinori visits and enters the Midoriya household, with Izuku and his mother flabbergasted that the Number One Hero has entered their abode. After the three sit down at the table, Toshinori asks Inko for her permission to send Izuku to the U.A. dorms. However, she is against it, much to Izuku's shock since they agreed that he could be relocated to U.A.'s dormitories. She explains that she is worried about her son since his Quirk damages him rather than helps him and is deeply concerned about her son's future as a Pro Hero after witnessing All Might's brutal battle, unable to bear the fact that Izuku will also have to face such bloody battles with no hope possibility of full recovery. Inko states that she has no confidence in U.A. and is unable to entrust her son to them.

Izuku tries to convince his mother that his injuries are a result of his inability to control his Quirk, but Inko replies that regardless it is still the responsibility of U.A. to take care of their students which they have not done. Inko understands that she is being a strict parent but the safety of her child is her number one priority and she is fine with Izuku continuing to become a Hero since it is his dream as long as he is in a safe environment, which is why she wants to send Izuku to another school. Although he understands his mother, Izuku wants to continue his dream at U.A. since that is where Toshinori became a Hero.

Izuku runs out of the room while Toshinori understands Izuku's frustration; that it must be painful not being able to study at the same place his idol went to. Izuku returns to the room with a letter in his hand; the letter is a thank you from Kota. Izuku tells his mother that at the training camp, he saved a boy, who hated Quirks and Heroes, from a villain. Izuku understands that he has a long way to go but for a little while, Kota and his thank you letter made him a Hero. Izuku declares that even if he cannot study at U.A., he will still keep dreaming to become a Hero.

Toshinori is shocked that Izuku is willing to continue his dream even though it is not as the same place as his idol; Toshinori is impressed with Izuku's growth and is glad that he is going on his own path instead of following him, his idol. Toshinori transforms into his Hero form and kneels before Izuku and Inko, bowing his head, much to their shock.

All Might apologizes to Inko for his negligence as Izuku's teacher and understands that she is worried about the bloody path of a Hero; All Might asks Inko to allow him to walk together with Izuku down his path so that he does not have a bloody future. The former Symbol of Peace also understands Inko's concerns about the current U.A. and tells her that they are reforming their ways. All Might promises that he will nurture and protect Izuku even at the cost of his own life.

Inko is shocked at All Might's resolve, causing her to fall to her knees. Inko states that all she wants is Izuku to be happy and tells All Might that he should never trade his life away for someone else's sake. Inko tells All Might to continue living and that as long as he can to protect and nurture Izuku, she will reconsider her decision to not send Izuku to live at U.A. All Might pledges to protect and nurture Izuku while Izuku tells his mother that he will not worry her.

Outside, Toshinori compliments Izuku's mother, telling Izuku that she reminds him of his master. Toshinori leaves and tells Izuku that he will see him at U.A..

Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

Following Katsuki’s rescue and the retirement of All Might, Nezu transformed U.A. into a boarding school in order to protect the students. The Heights Alliance was built in just three days. Shota Aizawa meets with his students outside of the building. He states they must start preparing to get provisional hero licenses like they had planned to during the training camp.

Then, Shota scolds Izuku, Tenya, Momo, Eijiro, and Shoto. He knows that they were present at the site of Katsuki Bakugo's rescue and took it upon themselves to rescue him. He also knows that the rest of Class 1-A, except Katsuki, Toru, and Kyoka, also knew about their plans but did nothing to persuade them. He further more says he would have expelled everyone but Katsuki, Toru and Kyoka from the school, if it weren't for All Might's sudden retirement. Shota advises the group that went to save Katsuki to go through the proper procedures next time which will also restore the trust between them.

Class 1-A arrange their luggage in their respective bedrooms. Later that night, the boys of Class 1-A are in the common space on the first floor. The girls talk the guys into a refreshingly lively competition to see whose dorm is the best among the rest and will be crowned the "Room King", to Izuku horror. He tries to stop the girls, but they invade his room and notice it's filled to the brim with All Might merch and posters. Ochaco calling it an otaku room.

After the competition, at Ochaco's urgings, Izuku along with Shoto Tenya, Momo, and Eijiro all meet outside the dorm where they find her with Tsuyu. Tsuyu apologizes for harshly doubting their plan to save Katsuki, as they apologize for worrying her and they manage mend their friendship.

The next day, Class 1-A begin their school life anew. In Class 1-A's room, Shota Aizawa mentions that their first objective will be earning their "Provisional Hero Licenses". To prepare for the Provincial Hero License exam, Class 1-A students will create at least two signature Super Moves that they will use in combat, with his help and that of Cementoss, Ectoplasm, and Midnight. He also recommends them to upgrade their hero costumes.

While all of Class 1-A begin training, Izuku Midoriya is puzzled and confused as to what his special move should be. One of Ectoplasm's clones scolds Izuku for daydreaming; Izuku tells the Ectoplasm clone that he has not thought of any special moves because he must keep in mind not to try and break his arms in the process. The Ectoplasm clone advises Izuku to focus on developing his Quirk instead. All Might arrives, wanting to see Class 1-A developing their special moves since it is his job as a teacher to oversee the training of his students. All Might approaches him and gives Izuku advice: he is still trying to imitate him, which confuses Izuku. Before Izuku can question further, All Might goes to help Eijiro Kirishima. All Might is teaching Izuku to think independently.

Following the recommendations of Shota, Izuku heads to the Development Studio for a costume upgrade. Izuku waits outside the door as Ochaco and Tenya appear. Before they can greet each other, an explosion from the development studio sends Izuku flying back, much to Tenya and Ochaco's shock. As the smoke clears, Power Loader scolds the person responsible for the explosion. The person responsible for the explosion is none other than Mei Hatsume who has landed on top of Izuku. Mei recognizes Izuku from the U.A. Sports Festival. Izuku gets embarrassed from the sight of Mei's bosom and moves.

Mei apologizes for the explosion she caused; she asks the Class 1-A trio for their names since she forgot them. Izuku, Ochaco, and Tenya remind Mei of their names. Izuku asks for a costume upgrade, which catches Mei's attention. Power Loader reminds Mei that he is fine with her working in the Development Studio but must not cause chaos, otherwise, he will ban her. Power Loader turns his attention to Izuku, Ochaco, and Tenya and invites them into the Development Studio.

Inside the Development Studio, Izuku, Ochaco, and Tenya are amazed at all the machinery in it. Power Loader explains to the trio about hero costume upgrades; after looking at their respective costume instructions, he will be able to tinker with their costumes. If it is small improvements and fixes, all he needs to do is inform the design office about the changes, but if it is big improvements, he must prepare a formal written application to the design office to request approval. After the newly upgraded costume gets inspected and approved, it goes back to them. Power Loader tells the trio that the design office he is partnered with is one of the best, so any costume upgrades can be done within a mere three days.

Izuku asks Power Loader if there is something that can reduce the stress on his arm ligaments; Power Loader replies that minor tinkering to his hero costume will make it possible. Suddenly, Mei inspects Izuku's body and makes him wear a powered exoskeleton, much to Izuku's discomfort. Izuku once again asks for simple arm support while Tenya asks for cooling capabilities for his legs. As Izuku watches Mei gives Tenya Super Cooler Electric Boosters. He hears her remark that Tenya he must run with his arms, which confuses Tenya. However, Mei's proverb makes Izuku realize what All Might was saying about him imitating him.

Izuku suddenly realizes that his way of thinking has been wrong; people who invent are not bound by conventional thinking and in order to improve himself, he must think out of the box like Mei. While Mei helps out Ochaco, Izuku asks Tenya to help him with something.

Meanwhile, the rest of Class 1-A are progressing on improving their Quirks. Four days later at the Gym Gamma in the midst of training, All Might shows up and Shota tells him that Class 1-A are progressing nicely. Minoru comments on the change of Izuku's costume, causing Izuku to reply that he received arm support to lessen the stress on his arms.

When Katsuki tests out his new special move called AP Shot on a rock, a move that creates an Explosion beam. Katsuki's AP Shot successfully executes and penetrates a rock but causes the rock to begin falling towards All Might. Suddenly, Izuku appears and destroys the rock with a kick. Izuku then destroys the remaining rock with another kick. All Might is impressed that Izuku figured out his advice on his own. Izuku has realized that just because he is the new successor of One For All, it does not mean that he must inherit his predecessor's fighting style, in this case All Might's punching style, and is free to choose his own fighting style.

Taking Mei's words into consideration, and Tenya's help, Izuku has decided to forego All Might's punch fighting style and redevelop his own fighting style. The technique Izuku used to destroy the rocks is called One For All: Full Cowl - Shoot Style, a technique that is an application of Izuku's new kick-based fighting style. It is a fighting style focusing on kicking, thus strengthening his kicks.

Izuku is asked by Minoru of why he did not change his costume entirely. Izuku thought back to his mother making the suit for him and her stating she will support him all the way. Izuku stated he did not want to ruin it.

The class then headed for the Takoba National Stadium. While there Izuku sees some of Class 1-A are nervous, but Shota encourages them to do their best so that they can pass this exam and further their goal in becoming Heroes. He has Class 1-A huddle together; suddenly, a student interrupts their huddle, causing another student to tell Inasa that it is rude to interrupt other people's huddles. Inasa expresses his apology to Class 1-A with vigor and bows to them while smashing his head into the ground and bleeding, much to some of Class 1-A's shock.

Other participants of the exam recognize the students with berets; Katsuki comments that there is a high school in the west (Kansai) that is on par with U.A. High School (which is from the east). The people standing in front of Class 1-A are students from the famous Shiketsu High School. Inasa energetically expresses his excitement about competing with U.A. and wishes Class 1-A the best of luck. As the other students of Shiketsu High and Inasa leave, Shota tells Class 1-A that the energetic student's name is Inasa Yoarashi and states that he is a powerful contender; at U.A.'s recommendation entrance exam, the same year Class 1-A took it, Inasa received the top score and passed. However, despite receiving the top score, Inasa declined his admission offer. Izuku is surprised with Inasa's prowess and thinks that he might be as talented as Shoto.

Suddenly, a female teacher approaches Shota in a friendly and joking way, although Shota seems to be unhappy with his presence. The female teacher that Shota apparently knows is “Smile Hero” Ms. Joke and Izuku tells the class of her Quirk is Outburst, a Quirk that forces others to laugh which impairs their cognitive and motor skills. Ms. Joke reveals that she is a teacher from Ketsubutsu Academy High School, and some of her students show up and greet Class 1-A. One of her students called Yo Shindo happily greets some of Class 1-A. Soon, they all enter the stadium.

Inside Takoba National Stadium, Yokumiru Mera, a worker from the Hero Public Safety Commission, explains that The first part of the exam involves thinning out the amount of people who can succeed by playing a game, where people put three targets on their body and are given six balls to throw at the other examinee's targets. Those whose targets have been hit are disqualified. Participants need to eliminate two students to move on to the next phase of the exam. The room in which the students are in unfolds to reveal the arena, in which there are varying environments to battle in.

On the preliminary round battlefield, Izuku warns his classmates that the other students may know of their Quirks from watching the U.A. Sports Festival, and decides that Class 1-A should work together to pass the preliminary round. However, Katsuki and Shoto go off on their own, and Eijiro and Denki decide to follow Katsuki. The rest of Class 1-A follow Izuku who explains that working together is better because the other schools know their Quirks and fighting styles.

The preliminary round of the Provisional Hero License Exam begins, and as Izuku predicted, dozens of examiners from other schools approach them and are eager to take them out. One of them, Shindo, sees Izuku again and remarks that his Quirk breaks his body every time he uses it. Shindo and many other examinees begin throwing balls at Class 1-A. However, thanks to their training and costume upgrades, Class 1-A students manages to avoid being hit by the balls.

Yo Shindo realizes the Class 1-A has gotten stronger and tells his fellow classmates that he will shatter their solid defense, and uses his Vibrate Quirk on the ground, unleashing a powerful earthquake that completely shatters the ground and causing members of class 1-A to disperse.

Izuku escapes from the debris caused by Yo's attack and he notices Ketsubutsu has managed to split up Class 1-A. He contemplates that Ketsubutsu Academy have done their homework on analyzing their Quirks and decides that Class 1-A must team up together in order to combat Ketsubutsu Academy's strong teamwork. Despite at a disadvantage of being alone, Izuku cannot help but feel excited by the idea of facing off against stronger students.

Suddenly, Izuku is taken by surprise when Camie from Shiketsu suddenly tags one of his weak points with a ball. Camie, scolds Izuku for zoning out in the middle of a battle. However, she finds it weird that he can still smile after being put at a disadvantage and finds it to be cool. Izuku focuses and prepares for combat.

Camie claims she's targeted Izuku because she has a lot of intel on him and she wanted to face a U.A. student before they got eliminated. Izuku says that Camie talks too much and mulls over the possibility of Ketsubutsu students finding both of them.

Camie throws a rock, follows up with one of her ball at Izuku, but he evades, and when he moves to counterattack, he is surprised because Camie has disappeared. She reappears behind him and tries to tag another one of his targets with a ball; he dodges but she disappears again. Camie gets behind Izuku and pins him down before revealing disappearing isn't a part of her Quirk, its just one of her skills. She asks Izuku why he wants to become a hero. He breaks free from her hold.

Before he can counterattack, students from Ketsubutsu arrive to ambush Izuku and Camie. Izuku dodges their incoming attacks and then Ochaco appears and offers her help. Ketsubutsu students attack her and she trips off a cliff. Izuku manages to catch Ochaco and uses a powerful kick to destroy their footing. Then, he runs away with her in his arms. The Ketsubutsu students lose their track.

Izuku and Ochaco hide behind some rubble. Ochaco tries to tag another one of his weak points and Izuku slaps away her ball. He reveals he knows she's probably from Shiketsu because Ochaco would have used her Quirk to save herself earlier. Also, he knows that the real Ochaco would never jump into danger recklessly without a plan. Camie reveals herself and asks that Izuku tell her more about himself. Camie charges at Izuku despite being nude and scratches him on his cheek, but but before she can attack him again, Hanta and the real Ochaco arrive and force Camie to retreat.

Hanta tries to go after her but Izuku advises against it because Camie's targets aren't showing up on her naked body, reasons there is no point in chasing after her. Then, Izuku awkwardly asks them if they are the real versions of themselves. He explains that Camie was able to transform into Ochaco and everyone gets embarrassed. Hanta excitedly asks if the fake Ochaco was naked and Izuku replies that she wasn't.

They hide behind large rocks and discuss their strategy. Izuku tells them they need to move quickly because thirty people have already passed the exam. Izuku, Ochaco, and Hanta talk about their situation and how rival students are starting to split up. Izuku tells Ochaco and Hanta that he will act as a decoy while they keep a distance from him and try to immobilize as many examinees as possible. Izuku, Ochaco, and Hanta prepare to enact their plan.

Izuku activates One For All: Full Cowl - Shoot Style and dashes past the group of examinees, being chased by them. Hanta catches up to him and asks him to carry them both into the air. When they reach a safe height above the ground, Ochaco releases debris attached to tape that traps their pursuers by sticking them to the ground. Izuku, Hanta, and Ochaco place their balls on six examinees and pass the first phase.

They head to the winner's waiting room and run into Katsuki, Eijiro, and Denki who have also passed the exam. While their classmates celebrate their success, Katsuki asks Izuku if he passed, to which Izuku tells Katsuki that he did. Izuku finds it awkward to be speaking to Katsuki since is it the first time since the Kamino incident, but Katsuki even compliments his Quirk and says he expected nothing less with his "borrowed power". This surprises Izuku. Upon arriving at the waiting room, They all meet up with Shoto, Momo, Tsuyu, Kyoka and Mezo. Momo is glad that all of them passed. Shoto Todoroki speaks with Izuku and states that there are still 9 of them who have not passed the exam yet. Fortunately, all the class 1-A students manage to pass the exam.

Class 1-A celebrates all of its students passing the first phase. Yokumiru Mera directs everyone attention to the screen and they all watch as the arena is turned into a disaster zone. He announces the next and final phase of the exam will involve rescue operations. Mera explain that they have to rescue professionals from the Help Us Company who have trained to act as citizens in need of rescuing.

While waiting for the Second Exam to start, Izuku and Tenya Ida realize that the Second Exam is modeled after the Kamino Incident. Tenya says that there were many casualties while their group was focused on rescuing Katsuki. Izuku states they will need to do their best. Meanwhile Hanta tells Denki and Minoru that Izuku got to fight Camie while she was naked. Both get jealous and started to antagonize Izuku. Izuku tries to explain her Quirk but a flirty wave from Camie only makes his situation worse. After Camie walks away, she says goodbye to Izuku who nervously returns it but it is still on rocky terms with his classmates.

The second exam starts, Izuku notices an injured boy crying and injured who screams that his grandpa has been crushed. Izuku finds that to be terrible, much to the crying child's annoyance. The boy, who is revealed to be one of the Help Us Company workers who grading him, yells at Izuku and says he's lost points for not comforting the victim first. The boy explains that they need to help prepare the situation so it goes smoothly when emergency responders arrive. Saying something like "this is bad" won't comfort the injured. Izuku realizes this is why All Might always smiles, and knowing the test's true purpose, Izuku tries again by smiling and using kind words to reassure him, which works. Izuku tells Ochaco and Tenya that he will take the child to the first-aid station but will return for them.

Ten minutes later, most of the students appear to be doing well. Yokumiru Mera comments that the test will include more adversity. Suddenly, Gang Orca and his men interrupt rescue operations and abruptly busts into the arena using a large explosion. The students taking the exam are tasked with juggling rescue operations alongside suppressing the villain presence.

Yo Shindo rushes past Izuku Midoriya and tells him to help to evacuate the first aid station while he holds the villains back. Although Yo manages to keep them back with his Quirk, Gang Orca surprise attacks him using his Orcinus Quirk to paralyze him with an ultrasonic wave attack. Then Shoto and Inasa arrive, and they both attack Gang and his group at the same time, but their Quirks counter each other, leading to an argument between them. They attack again but Inasa’s wind sends Shoto’s flames toward Yo but Izuku arrives in time to pull him out of danger. Angered by his friend's recklessness, Izuku asks Shoto what he thinks he's doing.

Gang Orca takes advantage of Shoto and Inasa lack of teamwork and distraction to paralyze them both with his Quirk. With both of them immobilized, the sidekicks rush to destroy the evacuation shelter. Izuku stands between the villains and the evacuees. Yo suddenly recovers and keeps the villains back with another tremor. Shoto and Inasa are forced to reconcile with themselves and both of them decide they need to make up for their mistakes. Inasa combines his wind with Shoto’s fire and they manage to trap Gang Orca inside a spiral of fire.

The sidekicks worry about their captain's condition a try to stop them. Izuku attacks the sidekicks with a shoot style smash. Mashirao returns to the battlefield and informs Izuku all the injured have been evacuated and reinforcements will arrive in no time. Soon more students appear to face the sidekicks. Gang Orca blasts apart the spiral with powerful sonic waves, but Izuku swoops in and delivers him a powerful kick. Gang Orca is able to block it, but the armor on his forearm cracks. Before they can continue fighting, Yokumiru Mera announces last people from the H.U.C. are rescued and the exam suddenly ends.

The Provisional Hero License Exam has come to an end. Yokumiru Mera presents the results to all the students with a list of the names of those who managed to pass. Class 1-A look on the screen to check for their names. Everyone in Class 1-A has passed, except for Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki. Outside, Izuku is holding his Provisional Hero License in his hands. Izuku cries tears of joy which causes Ochaco to question his tears. Izuku replies that the Provisional Hero License is proof of his growth is in his hands and is happy that the help he has received along the way has not being in vain. Izuku plans to immediately show his license to his mother and All Might while Ochaco Uraraka agrees with him.

Izuku spots the Shiketsu students and asks Nagamasa Mora, the Shiketsu student representative, about their disappearing and camouflage technique. Nagamasa replies that their students do not such kind of training, much to Izuku's confusion since the girl he met had such a technique. He understands Izuku is referring to Camie and tells him that she went home immediately after the exam because she wasn't feeling well. However, the Shiketsu High male comments that Camie has been acting strange for the past three days and something is different about her.

After passing his Provisional Hero License Exam, Izuku sends All Might a message of a picture of his license. He is very happy but he is called on by Katsuki who tells him they need to talk about his Quirk, which makes him nervous.

Izuku goes with him to Ground Beta, the site of the Battle Trial where he and Izuku fought for the first time. Katsuki remembers the time where Izuku was a Quirkless good for nothing and then suddenly out of thin air he manifested a Quirk and by some miracle he was accepted into U.A. and even received his Provisional Hero License while he failed. Izuku tells Katsuki that he received his Provisional Hero License for performing well, but Katsuki orders him to keep quiet and let him finish.

When Katsuki states he has been putting the pieces together, Izuku was fully aware as to what Katsuki has discovered. His worries are confirmed as Katsuki states that he received his Quirk from All Might since he witnessed All For One's ability to steal Quirks and bestow them onto others as well as figuring out that All Might is an acquaintance of All For One, Katsuki hypothesized that All Might also has some form of Quirk transference because he has become weaker ever since coming to U.A. and meeting with Izuku. Seeing that Izuku is not denying anything, Katsuki knows that he is right about Izuku gaining All Might's Quirk.

His secret out, Izuku simply asks Katsuki how knowing the truth about his Quirk is going to help him. Katsuki knows that he and Izuku have always looked up to All Might and seeing the person who he thought was a pebble on the side of the road being acknowledged by the person he looks up to is why Izuku is going to fight him here and now. Izuku questions the reason as Katsuki states its in order to gauge his talents and to vent out his anger after the Kamino Incident, believing that All Might's retirement was his fault.

Izuku will not attack, Katsuki attacks him first and demands he fight back. Reluctantly, Izuku agrees as he wanted to see if his new fighting style would work against Katsuki. Izuku is overwhelmed by Katsuki this causes Izuku to increase One For All: Full Cowl at 8%, which allows him to fight equally for the time being.

Despite Izuku's increase in power and technique, he still ends up losing to Katsuki. After the battle, he is berated for his loss by Katsuki who questions if he has the world's strongest power how he lost. Toshinori appears and revealed his relationship with Izuku and One For All. Katsuki then promised to keep the secret between the three of them and vows to surpass Izuku with his Quirk as Izuku makes the same vow.

They are then taken in by Shota who scolds at them for having a fight on school grounds. Because he defended himself in the fight, he is given three days of punishment while Katsuki is given a longer time for initiating it. During their house arrest, Shota states that they will be cleaning the dormitory common spaces day and night and they must write a written statement of regret. Shota tells them that if their injuries do not heal they must go to the infirmary and they must not dare think about relying on Chiyo Shuzenji. Having criticized them enough, Shota tells them to go to bed.

Shie Hassaikai Arc

The next morning all classes resume and the rest of Class 1-A learns of Izuku and Katsuki's bout. They tease the boys about it before leaving. As they were cleaning, Katsuki gives Izuku a few pointers on his new technique and tells him the flaw in his new fighting style.

In the evening, as Izuku leaves to take the trash out, he overhears some of Class 1-A talking about Hizashi's new grammar lessons and the Hero Work-Studies mentioned by Shota. Izuku feels that he has been left in the dark due to his three-day house arrest. Izuku asks Tenya Ida about, but Tenya refuses to answer his question due to his misbehavior and being unable to relay any information to him.

Izuku goes to the garbage dump and is stressed that he has been left behind. As he walks to the garbage dump, Izuku sees a face on the wall, who tells him the garbage dump direction. The face disappears as Izuku is left confused. Suddenly, the face appears on the ground and comments on Izuku being one of the livelier first-years. The face pops around the ground in Izuku's vicinity, to which Izuku asks what he is. The face tells Izuku that he will know about him soon enough and encourages him to keep his spirits up. Then disappears.

Three days later, he is released from his punishment and wants to eagerly catch up as his classmates are surprised but amazed by his determination. Shota Aizawa introduces Class 1-A to the people who will teach them about Hero Internships; the third-year students who rank among the top of all U.A. students known as The Big 3: Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki and Nejire Hado. Izuku realizes that Mirio is the one he saw on his way to the garbage dump.

The personalities of the three students leave Class 1-A confused, who get even more confused when Mirio Togata challenges them all to a fight. At Gym Gamma, Mirio tells Class 1-A to attack him whenever and wherever they want. Izuku volunteers to fight Mirio and the class are further impressed with him. He attacks him but he is taken by surprise when Mirio's clothes suddenly fall off his body. He rushes to get his pants back on and Izuku kicks at his head. Izuku's foot phases clean through Mirio's head and the former confirms Mirio's Quirk allows him to pass through things.

Mirio turns his attention to Izuku and gets attacked from behind by Yuga, Hanta, and Mina's Quirks. Their attacks slip right through Mirio's body and he disappears in the ensuing explosion. He suddenly reappears behind the class and claims he'll take out the long-range fighters first. Using a combination of his Quirk and technique, Mirio defeats half of Class 1-A within a few minutes.

Mirio turns his attention to the close ranged combatants of Class 1-A. Izuku tells the class that he analyzed that, whatever Mirio does, he will use a direct attack and during that moment they should counter-attack. Mirio charges and he begins submerging into the ground.

Suddenly, Mirio appears behind Izuku, who correctly predicts Mirio's tactics and delivers a swift kick to the head. Mirio phases through Izuku's body and uses his super move called Blinder Touch Eyeball Crush: Mirio looks like he intends to poke Izuku's eye, to which Izuku closes his eyes. In actuality, Mirio fakes poking Izuku's eye by phasing his finger to act as a diversion; instead, Mirio hits Izuku in the stomach. With Izuku defeated, Mirio proceeds to subdue the rest of Class 1-A, hitting the rest of Class 1-A in their stomachs as well, and defeating them.

While Class 1-A recovers, Mirio talk about his Quirk Permeation and advises class 1-A to participate in the Hero Work-Studies, as it will help them improve their career to be heroes, just as it helped him become one of the best students in the U.A.

Following Mirio's advice, Izuku reaches out to Gran Torino for a Work-Study opportunity. Gran Torino has to refuse because he's busy working with the Police, and recommends him All Might's former sidekick, Sir Nighteye. Izuku goes to All Might in the staff room and asks him to introduce him to Sir Nighteye for a Hero Work-Studies. All Might refuses to help Izuku for several reasons, much to his surprise.

Izuku tells All Might that if he is under the guidance of Nighteye, it will serve as a strong point of comparison to him and he must become stronger than anyone else. All Might does not dislike Izuku's determination but he still will not be getting an introduction, not from him, so he later asks Mirio if Izuku is fit to work under Nighteye. Mirio replies that there is no problem and considers Deku fit.

Mirio takes Izuku to Sir Nighteye's office and tells him he must make Sir laugh to be accepted. Izuku messes up his first impression but gains Sir Nighteye's interest. Sir Nighteye claims he doesn't know how Izuku can be useful and asks how he can make an impact on society as All Might has. He challenges Izuku to take the stamp from him within three minutes. He's unimpressed with All Might's decision to pass on One For All to Izuku. He even tells the young student that he's unworthy and that Mirio should've been the one to inherit One For All.

Izuku refuses Sir Nighteye's words and fights on. Sir tells him that he can't prevail over his Foresight. The challenge ends, and despite his efforts, Deku fails to snatch the stamp from Sir Nighteye. However, he is impressed with Izuku's focus as he fights without ruining the All Might memorabilia posted across the office. Sir Nighteye decides to employ Izuku.

Confused, Izuku says that he failed. Sir Nighteye replies that he never said he wouldn't employ the student if he failed. He claims he had planned on taking on Izuku only to see if he really is worthy of being the inheritor of One For All, and initially plans to put Izuku through many hardships. Izuku accepts the challenge and day one of the Work-Study begins immediately.Izuku learns of Sir Nighteye's investigation of the Shie Hassaikai and their leader Overhaul.

While on patrol Izuku and Mirio Togata bump into Eri who was being chased by Kai. Kai apologizes to Izuku for his daughter's behavior because she gets carried away with her fun and games. Mirio tells Izuku that he forgot to put his mask on. As Mirio apologizes to Kai, Izuku is aggravated by his mistake of letting Kai know that he and Mirio know each other, which will make Sir Nighteye's job more difficult.

Izuku acts innocuously to correct his mistake while Mirio identifies Kai as a member of the Shie Hassaikai due to his mask, to which Kai states not to pay heed to his mask as he simply dislikes dirt. Kai mentions that he has never seen the two of them before and wonders if they are rookies due to their youth. Mirio replies that they are indeed rookies. Kai asks Mirio the Hero office he is affiliated with and Mirio replies that they are still students participating in field training. Mirio and Izuku prepare to leave, but Eri tells Izuku not to leave as she starts shedding tears.

Izuku tells Kai that his daughter is frightened by something, to which Kai replies that he scolded her. However, Izuku is not convinced since Eri is clutching onto him tightly and suspects that there is more than meets the eye. Izuku asks about the bandages, which Overhaul replies that Eri falls down a lot, but Izuku is still not convinced as she is completely frightened and finds the situation to be unnatural.

Kai politely asks Izuku not to impose his idea of normal on others' families while Mirio tries convincing Izuku to leave since many people have different dispositions. Izuku breaks the ice and asks Overhaul what he is doing to the girl.

Kai gives in and tells the Heroes to follow him as his situation with his daughter is an embarrassing topic. Kai, Mirio, and Izuku holding Eri follow Kai into the alley. Kai comments that his daughter defies him all the time and finds understanding children to be quite difficult especially when it comes to considering the kind of person they want to become. Izuku and Mirio see Kai removing his glove and has killer intent.

Suddenly, Eri runs to her father, causing Kai to stop removing his glove. Kai apologizes to Izuku and Mirio for Eri's tantrum and thanks them for listening to his worries. Kai wishes the Heroes good luck as he leaves with Eri. Mirio stops Izuku from going after Eri while commenting that Kai used his killer intent to make Eri listen to him. Mirio asks Izuku to respect Sir Nighteye's orders because chasing Kai too far will make him harder to catch.

Izuku and Mirio meet up with Sir Nighteye and Bubble Girl. Mirio apologizes for messing up, but Sir Nighteye refutes he apology and says it was his error since he should have been "watching them" from the start. Mirio tells Sir Nighteye that they gained new information; Overhaul has a daughter named Eri. Izuku mentions that Eri was extremely frightened and crying for help.

Izuku wishes he should have helped her at that moment, but Sir Nighteye reprimands him by saying that he should not act rashly, because he would have failed and is not special enough that he can save anyone he wants. Sir Nighteye teaches him that he must first study and analyze the situation, in order to predict the enemy’s movements and goals and states that the world isn't so lenient that Izuku can save Eri with good intention With his lesson finished, Sir Nighteye tells Izuku to return to his office for today. Izuku's first day of internship ended in a flash but left an unpleasant truth in his mouth.

It is the beginning of the week; Izuku can’t focus in classes because the latest revelations: Sir Nighteye being All Might's former sidekick, Mirio being the one who should have inherited the One For All and Eri’s situation. Unable to keep going like this, Izuku goes out in search of All Might to ask him questions, finds him outside of U.A., jogging.

Izuku asks him why he didn't tell him anything about Sir Nigheye knew about One For All and that Mirio was supposed to be the one who should have inherited the One For All. All Might states that there was no need to tell him everything, to which Izuku yells that there was and demands to know the whole truth. All Might decides to tell Izuku the truth but he mustn't regret it, to which Izuku replies that he won't.

All Might starts telling him that Sir Nighteye was his sidekick for years, and that they formed a great team. But six years ago, after his fight against All For One, they dissolved their partnership because of the differences in their values. Nighteye warning him back then to stop continuing his hero duties due to his grievous injuries and look for a successor. He refused because that would generate a period of fear and chaos. Sir Nighteye states that he will stop supporting him if he does not, and the reason is because he predicted with his Quirk that in six to seven years, he will has a gruesome death at the hands of a villain if he continues being a Hero.

After their argument, they went their separate ways. Nezu recommended Mirio Togata, but he ended up meeting Izuku before he met Mirio. All Might did not want to tell Izuku all of this since he was his fan and apologizes. Izuku is shocked and distraught with the truth All Might told him; not only he was never meant to be All Might's successor, but also that All Might will inevitably die this year or during the next.

All Might continues and tells him that when he met him, he considered him the perfect candidate to inherit the One For All. Toshinori told Nighteye about this, but Nighteye was vehemently against All Might’s idea, considering it a terrible decision to give the One For All to a Quirkless boy. However, Toshinori stated that Izuku is Quirkless which made him a befitting candidate over the others. Their heated debate further drove them apart, and Nighteye took it upon himself to cultivate Mirio, whom he believed to be the truly appropriate successor.

Izuku asks Toshinori if Nighteye's Foresight can be changed. However, Toshinori's answer crushes Izuku's hopes; there is a margin of error of his estimation, buy nothing can change the future he sees in his Foresight. Toshinori tells Izuku that after he had accepted his inevitable death with ease and because the goal was in sight, he ran full speed towards it.

Toshinori reveals that the goal was his final confrontation with All For One at Kamino and that he planned on dying there. However, Izuku was there, a timid Quirkless boy who day after day rose to meet his expectations. Izuku's determination and his mother's encouragement, gave him the will to twist Nighteye's prediction and try to stay alive to see the boy grow into a hero worthy of being the Symbol of Peace. Emotional, Izuku agrees to fight fate alongside his master. Izuku asks All Might to get Sir Nighteye to use foresight on him again but All Might still can't face him after all this time.

A few days later, Izuku along Ochaco, Tsuyu, Eijiro and the Big 3, are heading out at Sir Nighteye's Office and see that many Heroes are gathered; Fat Gum; Eijiro and Tamaki's Internship mentor and Ryukyu; Ochaco, Tsuyu and Nejire's Internship mentor. Surprisingly, Shota and Gran Torino have also gathered. Thanks to the information all the Heroes provided him with, Sir Nighteye was able to make substantial progress with his investigation, of a organization named Shie Hassaikai; this captures Izuku, Ochaco, Eijiro and Tsuyu's attention.

After Sir Nighteye and his sidekicks explain the situation regarding the organization and its relationship with drug trafficking, Fat Gum intervenes. He explains that he, Eijiro and Tamaki were involved the other day in a battle against a thug in which Tamaki was shot with a bullet that contains a drug that can damage the Quirk Factor, that allow a person to use his powers. Fat Gum follows up by explaining that thanks to Eijiro's actions protecting Tamaki, they were able to obtain a bullet with the contents still inside. Fat Gum explains that after examining it, they discovered that inside the bullet were human blood and cells, which disturbs the everyone.

Sir Nighteye states that Kai's Quirk and the Quirk-destroying bullet are related. He explains that Kai has a daughter that had no birth certificate and details about her are unknown. He says that Izuku and Mirio encountered her on their patrol and she had a number of bandages on her. Sir Nighteye explains that Kai is probably using his daughter to make those Quirk destroying bullets, which disgusts Eijiro, Ochaco and Tsuyu.

Rock Lock, one of the Heroes in the meting, criticizes the boy for not doing anything to save her. Sir Nighteye is quick to defend both Izuku and Mirio, stating that he takes full responsibility for that, since they were following his orders. A frustrated Izuku and Mirio lament their failure in attempting to rescue Eri and condemn themselves for thinking that they will be the best Heroes. Both stand up and declare that this time they will definitely rescue Eri. Sir Nighteye states that their objective will be to save Kai's daughter.

With the meeting over, Izuku and Mirio explain to their classmates what occurred between them and Kai. Izuku and Mirio are still crestfallen for being unable to save Eri when she was right in their hands. Shota spots his Class 1-A students and talks to them about originally suspending their Internships since the League of Villains are involved. Before they start protesting, Shota comments to Izuku that he still has not restored his trust in him yet.

However, Shota believes that if he stops Izuku, he will simply jump back in again. Shota gives Izuku permission to take part in Eri's rescue operation and signifies his decision by fist bumping Izuku's chest. To gives Midoriya encouragement, Shota tells Izuku that while he held Eri, he gave her some hope, and tells Izuku to keep moving forward, to which a delightful Izuku replies he will.

For several days, the students wait patiently to receive any news of Eri's whereabouts.While Eri's location was being pinpointed, Izuku, Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Eijiro remain on standby while continuing their training. However, they are forbidden from disclosing any information regarding the operation. Izuku recalls Shota Aizawa reminding them that they can choose not to participate in the upcoming fight against the Yakuza if they so choose. However, all four of them want very badly to rescue Eri and do whatever they can, even if their role is smaller than the Big 3's will be.

At lunch, Izuku seems bothered by the situation wit Eri, as well as Sir Nighteye's prediction about the inevitable death of All Might. Tenya notices his friend in need and reminds him if there anything Izuku needs to talk about, he can because they're friends. He uses the same words Izuku said to him back when he was in a dark place before their internships due to the Hero Killer. Tenya's kind gesture brings Izuku to tears until he stops and tells himself that heroes don't cry, and thanks Tenya for his support. Shoto argues that sometimes even Heroes must cry before he and Tenya share some of their food at Izuku.

Two days later, late at night, all of them receive messages form Sir Nighteye informing them that they finally know where Eri is and calls everyone to another conference to prepare for the impending rescue operation. Izuku and Mirio vow that this time they are gonna save Eri. Hours later, everyone gathers together at the Nighteye Agency, Sir Nighteye reveals that Eri is being kept in the main hideout underground. The sidekicks of Sir Nighteye's state that they have a time frame of when they will be home and they got a warrant from the police, so all they need to do is get in there. These good news makes Mirio recover part of his energetic personality, and tries to encourage Deku, which pleases him and the classmates of both.

The next morning at 8:00 AM, in front of the Police Station, Heroes partaking in the rescue operation have been given detailed information about the Shie Hassaikai. Class 1-A students are nervous and eager about the rescue operation. As Eijiro displays his eagerness towards Izuku, Izuku Midoriya wonders where Gran Torino is. Nighteye and a police officer inform him that he is unable to attend the operation due to something coming up involving the League of Villains. Shota Aizawa approaches Izuku and asks him if he understands what fighting alongside him means, to which Izuku confirms.

After several days of waiting, the police and hero operation is finally organized to raid the Shie Hassaikai Headquarters to rescue Eri and arrest Overhaul. Izuku is part of the main assault group along with Mirio, Eraserhead, Rock Lock, Fatgum, Eijiro, Tamaki and several police officers, and led by Sir Nighteye. Everyone is ready, the operation is set in motion.

At 8:30 AM, the rescue force are outside the Shie Hassaikai Headquarters and commence the operation. Suddenly they are attacked by Rikiya Katsukame, who sends some Police Force members flying, but Izuku and Shota are quick to react and save them. Ryukyu's group decide to take care of the Shie Hassaikai member while the rest enter the mansion. The heroes are defeating and arresting the subordinates who try to stop them, until they reach a room that connects with the underground routes that the Yakuza uses to escape.

Sir Nighteye's group head down toward the basement but are surprised to find a dead-end. Mirio phases through the wall and reports that the hallway is on the other side. After Izuku and Eijiro break through, Joi Irinaka, general manager of Shie Hassaikai and know as Mimic, uses his Quirk Mimicry to twist the hallway and closes off the basement's entrance. Mirio decides to go on ahead and phases through the walls, while Mimic causes the floor to open up beneath the Heroes. Who fall down in to a separate section of the building where they meet three members of the Eight Bullets. Tamaki decides to deal with the three enemies and tells the rest of the heroes to go.

Leaving Tamaki behind to take care of the Yakuza, the group continues to advance along the underground route. As the heroes went on they are apprehended by more of the Eight Bullets. Mimic attacks Shota with a piece of manipulated wall, trying to separate him from the group by throwing him into another room, where he will have to face off against Kendo Rappa and Hekiji Tengai. However, Fat Gum and Eijiro shoves Shota out of the way, being them both who ends up in another room, where they have to face more Eight Bullets members.

Sir Nighteye's group is having trouble traversing the basement due to Mimic's interference. Mimic uses his Quirk to close everything in an attempt to crush Sir Nighteye's group. Shota Aizawa is annoyed that he cannot see Mimic's real body. Suddenly, the space opens up; Izuku charges forward but Shota stops him. Izuku and Shota find themselves separated from Sir Nighteye's group. Sir Nighteye and a group of Police Force officers are concealed in one space, Izuku and Shota in another and Rock Lock in his own space.

Rock Lock is attacked by Himiko Toga, and hearing his cry, Deku destroys the wall that separates them. Izuku and Shota see Rock Lock on the ground and another Rock Lock near him. Rock Lock tells them that an imposter appeared and tried to attack him. Shota goes to check on the “impostor” and quickly realizes that it is a trap. He quickly uses his Erasure on the other Rock Lock when he was ready to stab Deku, revealing that he is actually Himiko in disguise.

Shota uses his Capturing Weapon but Himiko quickly avoids being captured, stabbing Shota in the back in the process. Fortunately the wound is not serious but Himiko manages to escape. Shota berates himself for being careless in not thinking that there would not be casualties and is surprised that Tomura Shigaraki and his League of Villains would side with Kai Chisaki. Meanwhile, in another concealed space, Twice and a Kendo clone confront Sir Nighteye, who easily predicts the clone's movements and destroy it with ease.

Twice runs away meeting Himiko Toga. The two had been forced to work with Shie Hassaikai, even though Overhaul had killed Magne in their first meeting. But nevertheless, Tomura Shigaraki sent them to join the Yakuza because they would have the opportunity to get payback for Magne's death by sabotaging them from the inside. Himiko and Twice start badmouthing of Yakuza, Shie Hassaikai and its members, which enrages Mimic, causing him to start manipulating the maze in a chaotic fashion.

Joi Irinaka’s angry yells are heard by Shota and Deku, and the latter manages to discern Mimic's location. Izuku activates One For All: Full Cowl and smashes the ceiling, revealing the real Mimic. Shota immediately uses his Erasure to disable Joi's Mimicry, and Sir Nighteye throws his Hyper-Density Seals into Mimic's face which knocks him out.

Having dealt with and defeated Joi Irinaka, the Heroes and Police Force decide on their next course of action. Rock Lock tells them to leave the League of Villains to the Police Force while Sir Nighteye, Izuku, and Shota go ahead and rescue Eri. Everyone agrees with his plan. With Mimic defeated, the underground labyrinth can no longer be modified.

The three run to where Mirio, Overhaul and Eri are. Since Mirio went ahead of the group to stop Kai, he defeated Shin Nemoto and Deidoro Sakaki, two members of the Eight Bullets and Chronostasis, Overhaul's main assistant, and was fighting Kai to protect Eri. However, Kai took advantage of Mirio's desire to protect the girl at all costs, and made Shin to fire one of his perfected Quirk-destroying bullets against Eri, forcing Mirio to cover Eri and get hit by the bullet, which destroys Mirio's Permeation forever. But even without his Quirk, Mirio continued fighting and protecting Eri. After several minutes, Mirio has sustained injuries all over his body but has held off Kai's attacks and protected Eri. Kai prepares one final attack when Izuku suddenly bursts through the wall.

Once the three arrive at the place, Deku delivers a One For All: Full Cowl punch to Kai’s arm while Shota yells at Sir Nighteye to secure Eri and help Mirio while he and Deku face Kai. The leader of the Shie Hassaikai tries using his Quirk but to no avail as Shota has disabled it with his Erasure.

Cornered with nowhere to run, a distressed Kai yells at Chronostasis. Shota notices something approaching them and pushes Izuku aside; Shota's shoulder is struck by a minute hand that is emanating from Chronostasis's head. Shota is forced to blink due to the cut from Chronostasis, which allows Kai to use his Quirk again, deconstructing and rebuilding the room in which they are, to attack them.

Having lost his patience for the constant interference of the heroes, Kai uses his power to attract Shin Nemoto towards him and uses his Overhaul to merge with his subordinate. Having fused, Kai feels relieved. Izuku analyzes the situation; Sir Nighteye is protecting Mirio and Eri, Shota has disappeared and the transformed Kai has been healed. Kai mocks Mirio for wasting his time trying to become a Hero as it has been all for naught now that he has lost his Quirk and could have avoided this tragic fate had he simply not got involved. Izuku and Sir Nighteye are surprised that Mirio has lost his Quirk.

Kai charges forward while Izuku appears above and throws a column of rock at Kai who destroys it with ease. Izuku grabs another column of rock and tries again only for Kai to smash it to pieces and counters by reconstructing the broken pieces into sharp stones. However, Izuku's iron soles protect him from the sharp edges and he proceeds to smash Kai's constructed sharp stones into pieces.

Seeing Izuku's simple battle style, Kai is not impressed. Suddenly, Kai is hit by one of Sir Nighteye's Hyper-Density Seals but manages to block it; Sir Nighteye orders Izuku to protect Mirio and Eri while he handles Kai. Izuku goes to Mirio and Eri's location with his enhanced speed as he remembers Shota telling him to not do anything that will leave him unable to move.

Izuku reaches Mirio and Eri and sees that they are fine. Izuku smashes open the wall which reveals the path he along with Shota and Sir Nighteye took to get here. Izuku decides that they should put distance between themselves and Kai. Izuku carries Mirio and Eri into the pathway; Eri apologizes while Mirio looks back to see Sir Nighteye. During the battle between Sir Nighteye and Kai, Sir Nighteye activated his Foresight Quirk. Whatever future he sees cannot be changed; this is the absolute rule as he himself has tried to change the future to no avail. Sir Nighteye saw into his future; amidst the scene of his likely defeat, Sir Nighteye held onto a silver of hope that Eri would be saved, the boys safe and Kai defeated as well as imprisoned.

Kai goes past the impaled Sir Nighteye and chases after Izuku. Izuku is horrified at Sir Nighteye's terrible condition as Kai launches rock spikes at Izuku. Izuku stomps on the ground using his enhanced might, preventing Kai from reconstructing the ground. Kai sees through Izuku's plan but is surprised that Izuku is displaying greater strength than a few minutes ago. The reason for Izuku's enhanced might is because he has activated One For All 20%, even though its making him feel great pain. Izuku charges at Chisaki while declaring that he will bend the future.

Izuku fights Overhaul intensely. Deku is narrowly able to avoid Overhaul and tries to deal a blow so devastating that the villain won't be able to recover from it. Aimed to be one blow to the top of the head, Deku unleashes Manchester Smash. However, Deku's powerful ax-kick narrowly misses. Overhaul claims that compared to the Lemillion and Nighteye, Izuku is easy to predict. Izuku tries jumping out of harms way but is hit by Chisaki's spikes attack.

Overhaul uses his Quirk to fixes the damage he recieved. Izuku is barely standing up due to having been impaled by a small stone piece in his arm besides he smashed the ground before since it reduced Chisaki's firepower. Wanting to end this fight, a mouth appears on Chisaki's hand and, using Shin Nemoto's Quirk, asks Eri if she wanted all this. Eri runs back to Chisaki and replies to him that she never wanted any of this.

A shocked Izuku tells Eri that she needs to stay with Mirio. Chisaki asks Eri if she thinks Izuku can overcome this situation by himself. Eri truthfully reveals that Izuku is not capable of doing so; Chisaki then asks her what she must do to resolve this situation, to which Eri replies that she must return to him and in exchange, Chisaki must fix everything back to normal.

Chisaki agrees that only she must be hurt since it will be easier on everyone else. Chisaki taunts Izuku by telling him that his hopes in Mirio have been dashed and that his actions to rescue Eri was a cruel choice to do to Eri and because of that, he is unwanted. Izuku gets up and yells that even though its none of his business, Eri was crying and no one will have to die because he will save her. Suddenly, the ceiling begins collapsing and Ryukyu, Uravity, and Froppy come dropping in, which shocks Izuku.

Deceived by Himiko Toga, who had used her Quirk to adopt the appearance of Izuku, Ryukyu's team along with Rikiya break through the surface through a combined attack, falling down into the Shie Hassaikai's underground where they land in the middle of the battle between Izuku and Chisaki. Everyone is surprised and confused by this. Izuku tells Ochaco that he is leaving Sir Nighteye to her as he goes to rescue Eri. However, Kai prevents Izuku from reaching her with a rock pillar and he grabs her. Kai is annoyed with everything being ruined and seeing the hole, an opportunity of escape, prepares his escape by reconstructing a large and long rock pillar to take him to the surface. Izuku refuses to let Kai get away.

Izuku tries to chase after Kai, Eri's Quirk begins activating which causes Kai and Shin Nemoto to split apart, returning Kai and Shin to normal. Chisaki desperately tries to retrieve Eri, but filled with utter determination, Izuku unconsciously activates One For All 100% and prepares to attack Kai with a kick, while Kai launches reconstructed stone pillars at Izuku. Surprisingly, Izuku despite using One For All 100% his body along with all his injuries have been healed. Izuku realizes that his healed body is thanks to Eri's Quirk ability. Suddenly, Izuku begins feeling the immense recoil of One For All 100%.

After fused with Rikiya, Kai appears and states that Eri has unlocked her power but does not know how to stop it and launches reconstructed pillars at Izuku to which he dodges. The newly fused Kai appears, looking similar to a stone dragon. From the dragon's maw, Kai appears and reveals that Eri can rewind humans and depending on how she controls it, calling her Quirk a curse and warns Izuku that holding onto Eri is dangerous, which is why he is demanding that Izuku returns Eri to him because only with his Quirk can he stop Eri's cursed Quirk.

Izuku vehemently refuses to hand back Eri and will hold onto her no matter what. Having experienced Eri's Quirk, Izuku sees that the moment his legs broke Eri reverted them back to normal before he could experience any pain and thinks that Eri's Quirk is a kind, gentle Quirk contrary to Kai's thoughts, which shocks Eri.

Understanding that Eri's Quirk reverts any pain and grievous damage back to normal at blinding speed, Izuku decides that he does not need to hold back since all major recoil and damage accumulated by his Quirk will be continuously reverted and healed thanks to Eri's Quirk, therefore not needing to worry about turning into nothingness.Izuku asks Eri if she will lend him her power and, going all out, activates One For All: Full Cowl - 100%.

Kai reconstructs the surrounding area and attacks Izuku with stone columns. However, Izuku's greatly enhanced speed thanks to One For All: Full Cowl: 100% enables him to dodge with ease. Izuku delivers a kick packed with massive strength and sends Kai flying into the air. Himiko Toga witnesses Izuku's strength and is mesmerized by it.

Izuku jumps towards the airborne Kai who has healed his injuries by reconstructing himself and tells the fake Heroes to stay out of his way as he slashes at Izuku with one of his claws. However, Izuku evades with ease and knows that Kai can repair himself with his Quirk through disassembling and reassembling at a fast rate, but he plans on using the great power of One For All: Full Cowl: 100% to close that gap and beat him before he gets the chance to recover with his Quirk. Izuku charges towards Kai and starts pummeling Kai's monstrous stone body, shattering it as Kai is unable to counter attack. Izuku reaches Kai's own body and pummels away. Izuku questions that if he cannot save one little girl right in front of him, then he can never become a Hero that saves everyone.

Ochaco and Sir Nighteye have reached the surface and bear witness to Izuku and Kai's battle. Ochaco questions Sir Nighteye's vision about Izuku dying. Sir Nighteye replies that it is the unchangeable future he saw but is surprised that events are playing out differently. Izuku reaches Kai and punches him in the face with enough force that not only sends Kai reeling but also breaks off his plague mask.

Izuku Midoriya has delivered a massive One For All: Full Cowl - 100% enhanced punch to Kai, which defeats him. Kai's massive stone body falls onto the ground, with Kai himself grievously injured. As he lands on the ground, Izuku asks Eri is she is fine. Suddenly, Eri's Quirk starts going out of control. Kai wills himself back into consciousness and attempts to attack Izuku with his stone hand in a last ditch effort to get back Eri. However, Eri's Quirk spreads near Kai, which causes his fusion with Rikiya Katsukame to become undone, returning Kai back to normal. Ochaco Uraraka apprehends the defeated Kai.

Ryuko Tatsuma returns to the surface with Tamaki, Mirio, Shota, and Tsuyu and asks for a report on the situation; Ochaco explains that they have called an ambulance for Sir Nighteye and that Izuku has defeated Kai but his power is spiraling out of control. In reality, it is Eri's Quirk that is causing Izuku immense pain. Tsuyu lifts the injured Shota so that he can see Izuku. Shota, thinking that he is erasing Izuku's Quirk, disables Eri's Quirk. Eri and Izuku fall unconscious as their Quirks are deactivated. Ryuko orders to call for more ambulances and to confirm if there are anymore victims in the vicinity as well as search for any League of Villains members.

The Police Force and Heroes search the Shie Hassaikai's underground hideout, capturing the defeated Eight Bullets as well as carrying the injured Heroes to the ambulances. Outside, Izuku hands over Eri to the paramedics, telling them that she has a fever ever since she lost consciousness. Before heading into an ambulance, Sir Nighteye is surprised that the future he saw has turned out differently. Sir Nighteye tells Izuku that he really did twist the future; Izuku rushes to Sir Nighteye and tells him that All Might said that he is alive and is ashamed to look at him in the eye.

Izuku asks Sir Nighteye to hang on long enough for him to see All Might again. Sir Nighteye closes his eyes, replying to Izuku that many Heroes were injured to save one girl and, although he finds the situation difficult to be pleased with, thanks Izuku. Ryukyu also takes a moment to thank Izuku for his incredible bravery. At 9:15 AM, the Pro Heroes rescue operation to save Eri has been completed.

In the hospital, the doctor is surprised that Izuku barely has any injuries, but in those moments he is worried about others. Shota appears and calm him. While walking through the hallway, Shota apologizes to him for not being with him during the critical moments of the battle before going on to explain the conditions of the other Heroes. Although with different severity, no one has life-threatening injuries and they will recover with it time. However, Shota explains that Eri still has not woken up; also she is currently in quarantine because her Quirk is too dangerous, and she can't control it properly, so he tells Izuku that they cannot rely on Eri's Quirk.

They meet All Might, Nighteye’s sidekicks, and Recovery Girl and a surgeon gives them the bad news: the wounds that Sir Nighteye suffered during the fight against Kai proved to be too serious, and unfortunately there is nothing they can do for. Everyone goes to Sir Nighteye's room, and soon Mirio Togata joins them. Izuku begs Sir Nighteye to live as Sir Nighteye claims that he does not blame All Might and only wanted him to be happy and is fine with All Might fighting against fate.

Sir Nighteye has wanted to change All Might's future where he is murdered but could not find any answers. However, Izuku showed him a way. Sir Nighteye hypothesizes that everyone's wishes for a better future changed the outcome. All Might and Izuku grieve as Sir Nighteye is satisfied with his changed views of the future never being certain.

In his last moments, Sir Nighteye says goodbye to everyone, thanks to have met All Might and Deku, and uses his Quirk Foresight one last time to look into Mirio’s future, assuring him that he will become an outstanding hero. Sir Nighteye passes away peacefully after telling everyone to keep smiling as society needs smiles and laughs to bring about a brighter future. Izuku, Mirio and All Might can't stop crying.

Next day, at the hospital, Izuku learns of the news that the League of Villains attacked the Shie Hassaikai transport. Shota tells him not to feel responsible and explains that all students other than Mirio are to return to school. Eri will also remain behind despite Izuku's misgivings about leaving her.

Izuku leaves to visit Mirio who he is spinning his legs with cheerful energy despite everything that occurred. Mirio is glad that he is in top shape and he knows that he has lost his Quirk along with Sir Nighteye and has no right to be cheerful. However, Mirio has decided not to be sad because Sir Nighteye was smiling all the time while talking to him and will respect his teachings by also smiling since he is going to be an outstanding Hero in the future and having a glum face will make Eri sad.

Recalling All Might's habit of this, Izuku feels tremendous guilt for allowing Nighteye to die and for allowing Mirio to lose his abilities. He knows that Mirio did more than anyone during the raid and believes that if he had One For All, Mirio could've saved his master. Izuku go as far as to propose that Mirio could take Izuku's Quirk, indicating how Izuku believes that Mirio is truly the worthier candidate for One For All, like Nighteye had said.

To his surprise, Mirio turns it down. He replies that he would refuse Izuku's offer, telling Izuku that by accepting his Quirk, Izuku would suffer hardship. Although he does not understand why Izuku feels dejected, he reminds him that he's the hero and says that he has faith that Eri might master her Quirk to restore his and believes in the words of Nighteye of being a hero.

Mirio claims he's fine and urges Izuku to smile and continue on with a strong heart. Mirio's optimism convinces Izuku to accept the reality. Izuku tells Mirio that he will be waiting for him to return to U.A. while he is taking a temporary leave of absence. After being discharged, Izuku meets Eijiro at the doors of the hospital. Then, the police appear to ask them to accompany them to the station to answer some questions about the Shie Hassaikai raid.

Remedial Course Arc

Izuku, Eijiro, Tsuyu, and Ochaco return to Heights Alliance. When they finally arrive, the entirety of Class 1-A greet them, glad that they are alright, checking to make sure they are doing okay, physically and mentally, after their mission. Tenya Ida tries to calm down the class and asks them to be sensitive towards their feelings after everything they went through. Izuku thanks him for thinking about their feelings but he insure he is fine. Tenya accepts Izuku's opinion, and then "explodes", showing that he is worrying the most.

With the beginning of October, Izuku, Ochaco, Eijiro and Tsuyu were given permission to go to Sir Nighteye's funeral, along with the Big 3, All Might and Shota. There, it was decided that the Hero Work-Studies program was to be postponed for the time being and Sir Nighteye's office was taken over by his sidekick, Juzo Moashi. Eri regained consciousness even though her psychological state was still unstable, meaning Izuku and the others were still forbidden to see her face to face.

Back in Class 1-A, after a mathematics class with Ectoplasm, Izuku, Ochaco, and Tenya prepare to go eat lunch. However, Aoyama suddenly approaches Izuku at that moment and puts a block of cheese in his mouth, surprising him. Izuku then states how his recent behavior left a strong impact on him, commenting that Aoyama was a man that he could never read. Later that night, Izuku does some notes before going to sleep late as Aoyama stares at him through his window.

Aoyama watches a sleeping Izuku from the window before doing something outside and leaving the area. It turns out Izuku was aware of this and becomes scared by Yuga's strange behavior as he sees that the latter left him a message in cheese to says he knows something about Izuku while he is scared by its state. Izuku meets up with his friends though internally notes he couldn't sleep with Yuga's strange behavior keeping him up before the latter casually greets him, to his fear. In class, he notes he has not really talked to Yuga much and wonders about him as the attitude he has shown is contrast to his flamboyant and lively persona.

During training, Izuku ignores Eijiro's request to train together since he wants to do so alone. Katsuki questions him on whether he has made any improvements in his Quirk but Izuku states he has not. Katsuki berates him for his lack of initiative, as he brings up Izuku's promise to surpass him before he leaves. Izuku is then called out by Yuga who shows him a new move he created though it causes him severe stomach problems. Seeing his state, Izuku asks the instructor for permission to Yuga away from to recuperate before he asks him what he meant in his message.

Yuga explained that he is aware of Izuku not being accustomed to his Quirk as the latter wonders if he found out his secret. However, Yuga reveals that he went through a similar experience as he details his childhood of having to wear a belt to prevent his powers from leaking out and how he noticed it was similar to Izuku's initial lack of control of his before they both overcame it. He then tells Izuku that he is not alone in hardships as its better to face them together or they will not excel.

Hearing these words, Izuku realizes that Yuga's actions were not meant to scare him but to encourage him as he smiles and thank him for his support before Yuga suffers from another stomach problem. After this, Izuku and Yuga become good friends with some of the class noting on their frequent interactions.

U.A. School Festival Arc

At U.A. High School, Class 1-A chooses to make a band and dance performance for the School Festival. The lively Mina begins to show off her dance moves while her classmates including Izuku, are stunned by her skill. Izuku is shown holding and presumably skimming through his notebook while observing Mina's movement carefully, mumbling various facts on the subject to himself. He later looks up rather solemnly and states that he should try it out. Mina responds by calling Izuku over to teach him a move named two stepping, as a surprised and awkward-looking Izuku goes to join her.

After everyone is in their seats, Shota announces the School Festival taking place soon, and the class is visibly amused. Due class 1-A also has to participate, Shota orders them to pick out a program to perform at the festival. Izuku suggests a Hero Quiz, but his classmates also have their own ideas, and they don't reach an agreement. At night, because he needs extra classes to recover the lost hours due to Work-Studies, he cannot participate in the meeting of his colleagues at Height Alliance, who reach an agreement that his performance will be a musical performance. Still Izuku likes the idea.

Next day, Izuku is excused by Shota to go visit Eri, explaining to the class that the request to visit was exclusively for Izuku and Mirio. Once the two are in the room, Izuku apologizes for not seeing her earlier, while Mirio offers her a fruit basket. After setting it aside, Eri tells Izuku that while she was being saved, she never knew his name. Izuku quickly states his full and hero name, tacking alongside that she could refer to him as Deku, as it was shorter and easier to pronounce.

Eri then begins to blame herself for the severe injuries everyone involved sustained however, she is unaware that Sir Nighteye has passed away. Eri is guilty that Mirio lost his Quirk because of her, but Mirio tells Eri that she is not to blame and everyone is glad that she is safe, which comforts Eri.

Suddenly, Izuku has an idea and asks Shota if Eri can come to the School Festival. Mirio explains to Eri that the School Festival is an occasion that U.A. High School hosts where there will be lots of events on display where people can enjoy themselves while tasting delicious food such as candied apples, which catches Eri's attention. As Shota calls Nezu to get his approval, Izuku asks Eri about his idea; Eri wants to get to know the people who saved her and agrees to go to the School Festival. Mirio comically adds on that he could take her on a supervised date, to which Izuku responds by curiously asking him what he meant.

Izuku and All Might are situated in the break room, conversing about the festival. All Might then asks Izuku why he wanted to meet at such a busy time, and Izuku starts telling him about his recent internship, stating that he could only muster up about 20% of his strength if he was under duress. He then monologues about how if Eri weren't there, his movements would have been too predictable and he would have been immobilized immediately. Izuku reveals that, against long range attacks, he was useless. All Might reacts by telling him that he should have long ranged attacks as well, while Izuku is flustered and instantly puts himself down.

The scene then switches over to a forested area of the school grounds, where All Might begins to teach him by having him bring out Full Cowl. Izuku's stance allows him to unleash an attack from where he is positioned, and he unleashes a monstrous burst of wind, known as shoot style. All Might congratulates him, and asks him to rethink through his journey. Izuku looks back on the six major steps he has accomplished. All Might states that, once Izuku's maximum limit had passed 15%, he had wanted to tell him that he was not always bringing out 100%.

Izuku is struck with realization, that if All Might had continuously moved at 100%, he would have caused a devastating windstorm in the surrounding area. Izuku realizes that he cannot move long at 20%, so at the moment of impact, that is when he should briefly release an amount close to his limit.

Izuku continues dancing practice with the dancing team for the School Festival, he confuses Mina's instructions and has to be corrected. Then Mirio arrives at U.A. escorting Eri for a visit to show her around. Izuku joins them and the trio walk around U.A. admiring what all the different groups of students are preparing for the Festival. He then asks Eri to come and watch him at the Festival and that they will all work extra hard to make sure she has fun. From this visit he knows that allowing the festival to be held, Nezu agreed to increase security and to suspend all activities if alarms sound, even if it is a false alarm.

A week later, Mina tells Izuku he is being switched over to the Staging Team from the Dancing Team, to help maneuver Yuga during his part of the presentation. He is selected since he and Yuga have been getting along as of late. Realizing he will still be able to perform, he accepts the change in position.

Later on, he and All Might are out training in the forest before Mei Hatsume appears while following one of her gadgets, that All Might caught. Izuku is noticed by Mei who tells him the item that he requested is similar to one of her inventions and is customizing it for his use, to which he thanks her. As Mei leaves, Izuku explains to All Might that he requested an item to help him with his new move.

All Might surprises Izuku by revealing that once he also used support equipment, but since it wasn't effective to him, he chose to fight relying on his own body. That night, in Height Alliance, while his classmates enjoy " Gold Tips Imperial" tea brought by Momo, Izuku searches obsessively online with his phone for videos of All Might using the articles, but finds nothing, and accidentally taps on a video on black tea by Gentle Criminal.

At the end of his video about premium Black Tea "Royal Flush" he announces that his next video will be about society receiving a wake up call. Izuku notes that Gentle Criminal is an infamous villain known for his online videos, impressed that he has never been arrested for it and ponders about his future plans.

The night before the festival, Class 1-A practice their routine but are accosted by Hound Dog who tells them it is late and they should be in bed. They go back to their dorm and there Yuga and Izuku find that the rope they will be using to suspend Yuga in mid-air for his part in the routine is now frayed. Not wishing to disturb Momo who had gone to sleep, Izuku says he will go buy a new rope from a store early next morning, as he also has something else he wants to pick up.

Early next morning, Izuku is training when appears to tell him his new gloves (she had designed for him to use Shoot Style with) are complete and gives them to him. He is given the instruction manual for them and thanks Mei before she runs off. Toshinori asks him to test them, with which Izuku agrees.

Izuku was practicing to get used to the gloves until he is almost out of time. At 7:50 AM, He rushes to the market and gets the items he needed while still wearing the gloves. At 8:30, Izuku hurries back to the U.A., after buying everything he needed. On his way back however, he runs into the disguised duo of Gentle Criminal and La Brava. Gentle mentions Golden Tips Imperial tea which Izuku remembers as the tea Momo served to everyone the day before.

This grabs Gentle's attention, who cannot help praising him for being so knowledgeable about tea despite his youth. From that conversation, the disguised Gentle realizes that Izuku is a U.A. student, and after noticing that he made a blunder for talking too long, he and La Brava try to leave. Too late, Izuku recognizes Gentle as the criminal from the videos he saw with Ochaco and deduces that he is trying to do something at the U.A., so he begs him not to attack the festival. Gentle asks La Brava to start recording. It is 8:32 AM until the School Festival begins.

He is praised for figuring out the villains' identity and charges at Gentle but suddenly stops moving as he has run into an elastic sheet. Gentle reveals that his Quirk Elasticity bestow the property of elasticity to anything he touches, including air. Gentle uses Gently Rebound on Izuku which blasts him across the street, as he comments on his dislike for using violence to solve his problems. As Gentle and La Brava attempt to make their escape, Izuku charges at them. Gentle turns around and uses his Quirk on the ground and Izuku gets caught by Gentle's Gently Trampoline and is shot into the air.

Gentle Criminal farewell Izuku while he and La Brava bounce away in the air. He is recognized by the villains from U.A.'s Sports Festival as Gentle decides to avoid the fight and quickly infiltrate U.A. In mid-air, after clearing his head of all doubts and focusing the One For All power to 20% in his fingers, Deku strikes Gentle with Delaware Smash Air Force. Without giving him time to recover from the attack, Izuku charges Gentle and smashes him into a construction building.

Gentle tries to convince Izuku to let him continue with his plan, because all he wants is to infiltrate the festival, not harm anyone, but Izuku refuses because his actions would cause the cancellation of the festival for which everyone has worked so much, and with which he tries to make Eri smile again.

Izuku charges at a fleeing Gentle, until the latter starts bouncing around Izuku at great speed by turning the construction beams around him into elastic. Izuku shoots Gentle another air blast, but the villain uses his Quirk to make the attack rebound, hitting Deku himself. Then, to distract Deku, Gentle uses his Quirk to make one of the steel beams fall, forcing Deku to jumps in the way of the steel beam to catch it to keep it from crushing a bystander underneath him.

Gentle uses his Quirk and turns a crane's hook into elastic, to slingshot himself and La Brava out of the construction site and flying towards U.A. Using his enhanced strength to lift up the beam with one hand, Izuku fires another Delaware Smash Air Force from a far distance at Gentle and La Brava. Gentle dodges Izuku's attack and notes his tenacity.

Izuku puts down the steel beam that was holding and chase the villains, using the same elasticized crane's hook to slingshot himself towards the villains. Using his Quirk, Gentle and La Brava land safely in the forest area that surrounds the school, but Izuku appears above them, ready to shoot another air blast. Gentle raises an elastic invisible barrier to protect himself and La Brava from the attack, it but does not occur. Instead, Izuku uses the same aerial trampolines Gentle created to gets behind him and aims precisely to shoot at his barriers to ricochet his attack right at Gentle.

Without giving them time to react, Izuku manages to pin them Gentle and La Brava down on the ground. Unfortunately, La Brava uses her Quirk to grant Gentle enough strength to throw Deku off of them. Wanting to end the battle quickly and while apologizing to Izuku, the powered up Gentle delivers an enhanced karate chop to the back of his neck, but Izuku manages to block his attack with his arm. Izuku tells Gentle he's fought stronger and faster people that himself and he haven’t lost yet and prepares to attack Gentle.

Gentle dodges Deku's air blast, shocked to see the young hero continue to fight despite La Brava giving him a massive power boost with her quirkLover Mode. Deku and Gentle clash ferociously, with Izuku pleading Gentle to stop his attack on U.A. Gentle attacks Izuku with Gently Sandwich claiming he must fulfill his fleeting dream. Revealing the more he tells him to give up the more determined he becomes.

Izuku manages to pull himself away from the Gently Sandwich and attacks Gentle, asking him if he understands that U.A.'s students have dreams as well, why he would choose to trample on everyone’s hopes. Gentle responds that there is no other way if he is to achieve his dream. Izuku gets up and tries to throw him but is rebounded. They then proceed to clash with each other.

Gentle continues his assault towards Izuku, with the brava observing the combat with concernGentle yells at Izuku he doesn't care if he mocks him. When they clash once more with Izuku blocking Gentle's enhanced punch. Izuku replies that he is not laughing at him.

Izuku is beginning to become overpowered by Gentle's enhanced strength which Izuku correctly assumes to be the work of La Brava's Quirk. As they struggle, Gentle asks him why does he want to be a hero. Izuku replies that he is like him. His dream is no longer his own anymore and he will achieve it for the sake of those who believed in him, and proclaims that he wants to be the one who shows them all a bright future. Izuku's response brings a smile to Gentle's face, before tossing him away.

La Brava takes the opportunity to run into the forest to get better wifi with which to disrupt the U.A.'s security system. Izuku sees this and tries to stop her but Gentle plans on keeping him occupied longer. Gentle yells that he will discard all notions of shame, honor and dignity in order to defeat him, as a sign of respect for the man Izuku has proven to be. Gentle creates several aerial elastic barriers and jumps from them all over the vicinitym before before charging Izuku.

On the ground, Izuku fires shooting four Delaware Smash Air Force at once, striking Gentle in the leg. Gentle loses his balance in mid-air, and using this opportunity, Izuku sneaks up on him and ends up taking down Gentle with a St. Louis Smash. Izuku apprehends Gentle and admits that out of all the battles he has fought, the one with him has been the toughest so far.

Izuku watches as La Brava returns to the area and sees that he has been defeated by Izuku as Gentle orders her to run away. A flabbergasted La Brava instead demands Izuku to let Gentle go and while hitting Izuku, yells that Gentle poured his heart and soul into their U.A. infiltration plan and that she is unable to live without him. Gentle musters up the remaining strength given to him by La Brava's Quirk and pushes Izuku off and into the air, using his Quirk to bounce Izuku away. Gentle hugs La Brava as he tells Izuku to fly away as Hound Dog and the Ectoplasm clones who were alerted of the battle detain Gentle and La Brava.

Izuku Midoriya has landed outside the forest. Izuku rushes back having understood what Gentle wanted to do. Once he arrives, he sees that Gentle has surrendered to the teachers, and he lies to them with the intention that La Brava will be given a lesser sentence. Izuku decides to play along when he is asked about what happened, saying he and gentle just had a small disagreement but that everything is fine now. Though suspicious decides report back that there is no threat to U.A. and the Cultural Festival can continue.

While being escorted to the police station, Gentle tells Izuku that he used to be enrolled in the Hero Course and became a villain when he was dropped out of the course. After remembering the words Izuku said to him during their fight, he hopes that Izuku's feelings can reach others.

Ectoplasm warns Izuku that All Might is worried about him and there is less than an hour left for the class 1-A's performance to start. Izuku panics after remembering he left the his bag of items for the Festival back in town. Ectoplasm goes with Izuku to find them as the young hero thinks about why Gentle was his toughest opponent so far because they share similar sentiments.

Izuku retrieves the things he bought and quickly returns to the U.A. Thankfully, he arrives at 9:50 a.m., and Yuga Aoyama, who was waiting for him at the entrance, gives him his suit for the performance. Ectoplasm also suggests Izuku to clean up before the show. The clock turns 10:00 AM, Class 1-A's live dance performance begins. The curtains open up and as the crowd begins cheering, Izuku is with his classmates and waves to the crowd, much to Eri's happiness who smiles in return.

The music perfoamnce start, and Class 1-A manage to pump the audience with their signing and dancing. Izuku performs in the dance and is able to see Eri at the show. As Izuku performs, he is able to see her laughing for the first time and is happy he kept his promise. The show ends with applause and a great ovation from the audience.

After the perfomance, Izuku is reprimanded by All Might for having forgotten his cellphone. Toshinori is well aware of the situation from Hound Dog and Ectoplasm. Then, Izuku is scolded by Hound Dog. Although he praises Izuku for not getting injured and for preventing the festival from being canceled, he scolds him for being out of line since he failed to contact any Heroes in the vicinity and reminds him that he is not the only Hero out there protecting the peace. Izuku acknowledges his fault which satisfies the teacher, who sends Izuku flying towards the festival, telling him to have fun.

Izuku returns with his classmates to help them clean up the stage after their performance. Once there, he meets up with Eri and Mirio Togata. Eri excitedly recounts her impressions of the concert to Izuku, who can barely contain his tears of joy at seeing her so happy.

Izuku enjoys the rest of the festival together with his friends and Eri, until finally everything ends and Eri must return to the hospital. Eri states she enjoyed the performance but could not find a candied apple. However, her disappointment turns to joy when Izuku gives her one as he stated he got the recipe and made one himself. Grateful and happy, Eri enjoys the gift while he smiles at her.

Shota Aizawa and Mirio escort Eri home as Izuku waves goodbye to them.

Pro Hero Arc

As November comes to a close, Izuku, Ochaco, Tsuyu and Eijiro are informed by Shota Aizawa that Eri will be taken in by the school. Shota states that's because she does not have anyone who can take care of her and he is the only one who can prevent her Quirk from going out of control again. Izuku listened to Mirio explain the growth of her horn and states he will also help Shota monitor her and welcomes Class 1-A to visit her once in a while since they will all be busy.

Then, Shota tells his students to return to their dormitories as they will have visitors. Afterwards, Izuku and his class meet the Pussycats again when they visit U.A., Izuku is happy to see Kota again. He thanks him for the letter by stating he treasured it. Mandalay points out the new shoes Kota has to Izuku, which look exactly like Izuku's shoes. Kota becomes embarrassed after Izuku points out the match.

The reason for the visit is to celebrate Ragdoll's reinstatement. Izuku thought that Ragdoll was on break from active duty, to which she states that she plans on supporting the Pussycats as a secretary. The Pussycats received a message from Tartarus regarding All For One. The villain reveals that once he has stolen a Quirk, he keeps it for himself because he feels the need to use it. That's why you can not return it. Tartarus has been investigating the number of Quirks All For One has and how long he was been keeping them.

Later, at the U.A. dorms, Izuku and his classmates watch a television report of a Nomu attack in the city and are horrified as it shows Endeavor being overwhelmed by Hood's attack. A worried Izuku looks to Shoto who walks into the room to watch the scene of his injured father laying defeated. Izuku continues to watch as Endeavor battles the Nomu and sustains more injuries before launching a counter attack. Izuku then sees Endeavor take down the Nomu and stand proud before watching as a relieved Shoto fell to his knees.

Not long after, Izuku is exhausted from training and falls asleep. He experiences a dream where he sees the previous users of One For All, more clearly than he had before. Izuku see's a flashback of All For One and his brother, the first user of One For All. Izuku realizes that he can move his right hand, but aside from that and the upper half of his head, the rest of his body is missing. Izuku notices that apart from him only seven successors of One For All are beside him, when there should be eight.

Izuku gets a glimpse into the pasts, during the chaotic time when Quirks were first appearing. He recognizes All For One's voice, and turns to see All For One and his brother arguing about society's current state of affairs brought upon by the advent of Quirks. Izuku understands that he is watching the rise to power of All For One, the defiance of his younger brother towards him, and the series of events that led to the creation of One For All.

Much to Izuku's shock, it is revealed that the first user had intentionally shared his memory with him. When the first user interacts with him, Izuku realizes that he is experiencing something All Might had told him was impossible. The brother notes he wanted to show Izuku more but Izuku's current level won't permit it, though he assures Izuku that he is not alone, and the latter wakes up. Izuku is found on the floor by Yuga Aoyama who finds the room a mess and Izuku with a glowing arm.

Joint Training Arc

Following his dream, Izuku is questioned by Yuga on the state of his room but he excuses it and goes on a jog, unable to fall back asleep after his dream. He recalls the last part of his dream, when All For One's brother reached out to touch his hand and all of the past users of One For All were looking directly at him.

He later meets All Might in the U.A. nap room, Izuku tells him about his dream. All Might tells Izuku that he also experienced similar visions. His master told him that they are vestigial remnants of the prior generations of One For All rather than the usual simple dreams. He also tells Izuku that she taught him the impossibility of the prior generations communicating with him, which likely makes Izuku the first user of One For All to experience this phenomenon.

However, All Might recalls a discussion with his master, where she told him that even if she dies, they will meet again within One For All. Izuku asks All Might about what All For One's brother meant by the "singularity"; after another question about the fuzzy appearance of All Might and two other prior users in the dream, All Might tells Izuku that he truly does not understand what happened that well and they should search for answers together. Izuku agrees to try his best and tells All Might that his master was very beautiful.

Izuku and All Might soon encounter Shota and Hitoshi leaving the neighboring room. Izuku excitedly greats Hitoshi, mentioning that he saw him with Shota before. Hitoshi smiles at Izuku, and confirms his memory. Shota tells Izuku to get ready, as they have a busy day.

Izuku and he rest Class 1-A group up at Ground Gamma from the final exams. Izuku spoke with Katsuki on his costume changes, and starts to theorize on why he has made the changes he did, putting Katsuki into a rage. Mashirao comments on Izuku's costume, bringing up the glove upgrade that Mei made for him before the U.A. School Festival. Izuku then witnesses the arrival of Class 1-B, with Neito claiming that the momentum is now moving to their side. Izuku then hears Shota and Sekijiro tell the two classes they will have a special guest: Hitoshi Shinso, who is trying to transfer to the Hero course.

Izuku and Mashirao react to seeing Hitoshi, commenting on his prototype costume, noting his mask and the Capturing Weapon he's wearing. Aoyama talks with Mashirao that when someone someone responds to Hitoshi is brainwashed by his Quirk, but Minoru remembers that Deku was able to break free. Deku replies that at that time it was just a fluke. Izuku remarks to himself that Hitoshi's brainwashing was what had let Izuku see the vestiges of One For All's former holders, however he brushes it off as a coincidence.

At Shota's urging, Hitoshi introduces himself to the class. He tells everyone that his goal is to become a great hero who can help people with his Quirk, but since he is already so behind, he needs to work as hard as he can to make up for lost time, and while he looks at Deku, he finishes his speech by saying that he "isn't here to make friends", while he looks at Deku, Despite his words Izuku is eager to face him. Shortly after, All Might and Midnight arrive to watch the fighting.

Shota and Vlad explain the rules of the exercise, and say that Hitoshi will participate in two battles; one with Class 1-A, and one with Class 1-B. Then, Class 1-A and 1-B draw lots to determine their teams. Izuku team up with Ochaco Uraraka, Mina Ashido and Minoru Mineta. His team will faces Monoma's team in Round 5, consisting of Neito Monoma, Yui Kodai, Nirengeki Shoda, and Reiko Yanagi. Hitoshi draws his own lots, being placed into Class 1-A's Team in the first round and Class 1-B's Team in the fifth. That means he will face Izuku again. The first round is about to start, and Deku is eager to see how much Hitoshi has improved since the last time.

Izuku watches the first round, which confronts Tsuyu's team against the Ibara team, with Hitoshi in the class 1-A team. The match ends with victory for class 1-A, where Hitoshi had a relevant role. After seeing this, considering that he will face him in the Fifth Round, Izuku gets together with his team to start battle planning and come up with some countermeasures.

After the second round, where Momo's team faced Kendo's, ending in victory for class 1-B, the two classes take a break from training while the arena is repaired. Izuku updates his Hero notebook while the two classes compliment each other on their power. Ochaco tells Izuku that he has also improved alongside his classmates who he is writing about in his notebook. All Might appears behind Izuku so he can have a word with him, and the two move to a quieter corner.

All Might asks Izuku if he has felt anything weird since his dream about the previous users of One For All. Izuku replies that he hasn't, and All Might tells him that he will ask Gran Torino if Nana Shimura ever mentioned anything to him about similar visions. All Might tells Izuku to be careful in his match against Hitoshi, as Hitoshi seems to be a piece of the puzzle, as far as the visions are concerned. Suddenly, Katsuki appears behind Izuku, scaring him.

Katsuki asks about what Izuku and All Might were just talking about, reminding the two that he is also in on their secret. They tell Katsuki that One For All managed to activate on its own when Izuku had his dream, which surprises Katsuki. Katsuki proceeds to berate Izuku, asking him when he will make One For All his own. All Might wonders if this is Katsuki simply showing his own type of regard for Izuku.

In the third round, where Tenya's team faced Tetsutetsu's, Izuku is impressed by the great improvement of his friend Ida. Having watched Tenya's new move, he claims that it is faster than Gran Torino's. (204) The match ends in a draw, and Ochaco Uraraka note that ending must be frustrating for Tenya. Izuku cannot deny it but considers that Ida did an excellent job.

Then the fourth Round of the Joint Training Battle begins, where Katsuki and his team face the class 1-B team led by Setsuna Tokage. Everyone is surprised to see that Katsuki is now able to work in a team, and the fourth Round ends with Class 1-A scoring a perfect victory with 4-0. Izuku congratulates Katsuki for his excellent performance, but he reflexively goes off on him, and tells Izuku to hurry up and show some improvements at least. Izuku tells his childhood friend to watch his match, as he intends to surpass him.

Finally, fifth round comes. The two teams head towards their respective starting points, with a Full-Cowled Izuku leaping forward while Ochaco, Mina, and Minoru walk on discussing their plan. Ochaco and Mina gloomily believe that they're at a heavy disadvantage, as all of them have more physical Quirks and are therefore vulnerable to Class 1-B’s long-range attacks. Deku appears and cheers them up.

Mina Ashido suggests they try to catch them by setting a trap, and Izuku volunteers to act as a decoy to draw most of the battle around himself with the others as support. Mina wonders about the current situation revolving around his Quirk. Izuku tells her that something unusual was happening with it before, but he says it's fine and he's feeling okay, and now he has full confidence that he'll carry his team to an outstanding victory. His teammates are counting on him to win the round.

Upon arriving at their checkpoint, Izuku signals his teammates to move aside as he prepares to lure out 1-B's members into attacking him. Activating his Full-Cowl power-up Izuku searches the area while remaining cautious around his surroundings. Suddenly, a flying oil barrel flies straight at Izuku's direction, with the latter realizing that Reiko's using her Poltergeist Quirk to attack him. As he braces himself for the attack, Izuku hears Ochaco screaming and turns around, only to find a smug Neito Monoma to reveal himself from the shadows of the battlefield. Neito admits that he has to be on full guard since he's aware of Izuku's outstanding fighting technique. Izuku then dodges the flying oil barrel and reminds himself that the phantom thief might be attempting to provoke him.

Neito then starts questing Izuku about his strategy and taunts the latter for not staying with his team for cooperation purposes. Neito comments that his team must've ambushed 1-A with the help of Hitoshi's powers, even to the point of sadistically taunting Katsuki in his involvement for ending All Might's career as No. 1 Hero. This prompts an enraged Izuku to charge at Neito, preparing to unleash a concentrated Delaware Smash.

Just when he is going to shoot, Izuku's arm once again glows as One For All goes berserk and he shoots out black energy tendrils. Unable to control the new sensation, Izuku orders for everyone to take cover while he struggles in pain, but Ochaco clings to Izuku and has Hitoshi use his Brainwashing to save him from being absorbed into the black energy created by One For All.

Hitoshi removes his mask and asks Izuku if they can have their proper rematch. Hearing this Izuku confirms the offer and allows himself to fall under Hitoshi's spell once again. The mysterious black power disappears as he loses consciousness and his powers deactivate. While unconscious, he finds himself in an unknown area and hears a loud voice calling him, revealed to be one of the former users of One For All; a bald man wearing goggles and a black jacket with a silver belt. The user tells Izuku that although his Quirk has finally manifested, he's using it in a wrong way. Izuku is also told that he needs to stop activating his power with such as idle thoughts. The man then encourages Izuku to try harder to control the Quirk.

The previous One For All wielder continues the lecture he was giving Izuku. He tells him not to give up, and then proceeds to inform him that the black tendrils he was emitting earlier in the match were actually the manifestation of the previous One For All wielder's Quirk, Blackwhip. The reason it suddenly appeared is because Izuku was thinking about how he wanted to capture Neito Monoma, fitting the nature of the Quirk perfectly and so causing it to appear.

He also explains that the Quirk factors of all the previous wielders have been inside One For All for a long time, dormant, in the small core of the Quirk. He says that this core has started expanding and growing larger, and that the same is also happening to One For All itself. The successor also says that its strength has also been increased due to the power of One For All, and, after he tells Izuku to do his best, and that all the predecessors are there with him and are supporting him, he vanishes.

Ochaco immediately shakes Izuku to wake him from the brainwashing. Ochaco calms Izuku down as they float in mid-air, Izuku expresses shock and concern for her injuries and what has transpired. Neito takes advantage of their guard being down and ambushes Izuku from behind while floating on an enlarged metal nut, attempting to touch him and copy his Quirk. He manages to knock Izuku over and Ochaco tries to subdue him using Gunhead Martial Arts.

Reiko arrives in time and saves Neito by using flying projectiles to distract his attacker. Ochaco dodges as everyone from both teams join the fray, the once technical battle turning into an all-out brawl. Hitoshi sends his Capturing Weapon flying at Ochaco, but Izuku darts out in front of her and grabs it, ready to face Hitoshi once again. Despite Izuku's chaotic outburst, all of the students are still eager to win the fight. Izuku explains to Ochaco that he can't use his Quirk after what happened earlier, saying he'll have to rely on her powers to aid him against Hitoshi.

Neito throws a projectile at Izuku and Ochaco, but the latter deflects it with her wrist-guard. As Neito's touched Izuku and therefore copied his Quirk, he attempts to activate One For All but it doesn't appear to work, allowing Ochaco to jump on him and swiftly pin him down.

Hitoshi realizes his teammate's been caught and calls out to him, readying his binding cloth to use to support Neito, but Izuku uses Ochaco's Quirk to float up to his position above the battlefield, distracting him from his captured teammate. They both start grappling and Hitoshi reminds Izuku of their last bout, and Izuku knows Hitoshi is too big of a threat not to neutralize now. Hitoshi claims he's not the same as before and tries to bring the pipes down on Izuku the same way he did in round one.

Izuku recalls the short time he spent in One For All after falling under Hitoshi's brainwashing. He spoke to a former One For All user and was told to use his new Quirk, Blackwhip, by keeping his heart under control. This man reminded Izuku of All Might, and that gives him enough heart to focus and use the black tendrils to suspend the pipes in the air.

Hitoshi is surprised by this new development and asks if Izuku was only faking being in pain before. Izuku suddenly gets some painful physical backlash for using Blackwhip, realizing his body isn't ready for its power yet and he must master One For All first. To avoid another outburst, Izuku adjusts full cowl to 8%.

Izuku spins off a wall to completely evade Hitoshi's Capturing Weapon. He remembers his origin and this gives him enough courage to use his Quirk without fear. Ochaco chops Reiko's neck to subdue her from behind and then pushes Yui into a trap made of Minoru's hair balls, which gives Mina an opening to uppercut Nirengeki to save Minoru. At the same time, Izuku pins down Hitoshi, reminding his team of the claim for a victory that he made before the match began.

Class 1-A’s team manages to turn the battle around as soon Nirengeki, Reiko and Hitoshi have soon joined Neito in the cell. Midnight reveals that Class 1-A won the battle overall and the winners celebrate their victory, leaving the losing class to lament over their loss.

Before adjourning, Shota questions Izuku about the new move he used with everyone else interested too. Izuku claims that he isn’t sure what it was, describing how his power overflowed and saying that he didn’t know why the tendrils suddenly appeared. He thanks Hitoshi and Ochaco for saving him, Midnight continues the feedback by commending Hitoshi and Ochaco's heroism, mentioning how it "turns her on" in terms of excitement and passion. Mina also adds on that Ochaco did latch herself onto Izuku's body to prevent him from losing control. Both Izuku and Ochaco began to blush rapidly in embarrassment.

However, Hitoshi reveals that he didn't save Izuku out of benevolence nor Ochaco's orders, but only because he wanted to fight his old rival and win a satisfying victory. As Hitoshi admits that he acted on his own desires, Shota proceeds to scold his pupil, much to the shock of Izuku and Ochaco. Shota points out that everyone in the Hero Course trained hard to become a hero, and they can't help others if they don't have the will to act on their own, commending Hitoshi for demonstrating the demeanor of a real hero. Izuku follows on by praising the hero-in-training on his skills throughout the exercise, mentioning how his new equipment gave him an upper hand in taking down opponents with no ease. Izuku also feels like he hasn't made himself reliable just yet. Vlad King then announces before providing feedback to the other students that Hitoshi will be joining the Hero department starting from his second year.

Neito begins to rant about how, although they lost the match, his team didn’t lose in terms of substance, revealing his newfound knowledge of Izuku’s Quirk. He implies that he could easily beat Izuku if they were to rematch, Vlad King patiently explaining that, as class has ended, they won’t be doing another joint training match anytime soon. Izuku wonders how Neito obtained the details of his ability. Shota interrupts Neito's monologue by requesting him to come over Class 1-A's dormitories to visit Eri next day.

Later, he has a conversation with All Might and Katsuki about the Blackwhip. Katsuki asks All Might how he knew about using previous wielders' Quirk, but All Might admits that he knows nothing. Then he asks Izuku if there was a trigger that caused Blackwhip to manifest, but the latter denies and wondering if there could've been some form of external catalyst. Katsuki theorizes that maybe this turn of events has anything to do with All For One.

Around 7:00 PM at evening, Izuku and Katsuki engage in a sparring match at Gym Gamma to activate the Blackwhip ability, but nothing happens, so All Might stops the fight, and Izuku and Katsuki return to their dormitories, where the students of Class 1-A mingle with the students of Class 1-B. Once there, Shoto stops to converse with him by asking Izuku if he has two Quirks like him and if he was still hiding his power during their fight at the Sport Festival. Izuku hurriedly replies that the black tendrils might be an extension of his original Quirk, and he wasn't holding back against him. Shoto believes him.

The next day, Eri, Izuku, Mirio and Neito are standing outside the teaching staff dormitories. Shota wants Neito to copy Eri's Rewind Quirk, and Deku and Mirio are with her because he does not want to leave Eri alone with Neito, as his eccentric personality would be bad for her mental health.

Inside the building, Neito attempts to copy Eri's Rewind Quirk. He grows the horn that is required for its usage, but says that he is incapable of using the Quirk itself and apologizes for this to Shota. When Mirio and Izuku question the reasons Neito explains that Rewind is an accumulation-type Quirk. He can copy the fundamental abilities of a Quirk, not something requiring stored-up energy as he cannot copy what has already been stored. This is why he could not use Deku's Quirk after copying it, because is an accumulation-type Quirk too. Izuku is relieved that he has this mechanism as it prevented him from being damaged by One For All.

Shota explains to Mirio and Izuku that as Eri doesn't understand how to properly use her power, he hoped that Neito's Copy Quirk would help her and make it easier for her to learn it as well. Eri feels sad and apologizes for causing everyone trouble, saying everyone would be better off if she didn't have her ability, but Izuku reminds her that it was her power that saved him, stating that what she said is not true at all. He explains that what power is worth is all about how it's used, comparing it to how a knife is dangerous initially, but when used right can make all kinds of food, and saying that her power is an amazing one. These words encourage Eri, and she says that she'll try her best after all. Internally, Izuku promises himself that he'll master One For All.

Endeavor Agency Arc

Izuku is shocked by Katsuki's rough and harsh attitude during an interview along with Shoto. When the interview staff had cut him out from the interview, Izuku comments that Katsuki's behavior wasn't very "All-Might-ish", which makes Katsuki angry and orders him to shut up. Later, Izuku checks on the daily news and hears about the Deika City incident that happened 9 days ago. Despite having fewer casualties, the destruction was greater than that of the Kamino, Yokohama incident. The mentality of society regarding heroes is changing, and when they were once very critical towards heroes, now they show them greater support.

In response to this change in attitude Mt. Lady is invited to the U.A. to give class 1-A "Hero Interview Training" lessons. one by one, the students participate in a simulated interview, and when it's Izuku's turn be interviewed, he gets so nervous that his body turns al stiff and can't help stuttering. Mt. Lady decides to stop Izuku's stuttering by mentioning that many of his moves are throw-back to All Might's. With this, Izuku excitedly goes on to talk about his dedication to following All Might's steps but Midnight questions him about his newly developed Blackwhip Quirk.

Izuku decides to demonstrate his newfound power, focusing on his inner strength as he visualizes what unlocking the ability will be like. With enough concentration, Izuku unleashes a small wisp of his Blackwhip ability. Even though he is happy and excited about his progress, nobody else is impressed. Days later, the Hero Work Recommendation Project takes place.

Shortly after they return from Nabu Island, he celebrates Christmas with his companions. With the Hero Work-Studies about to start, he still has no one to do it with. Later, Shota brings Eri to the Heights Alliance to enjoy Christmas with Class 1-A. Izuku notices that Eri's horn has become bigger, and Shota tells him that Eri is now much more positive and optimistic. Apparently, she took Izuku's words of encouragement to heart.

Everyone celebrates Christmas and have fun, holding a surprise gift exchange. Izuku is ecstatic for receiving Ochaco's gift, while Ochaco herself smiles and blushes for receiving an All Might keychain from Izuku. When the party is over, Shoto approaches Izuku and Katsuki and offers them a chance to intern at his father's agency with him.

Both accept the offer and talk to All Might about it, who thinks it is a great idea that both do the second Work-Studies with Endeavor. Izuku is a bit worried about his training with the One For All, but All Might replies that he doesn't expect that he will experience more outbursts because he has mastered the image of "locking" and "unlocking".

For New Year's Eve, Izuku returns to his apartment to enjoy the holiday with his mother Inko. Izuku tells her about his most recent experiences and shows her a letter that Eri wrote to him, thanking him for having invited her to the school festival. All this makes Inko break into tears of joy, telling him that she acknowledged how much he grew. On the morning of New Year's Day, Inko says goodbye to his son Izuku and asks him to do his best.

When Izuku, Shoto, and Katsuki meet with Endeavor, the current number one hero doesn't hesitate to tell Izuku and Katsuki that he only accepted them because his son asked him to, and he would have preferred Shoto to come alone. Despite his words, Izuku thanks him for accepting them as interns, recalling the conversation they both had during the U.A. Sports Festival months ago. While walking down the street, Endeavor remarks the words that Deku said to him at the sports festival, about Shoto is not like him.

Suddenly, Endeavor runs off saying that he won’t be wasting time training others than Shoto, telling them that if they want to learn then stay behind him, only to be surprised to see them already in their gear, ready for action. Izuku asks him for his instructions. Endeavor repeats his order to stay behind him. A sonic boom goes off in the city while the boys try to keep up with their new employer. Izuku notes that Endeavor took off before anyone even noticed the commotion, which takes more than just speed.

They found that a villain known as Starservant is causing panic with his glass manipulation Quirk. Endeavor's intervention forces the villain to flee flees down an alley and calls his minions, being chased by Endeavor. When they come out of the other end, Starservant's minions are ready to attack. The next moment, Izuku and Katsuki take on the minions directly. However, in an even faster flash, Hawks appears and effortlessly dispatches them with his feathers.

After the villains are arrested, Hawks briefly chats with the three interns. Izuku introduces himself politely. Endeavor asks Hawks what he wants, to which Hawks deflects the question completely before promoting the Paranormal Liberation Front's book. Seeing how Japan's No. 2 hero recommends the book, Izuku expresses his desire to read it too, and Hawks gives him, Shoto and Katsuki extra copies that he carried with him, before leaving.

Once they arrive at Endeavor Agency, Izuku meets the Flaming Sidekickers, who give them a hot welcome, and one of them, Burnin, explains to them the situation. Izuku notices that the place is busy, and Kido, other of the sidekicks, explains that's because they handle over 100 requests every day. Katsuki wants to start now, but the sidekick tells that they have to wait for Endeavor's orders, who has gone to his office to read the book Hawks gave him. After a while, he leaves his office and tells three students that he will train them personally.

In the agency's gym, Endeavor asks his trainees what they want to achieve. Izuku says wants to be able to control his power and use it with maximum performance. Endeavor recalls that he has a super-strength Quirk that is powerful but self-destructive. Izuku replies he has found a method to control it enough to not injure himself, but recently his Quirk has "manifested" in a different way and unleashes a small wisp of his Blackwhip Quirk to show to Endeavor.

He wants to use this new power as a weapon and has been thinking about applying some of the concepts of his Air Force on it, and to help Endeavor to better understand what he wants, Izuku gives a very lengthy and detailed explanation of how his Air Force works and what he wants to achieve with his Blackwhip. Surprisingly, Endeavor actually follows what Izuku's saying and what he wants.

After listening to Katsuki and Shoto, Endeavor starts the Work-Studies. He explains that his agency is governed by three fundamentals: Rescue, Evacuation, and Battle. With his training, they will make these processes their M.O. Endeavor ends the lesson by telling Izuku, Shoto, and Katsuki that, during the winter break, their task is to beat a villain faster than him, even if only once.

During the following days, the three students try to surpass Endeavor's test, but the veteran hero always manages to catch the villains before them. Endeavor does not hesitate to criticize them, telling them in what facets they need to improve. During a break, Endeavor asks Deku if he is able to max his output for a second subconsciously, he replies that with the Full Cowling he has no problems, but with the Air Force he still needs focus. Then Endeavor tells Deku to forget about his “secondary” ability for now and focusing only on using Air Force. When Deku asks about the parallel processes, Endeavor advises him to learn to do two things at once subconsciously, and when he succeeds, throw in another thing.

A week later, Endeavor brings Shoto, Izuku, and Katsuki over to his house for dinner per his daughter's suggestion. Dinner starts well, with Izuku praising the food Fuyumi cooked, but ended up being quite awkward, due to the complicated relationship between Endeavor and his children, and specifically due to Natsuo's resentment towards his father, and after he finishes, he quickly leaves, unable to sit near his father. Izuku is aware that all this is due to the years of abuse and neglect by Endeavor towards his children. He also discovers that Katsuki is also aware of the situation, and when he asks him if he knew about Shoto's past, to which he reveals he was listening when the two of them were talking during the Sports Festival.

Although it is clear that Endeavor regrets what he did and now tries to do his best for his family, it's hard for his children to forgive him. Izuku tells Shoto that he feels he's getting ready to forgive Endeavor, as he feels that if Shoto truly hated him, it would be fine to not forgive him, but Izuku voices his thoughts on that Shoto is a very kind person waiting for the right moment to do it.

Fuyumi and Shoto tell Izuku and Katsuki about their older bother Toya, and how close he was to Natsuo, to the point he blames Endeavor for Toya's death. Fuyumi then says that an incident occurred after their mother was hospitalized, which only made things worse. Although family relationships have improved a lot, there are still many wounds to heal. Endeavor then comes in and tells the three of them that he'll be taking them to U.A. High School. As the three of them thank Fuyumi for the meal, Fuyumi thanks Izuku for being Shoto's friend.

While Endeavor's chauffeur drives them back to the U.A, Endeavor tells the boys that they will have to keep going to his Agency to continue the training on weekdays and weekends if their schedule allows. Just then a villain appears in the middle of the road, holding Natsuo as a hostage and calls out Endeavor to come to face him. Endeavor leaps out the car to save his son. The villain, introducing himself as Ending, is obsessed with Endeavor and wants the hero to kill him.

Ending takes a step back when he sees the interns, giving Endeavor an opportunity to attack the off-balance villain. However, when he sees Natsuo being held in front of Ending, Endeavor slows down, not wanting to endanger him, and allowing the three students to past him in order to rescue Natsuo and defeat the villain. Disappointed, Ending threats to increase the death toll if the Flame Hero doesn't kill him, sending several incoming cars into the air. He also puts Natsuo directly in the path of a car but Katsuki rescues him in an instant.

As Izuku sees all the cars on the road flying in the air, he jumps into the air using Delaware Smash Air Force while thinking back to what Endeavor said about doing things subconsciously and successfully unleashes Blackwhip, saving all the cars while yelling that he won't let any of Ending's wishes come true, thus proving that his internship with Endeavor bore its fruit. The shocked Ending is then defeated by a fire-covered punch from Shoto.

Izuku checks to make sure if any of the people were injured and claims to the other two that this was a complete victory for themselves. As Natsuo thanks Izuku and Katsuki, he asks Katsuki what his Hero Name is. When Izuku questions if it's just 'Bakugo', Katsuki denies it, revealing that he's picked a Hero Name for himself. Izuku and Shoto ask what it is but Katsuki refuses, instead wanting to tell someone else first.

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

Winter break ends and students return from their Hero Work-Studies to show their progress with their Quirks and skills. In the boy's changing room, Eijiro praises Izuku for controlling his other Quirk, to which Izuku tells him he can only handle it for a moment and that it doesn't have many uses, but he considers it strong. Annoyed, Katsuki stucks his mask into Izuku's head, surprising and pissing off his classmates, who complain about his attitude.

As the students go outside, Izuku continues explaining that he needs to let his body adapt to it because it throws off his sense of speed so his brain can't keep up. When the students arrives at Ground Alpha, they meet with All Might, who is replacing Shota Aizawa because he had an emergency to attend to. One by one, the students battle Villain Bots to show off the new skills and Super Moves they have developed.

Finally, Izuku, Katsuki and Shoto show off what they learned working for the No. 1 Pro Hero, Endeavor at his agency. Izuku shows off the results of his experience and his improved control over Blackwhip. After their exhibition, several of the classmates congratulate the three students for their improvements. Izuku then spots Ochaco, and approaches her, thanking her properly for helping him get Blackwhip under control during their Joint Training Battle. Ochaco brushes him off, and reveals that his new abilities inspired her to add wires to her costume. She thanks him for helping her get stronger, and says that they've both helped each other up, fist bumping Izuku.

Later, All Might meets Izuku and Katsuki at the Teachers Lounge, All Might meets with Izuku and Katsuki, congratulating the two on their improvements before placing a notebook on the table that contains with all the information he could find about the previous One For All users and their Quirks, although he reveals he couldn't find anything on the 2nd and 3rd users.

Izuku tells All Might he can only manifest Blackwhip for a second, so he can't compete with Hanta Sero or Shota Aizawa, but considers it a powerful support-type Quirk. All Might asks him if he made contact with the other users, to which he says no. By checking the information in the notebook, they realize that the previous users did not possess particularly powerful Quirks, because All For One hunted those who possessed powerful Quirks. They also check that they died very young fighting All For One.

All Might informs Izuku that the next power to awaken will be Float, Nana Shimura's Quirk. Hearing this, Katsuki can't help but feel superior to the fact that Izuku will be wasting time learning a skill he already has while he'll polish up on his own skills, starting a argument between the two. After the two return to the dorms at night, they prepare to help the other students with a hot pot party to energize everyone for the new term. As they continue to socialize, Izuku internally reflects how his life has improved since he entered the U.A., feeling blessed.

Over the next few days, Izuku trains his Quirks. At some point, All Might askes Hanta Sero, Ochaco Uraraka, and Tsuyu Asui for help with Izuku's training. Izuku explains he wanted help with his new power, though the others point out his hairdo and he explained he played a game with Katsuki revolving around him trying to catch him with Blackwhip and losing everytime, which is why he asks Hanta for help because his Quirk, Tape, is similar. Understanding this, Ochaco and Tsuyu join in.

All Might says to Ochaco that she is here to help him with body control while braking midair, justifying that he needs more power to cover up his practice of using Float. Actually, since Float is similar to Zero Gravity to some degree, this training will help give Izuku some future control, maybe even help him unlock Nana's Quirk.

The months go by until they arrive at the end of March. Thanks to the police investigation and its spy Hawks, the Hero Public Safety Commission had uncovered the plans of the Paranormal Liberation Front and its allies. With this information the Commission organized a large force of Pro Heroes to take down the villain organization.

A team of heroes has the mission of storming the Gunga Mountain Villa, the main headquarters of the Paranormal Liberation Front, while another team lead by Endeavor will do the same at the Jaku General Hospital, where the Nomu are created, and also because Tomura Shigaraki is located there, undergone an operation to become more powerful.

Finally, a third team, made up mainly of students and lead by Burnin, will be in charge of evacuating the residents of a city near the hospital and taking them to a safe place. Izuku is part of this team. When everything is ready, Endeavor orders to start the operation, and Burnin signals the students to start evacuating the citizens.

As Deku and the students evacuate the citizens, Endeavor and his squad arrive at the secret laboratories below the hospital after defeating all the Nomus that Dr. Garaki releases in an attempt to stop them. However, when the heroes think they have already won, at that moment Tomura Shigaraki wakes up. Despite the distance between the two, Izuku gets a bad feeling that something terrible is coming.

Soon, the voice of the first user of One For All, whom he hadn't heard from since before the Joint Training Battle, begins to warn him of Tomura's awakening, and urges him to stop him. When Izuku fixes his gaze on the Jaku hospital, the building suddenly crumbles to dust. Then, the disintegration begins to spread rapidly, reaching in a short time the city itself.

Deku charges up 45% of One For All and unleashes a St. Louis Smash Air Force at the spreading disintegration to push it back, but despite Deku's best efforts, it continues with no sign of stopping. Izuku thinks back to when he met Tomura in the mall before going to Training Camp, and how he told him how his Quirk worked when he grabbed him by the throat. Izuku quickly realized this was his doing.

Burnin quickly orders everyone to fall back from the unstoppable destruction. The students begin to run as fast as possible while evacuating the civilians who were still in the city as best they can. Izuku himself uses the Blackwhip to drag an entire bus full of civilians away from danger.

The students manage to get everyone to safety before the Decay finally stops after destroying much of the city. While fleeing, Burnin tried to contact the Hospital Raid team without success, until shortly after they managed to escape, she radios Endeavor, which is facing Tomura. Apparently Tomura is going after something he calls "All For One". Neither Endeavor nor Burnin know what he's talking about, but Izuku, who overhears her, knows what it's going on.

Deku tries calling out Burnin, but she orders the students and civilians to evacuate while he leads a force of heroes against Tomura, who for some reason the don't understand is heading to the city. Deku knows that Tomura is going after him and his Quirk, and in order not to put anyone in danger, he decides to get away from there as soon as possible, to lead Tomura away from the civilians.

Katsuki decides to follow him, since he also knows what is happening. Shoto and Ochaco calling them out, and Deku claims he forgot something as he and Katsuki start heading the other direction. Deku deduces that Tomura can't see anyone from his location, but just in case he can find him, he has to move.

He contacts Endeavor via the private channel and tells him that he believes Tomura is looking for him, though he doubts he can move him to a place where there is no people. Endeavor demands an explanation, but Izuku assures him that he will explain later, but now he needs to know Tomura's position, because with all the dust up in the air he can't see Tomura, and if there is anyway Endeavor can redirect him.

Endeavor tries to tell that there is no time for that, but right at that moment Tomura suddenly changes course, heading southwest, and communicates it to Izuku. Izuku thanks him and says he will buy time for evacuation before hanging up. After internally realizing that Tomura is after Deku and that he is in danger now. Endeavor radios to all nearby heroes to report Tomura's course and call for reinforcements, before Tomura uses his Quirks to jam communications.

While running Deku tells Katsuki that Tomura is coming, and Katsuki retorts that he overheard, so he needs to draw him in closer. Deku then asks why Katsuki is coming with him, and Katsuki answers that in a situation like this, the only one who can make the people understand quickly enough is himself; Deku accepts the reason and thanks him.

After jamming all the communicators. Tomura finally catches up Izuku and Katsuki, demanding he gives One For All to him as he reaches his hand out to grab Izuku, who experiences the image of death like during the Kamino Incident, seeing both himself and Katsuki disintegrating.

When tomura is about to grab him, all of a sudden, Gran Torino rushes in and grabs the two of them before flying in the opposite direction. He explains he heard everything about Tomura and tells Deku that facing him now is a bad idea because his Decay is insanely powerful. Izuku tries to protest but Gran Torino reminds him that there are other Heroes that can still fight.

As Gran Torino moves Izuku and Katsuki away from Tomura, heroes like Ryukyu, Eraser Head, Endeavor with the assistance of other heroes start fighting him. Gran Torino drops Deku and Katsuki in a safe place as he explains to Deku that Eraser Head is blocking Tomura's Quirk with his own. Katsuki protests that they have been taken so far away, but Gran Torino replies that the situation is worse than imaginable. Tomura is not only much stronger and faster than before, but also has All For One's Quirk, and if Deku lost One For All, it will be the worst-case scenario.

While arguing, the three watch in shack as the situation worsens even more as a large number of Nomu appear, attacking the heroe force who came to help in the fight against Tomura. Gran Torino moves to Eraser Head's location to help him against Tomura as he tells Izuku and Katsuki to hide. However, they both disobey the order, and charge at Tomura. Izuku manages to arrive in time to tackle the villain before he can kill Shota Aizawa, while yells that the "worst-case scenario" they could face is losing his teacher; the teacher who has been looking after him since day one.

Izuku and Katsuki begin to attack Tomura, but even with their efforts and with Shota canceling his Quirks, they barely manage to contain him, having to receive help from Endeavor. Izuku is shocked to know that Tomura's physical strength is on par with All Might's. Endeavor tells Deku and Katsuki that they can act without his direction in this situation, but he wants them to support Eraser Head and protect each other. Tomura moves forward hoping to grab Deku and One For All, but as he demands the student he gives him One For All, he ends up calling him his "little brother"; a statement that leaves both of them confused.

The heroes continue to attack Tomura constantly, and little by little they begin to overcome him thanks to their teamwork and combination of Quirks. But Tomura's will remains strong and continues to battle, managing to seriously injure Gran Torino. Deku screams in anguish upon witnessing his mentor be pummeled, but when he tries to strike him with Blackwhip, Tomura rushes past both him and Katsuki as he is aiming for Eraser Head, because his Erasure Quirk does not allow him to use all his Quirks nor his regeneration heal his wounds.

He gets stopped by Ryukyu, who grabs him in her hands as Tomura realizes he is losing stamina. Deku grabs Tomura with Blackwhip successfully and yells at him that he won't forgive him. Tomura, in turn, says that he won't forgive anyone too as he elbows Deku right in the gut. Deku endures it, turning the rage he had towards Tomura into strength for his Blackwhip, which manages to keep Tomura restrained, allowing Katsuki and Endeavor to charge forward.

Deku notices that Tomura has become more agile, and tries to restrain him as long as he and Ryukyu can so they can help Gran Torino. However, he notices Tomura manages to pierce Ryukyu's claws with his hand, and he is holding Quirk-Destroying bullets between his fingers and warns the others. He immediately uses his new Super Move: 100% Wyoming Smash to stop the villain, however, he is unable to stop Tomura from throwing a bullet at Eraser Head, successfully hitting him in his crippled left leg.

Eraser Head quickly pulls out his knife and cuts his left leg off before the drug could spread throughout his body. Tomura doesn't hesitate to praise Eraser head for doing that, but nevertheless, he continues to be a problem to him. He unleashes shockwave to break free of Izuku and Ryukyu. He grabs Eraser Head's face at the same time that Deku manages to catch his legs with Blackwhip. Deku yanks him back with Blackwhip at the same time Tomura is struck by a pillar of ice from Shoto, who had decided to follow Izuku and Katsuki.

Deku strikes Tomura in the gut and sends him flying back before going over to his teacher. To his horror, he sees that he has closed his eyes due to the wounds that Tomura caused to his face, deactivating his Quirk. As a result, Tomura is successfully able to heal himself with his Super Regeneration, and he looks to the Heroes saying that as much as they delayed it, the only fate that awaits them is total destruction.

Seeing his teacher Shota injured, Izuku is enraged. Rock Lock tells him to run away, but Izuku refuses to do so. Tomura sets out to destroy them, but then his body rips apart. Although his super regeneration will heal the wound, Tomura is confused by this, as the operation is supposed to have improved his body. This makes him asks Deku today's date.

Upon seeing what happened, Izuku realizes that Tomura's body cannot maintain the incredible power of All For One, similar to his first experiences with One For All. This is due his capsule being destroyed when he was at 75%.

Nevertheless, when his regeneration finally kicks in, Tomura attempts to use his Decay Quirk again to finish everyone off, but Deku jumps into the air carrying everyone with Blackwhip and for the first time activating Nana Shimura's Quirk: Float. Deku gets in close to Tomura and declares that he will finish him with everything that he has.

Deku realizes that only he can prevent Tomura mass destruction by putting him in mid air. When he realize his control over Blackwhip is decreasing, Izuku releases his allies and tells them to protect to protect the wounded while facing Tomura. Tomura says to Deku that he will take One For All from him in the sky and send him straight to heaven along with everyone else, but Deku yells he won't let him hurt anyone anymore as he pulls Tomura closer to him.

After briefly recalling his training with Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Hanta some time ago, Izuku activates the OFA at 100% and unleashes devastating attacks against Tomura, with no intention of sparing the villain, and not caring that his own body can be ended messed up. Izuku severely injuring himself by smashing 100 percent of One For All's power into Shigaraki over and over again. Despite the pain, he continues his assault on Tomura, who notes to himself that the damage is exceeding his regeneration.

On the ground, the heroes are impressed by the combat, but Katsuki knows that Izuku won’t be able to continue fighting soon. Along Shoto and Endeavor, they plan of their own to take down Tomura. The three flies into the air as Endeavor tells Katsuki to aim for when Blackwhip is completely extended and when he gets up there, the two need to get back to the ground or they may get caught up in the fire.

The conditions are met, and when Izuku is about to strike Tomura again, Katsuki and Shoto launch Endeavor at the villain, Endeavour charges in and holds Tomura, yelling for Deku to get down as he incinerates Tomura with a point-blank Prominence Burn. While being burned alive All For One's consciousness appears in Tomura's mind to offer his assistance. Desperate, Tomura accepts, giving AFO the opportunity to take control of his body.

From Tomura's charred back emerge black shadowy tendrils that impales Endeavor, who can't believe he's still alive. 'Tomura' says something unintelligible before firing the wires at Deku, calling him his 'little brother'. In that moment, without even thinking, Katsuki pushes Deku out of the way and gets stabbed by the wires.

Deku watches in shock as Katsuki falls to the ground badly injured, being grabbed by Shoto. 'Tomura' mocks the sacrifice of the heroes and especially Katsuki's, which snaps Izuku. Blinded by rage, Izuku goes berserk on 'Tomura', destroying the tendrils on his way, but his anger leaves him open to being touched by his enemy. 'Tomura' takes the opportunity and puts his hand on Izuku's face and process to extract the One For All. But all does not go as planned, as the move brings Izuku and his foe into his mindscape.

Izuku finds himself back in the mist-covered wasteland of his dreams, and in front of him, he sees All For One half fused with Tomura, trying to take control of his body as Tomura tries to reject him. Deku tries to move towards yhem but instead trips and falls. Nana Shimura appears and puts her hand on his head, saying that he still can't move in his dream, but they will do something about it. Izuku is surprised to see her.

The All For One manifestation notices her presence, and begins to mocks Nana, indicating to Tomura that she is his grandmother. During his rant, AFO talks about the strange phenomenon of people inheriting an organ donor's personality after a transplant surgery, which is why he has the memories of the people whose quirks he stole from and why he can see and talk to his brother now thanks to the All For One and One For All quirks.

Nana tries to talk to her grandson, but Tomura just calmly tells her he despises her too. Tomura's anger causes One For All to start to erode, at the same time that he tries to destroy his master's manifestation. The eroding stops as All For One realizes his rage is not enough, as his younger brother, the first user of One For All, appears as well and stop the decay, saying to be just as stubborn as himself.

AFO's brother proclaims he does not intend to allow him to harm the boy they have chosen as their new heir, as he and Nana starts to push the influence of All For One back. All For One tries combining his power with Tomura to fight back and steal his brother's Quirk, while insults and derides Izuku, claiming that his brother made a mistake for entrusting One For All in the hands of an inexperienced boy. The first user of One For All rebuts All For One's arguments by praising Izuku's resolve to save people no matter what, and deems him worthy of wielding the Quirk, and they will follow him because of it.

After hearing these words, Izuku's manifestation tries to move towards Tomura one more time. In a grand explosion, Deku wakes up from the dream as he and Tomura fall away from one another in the sky. Deku realizes Tomura failed to steal One For All, as All For One tells Tomura that the reason why was because his body hasn't fully adapted to his new Quirk. He tells him that his body needs to reach perfection and to retreat, while Deku pleads with Tomura to stop moving.

Shoto catches Deku while still holding onto Katsuki and his father and drops them on the ground with relief that the three of them are still alive. However, Tomura is still not defeated. Nejire and Tenya arrive to help, and Shoto asks him to take Izuku away from there, but he replies he needs to stay close to Tomura because he is still after his Quirk and tells Ingenium to help Katsuki and Endeavor escape.

Shoto and Nejire confront Tomura, taking advantage of his weakened state to completely defeat him, but Gigantomachia eventually makes it there to assist his master. On his back he carries several lieutenants from the Paranormal Liberation Front, including Dabi, who reveals to everyone that he is Toya Todoroki and that he plans to make his father Enji suffer. Stunned by his proclamation, Deku recalls the conversation he had with Shoto and Fuyumi about his older brother and coming to the realization the two are the same.

Izuku listen to Dabi’s speech, who claims that at that moment he is broadcasting to all Japan his relationship with Enji, as well as many of his dark secrets and several cruel acts committed by heroes, like the Best Jeanist and Twice murders by Hawks. When he is done, Dabi is ready to attack with his Quirk, but to his surprise and many of those present, Best Jeanist himself jumps from a plane with several carbon fiber containers, and uses his Fiber Master Quirk to tied up Ggiantomachia, Tomura and the Paranormal lieutenants.

Dabi manages to free himself using his fire and clashes with his brother Shoto, as Gigantomachia struggle against Best Jeanist’s wires after receiving an order from a semi-unconscious Tomura. Likewise, several of the Near High-End Nomu receive an order and rush to where they are to attack Best Jeanist. when he sees them approaching, Izuku tries to tell himself to move because he knows if anything breaks Best Jeanist's focus, Gigantomachia will break free, believing if he uses Blackwhip and Float his busted limbs won't matter. He yells at himself to not be the worthless Deku who can't save anyone and to support Best Jeanist.

All of a sudden, Mirio arrives, using his Quirk to punch away the Near High-Ends approaching Best Jeanist, leaving Deku shocked. Izuku ask Mirio how did he get here. He replies that they received a message about the current situation in Jaku City from the Villa team, so he rushed there at once using his Permeation's special mode of travel. This makes Izuku remember that the day before the raid, Mirio had asked Eri to use her Rewind Quirk on him so that he could get his back and help in the incoming battle.

While Mirio, Nejire, Tenya, and Katsuki protect Best Jeanist from the Nomus, Shoto continues to fight his older brother in mid-air. Dabi manages to grab him, and prepares to use his Quirk at full power to incinerate him completely to make their father suffer. Suddenly, Blackwhip separates them. The villain looks in confusion, as it is revealed that Deku shoot his Quirk from his mouth, a technique he dubs 'Froppy Style', after being inspired by his classmate Tsuyu during their training several months ago.

Dabi unleashes a blast of flames to destroy the Blackwhip, yelling that this is a family affair and he shouldn't mess in it. Izuku replies that it is his business because Shoto is his dear friend and Endeavor is his mentor who made him stronger. He agrees that the past can never die, but he has seen how much Endeavor wants to become a better person, and how he wants to watch that. He yells to Dabi that he isn't Endeavor, which seems to help break Endeavor out of his trance.

Just then, Izuku feels again a painful sensation in his head again, and notices that Gigantomachia is going to breaks free from Best Jeanist's fibers. Fortunately, Endeavor reacts and uses every bit of strength to knock the giant back knocking himself out as a result. After the coup, Gigantomachia begins to lose strength, and Mirio reveals that he got a word from the U.A. students telling him that they had administered a powerful sedative to the giant which is finally is working. After this Izuku loses consciousness due to Dabi's attack.

After spending a few minutes unconscious, a voice inside him wakes him up. Izku looks to see Shoto recuperating on the ground, much to his relief. Suddenly, he starts feeling another sharp pain emerge within his head, just like what happened when Katsuki was injured by Tomura and gigantomachia was about to break free from Best Jeanist's cables. He figures that this is "Danger Sense", the Quirk of the fourth One For All user. Due to being unprepared for it emerging like this his senses start to overload his head.

Then Tomura manages to wake up, but Izuku realizes that All For One's consciousness has taken control of Tomura's body, using his Radio Waves to call a large number of near High-End Nomus to get him out of there along with a handful of allies. Everybody tries to stop them but they fail. Deku uses Blackwhip Froppy Style to jump into the air to confront Tomura/All For One. All For One tells him they will meet again once his body is perfected, using Radio Waves to send him flying away, as Deku screams out to Tomura.

Izuku watches helplessly as AFO/Tomura escapes.

As he watches Tomura/All For One escape, Izuku begins to reflect. He is aware that everything Tomura has done is unforgivable, but as he sees the Nomu carry Tomura/All For One into the distance, he thinks to himself how when he witnessed him being absorbed by All For One in the vestige world, he recognized his face as one who looked like he needed saving.

In the aftermath of the battle, Izuku, alongside all the other injured heroes, are taken to Central Hospital to be treated. However, after several days, Izuku is the only one to still remain unconscious, being watched over by All Might, while his arms and legs are completely bandaged up.


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

All Might is invited to a summer trip at "I-Island", a man-made island where the scientists of the world reside and perform research on Quirks, superpowers that 80% of the world's population has. He takes Izuku Midoriya as his guest and reminds him not to reveal to his good friend, former partner, and top scientist Professor David Shield the secret about their shared Quirk: One for All. After they arrive, they are greeted by Melissa Shield, David's daughter and a student of the island's academy hoping to be a scientist just like her father.

After a reunion with David, All Might transforms back into his depowered form. By running tests, David realizes that All Might's Quirk is nearly depleted. Meanwhile, Melissa shows Midoriya around the island, and they run into Momo Yaoyorozu, who had been invited to the island and has brought Ochaco Uraraka and Kyoka Jirō as her guests. The students later run into Tenya Iida, Shōto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugō, and Eijiro Kirishima, with the former three having been invited too and Kirishima being brought by Bakugō. Minoru Mineta and Denki Kaminari are also revealed to be on the island working as waiters. After spending the day enjoying the island's various events, Melissa invites the waiters to join them at a formal party that everyone else was invited to.

Before the party, Melissa reveals to Midoriya that she is born Quirkless like he once was. She also realizes his Quirk is similar to All Might's, and gives him a gauntlet she had designed that allows him to not get hurt when using his powers at 100%.

Meanwhile, Wolfram, a mysterious villain who secretly arrived on the island prior, takes control of the island's security system during the party and threatens to kill its residents. He also restrains all of the pro-heroes attending, including All Might and takes David Shield and his assistant Sam hostage in order to break into the island's vault. The Class 1-A students and Melissa Shield plan to go to the 200th floor of the building that they were partying in to stop Wolfram's evil plans. Still have lost their way, Katsuki Bakugō and Eijiro Kirishima venture into the building without noticing the hack.

When the students reach the 80th floor, Wolfram and his team become aware of their plan and attempt to apprehend them. While hiding in a plant room, the group attempts to escape from two of the villains until Bakugō and Kirishima accidentally cross paths with them and engage in battle. Todoroki helps the others escape to a higher floor and joins Bakugō and Kirishima in their fight. Mineta uses his Grape Quirk to climb up the tower and lower a ladder to allow the others to climb up with him. Wolfram's men send an army of sentry robots after both groups of students, which incapacitate Kaminari. Iida, Yaoyorozu, Jirō, and Mineta defend against the robots while Midoriya, Uraraka, and Melissa make their way to the top of the tower.

Uraraka uses her Zero-Gravity quirk to carry Deku and Melissa to the security room before the robots overpower her. Just in time, Todoroki, Bakugo and Kirishima save her. Deku and Melissa continue working their way to the top. they discover David and Sam in the vault as they unlock a suitcase. It is revealed that David and Sam orchestrated the night's events with actors in order to steal back their greatest invention - a headset that maximizes the power of a person's Quirk. I-Island's top men decided that it was too dangerous, so they took their invention and research away, and locked it up so it wouldn't end up in the wrong hands. Deciding that All Might needed it to remain a hero and keep the world safe, David decided to get his invention back. Wolfram arrives, restrains Deku, and reveals that he is a true villain and not an actor. Sam then betrays David and gives Wolfram the suitcase, revealing that he worked with Wolfram to make sure he could sell the invention to other villains and achieve fame. However, Wolfram shoots Sam after getting the suitcase and David jumps in the way of another bullet in order to save his life.

Before Wolfram can kill Melissa, Midoriya breaks free in order to fight him. Wolfram uses his Quirk to hold off Midoriya and escapes to the rooftop, having kidnapped David so he can make more copies of said invention. Deku races to the top and attempts to stop Wolfram from taking off in a helicopter with David, but fails and falls from the helicopter. Melissa also takes back control of the security system, freeing the pro heroes and disabling the robots. All Might, now freed, races to the roof and stops the helicopter from taking off.

Wolfram, in a last attempt, uses the Quirk-Amplification headset to amplify his power and starts to overcome an already tired All Might, creating a giant body made up of metal parts and debris that traps David inside it. He overpowers All Might further with multiple Quirks and reveals that he is in league with All For One, who gave Wolfram additional Quirks and helped fuel David's fall from grace in an attempt to demonize All Might. The rest of the students soon arrive on the roof to help All Might and Deku who work together to finish the fight. The two throw a smash together that is ultimately strong enugh to defeat Wolfram, destroy the Quirk-Amplification device and free David. As the sun rises, David and All Might reflect on how Melissa and Midoriya are the next generation of heroes and how the world will be in good hands even after All Might's Quirk is gone.

During the credits, scenes are shown of the students and All Might enjoying a barbecue on the island after their victory with the rest of the students from their class Class 1-A, who were also on I-Island when the events of the film happened. Melissa also visits David, who is now in the hospital recovering while the police watch over him.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

During fall, the Hero Public Safety Commission devises the Hero Work Recommendation Project, to help to train the new generation of Heroes due All Might retirement. Weeks go by, and shortly after winter begins, after the Hero Interview Training, Class 1-A is sent to Nabu Island, a remote place in southern Japan. The Pro Heroes who protected the island are about to retire, so the students will take care of the place, performing duties as real heroes acting like their own "Hero Office", until the arrival of new Pro Heroes.

Because Nabu Island is quite isolated from the rest of the country, and therefore far from any villain activity, there has been no notable incident since the last thirty years. For this reason, their work on the island basically involve mostly minor deeds. Ochaco gets a call from a little girl who lost his brother somewhere on the island, and calls across the room and asks if anyone can help her to find the lost kid. Izuku and Kyoka volunteer to help her.

The three search the island and find the little boy named Katsuma Shimano at a nearby park. His older sister Mahoro Shimano suddenly appears and scolds Izuku for taking so long to find them, revealing that she was timing Izuku and the others on their arrival to their location. After the two kids leaves, Ochaco and Kyoka are confused by the exchange but Izuku doesn't mind about being scolded by the child. He is just happy the little boy is with his sister.

Later on the night, Izuku is practicing his kicks to keep training on the One For All. He thinks about his Quirk and how he can train himself to be able to use this power that All Might has given him. Coming back from his patrol, Katsuki finds Izuku training and tells him to hurry and master his Quirk. They are interrupted by Katsuma, who tells them a villain has appeared in the castle ruins.

Katsuki and Izuku rushed over to where Katsuma said the villain is located. Katsuki arrives on scene first to confront the giant mantis villain but quickly realizes it is nothing but an illusion created by Mahoro's Quirk. Katsuki angrily scolds Mahoro and Katsuma for having faked a villain attack before Izuku restrains him while the two kids run away.

Next day, Izuku comes across Katsuma again, who apologizes for his sister's prank last night. Deku notes that Katsuma has an Edgeshot pin on his bag, and asks him if he likes heroes. Katsuma says that he really admires Heroes and wants to be a one even though his Quirk isn't suited for combat. Izuku assures to Katsuma that anyone can be a hero as long as they focus on putting their effort. Izuku's words cheer Katsuma up, and he leaves to join his sister. After Katsuma leaves, a neighbor informs Deku he kid's mother died and the village watches after them while their father is away working.

By sunset, Katsuma meets back with Mahoro at the same park where he met Izuku and is about to tell his sister about becoming a hero when Nine and and his gang invades the island. Mahoro calls the agency to tell Katsuki about the villain attack. He doesn't believe her at first but Izuku hears the exchange. Just before Izuku can answer back, the phone service is cut off after Chimera destroyed the communication towers.

Izuku immediately runs off to help the kids, and the rest of the classmates soon realize the situation and organize to face the villains. Izuku arrives at the island's port, finding it completely destroyed. He tries to communicate it to his friends, but discovers that his mobile does not work. Concerned about Katsuma and Mahoro, Izuku recalls the previous conversation with the neighbor, and thereby deduces where the children must live.

Izuku arrives in time to the place and rescues the kids from Nine, using his Quirk to escape through a forest area and get the kids to safety. Izuku tells them to run away while he faces Nine in the forest area. During the fight, Izuku discovered that Nine is not only the owner of several Quirks, but also has the ability to steal them, just like All For One. Thanks to this, Nine overwhelmed Izuku in the fight and tries to steal Izuku's One For All, but when he fails, Nine decides to disposes of Izuku.

Mahoro and Katsuma try to help Izuku, but he orders them to flee. Before Nine gets riff of Izuku, Mahoro creates a giant illusion of the young hero and gets Katsuki's attention. Katsuki arrives and works with Deku to defeat the villain, but his Weather Manipulation quirk to strike both students with a powerful lightning, defeating them. Before losing consciousness, Izuku realized that Nine suffers from an illness if he abuses the use of his Quirks too much, rendering him unable to fight. Slice arrives to take Nine away and signals to her fellow villains to retreat, at the same time Izuku, Katsuki and the kids are rescued by other students.

Later on the night, Class 1-A regroup and shelter everyone to treat the wounded and feed the hungry. Izuku and Katsuki are both unconscious and the doctors can only use their Quirks to close their wounds, but they cannot treat them any further. Katsuma arrives and helped the clinic by using his Cell Activation to heal both Izuku and Katsuki.

Class 1-A hold a meeting to discuss their plan going forward. Momo created a drone to send an SOS out to the mainland but won't arrive for six more hours. They try to figure out what the villains are after and Katsuma reveals Nine is trying to steal his Quirk. He offers to surrender to Nine to save everyone, but Izuku appears and stops him, telling Katsuma he has an amazing Quirk that he should never give up.

Inspired by Izuku and Katsuki’s words, the class thinks back of all how their hard work they've done for the people and is now determined to do the same as Izuku and Katsuki. The whole class, unanimously agrees to fight the villains and protect everyone on the island. Izuku devises a plan of action for the class: by relocating all the civilians to mount Shiroyama in the smaller island where the ancient castle is located, it can hold all of the residents in the large cave safely. This way, the villains only have one route to get to Katsuma and everyone has an escape route if needed.

The heroes will engage the villains using the terrain to their advantage and spit the villains apart, so each member has to face several students alone. After his previous fight against Nine, Izuku concludes that Nine cannot use his multiple Quirks for too long as he suffers from intense pain when he does. To deal with Nine, everyone will attacks him in waves to force Nine to use his Quirks all the time until he reaches his limit and cannot continue fighting.

The next morning, Nine and his crew arrive at the entrance to the island. They fall into Class 1-A's trap and are forced to split up by Yuga and Momo's Ultimate Moves; and as planned, the students take turns attacking him to force him to use his Quirks as much as possible. Despite their attempts to stop him, Nine gradually defeats the students, until it’s Izuku and Katsuki's turn to face him. As the villain is about to defeat them, he reaches his limit and starts to reel in pain from his illness. Izuku and Katsuki seize the opportunity, but Nine activates his life-support to take a heavy dose of empowering drug and goes beyond his limit, summoning a massive lightning strike that seemingly vaporized Izuku and Katsuki.

The remaining students try to apprehend Nine, but the villain easily defeats them and catches Katsuma and Mahoro up. He holds Mahoro hostage and threatens to kill her if Katsuma doesn't surrender his quirk. Katsuma runs towards Nine to save her but Nine tosses Mahoro to the side and tries to steal Katsuma’s Quirk. Before he can do it, Izuku and Katsuki enter the fray to save the children. Izuku kicks Nine's face, and the force of the blow throws the villain several meters away from Katsuma. Then he apologizes to the little boy for the delay and praises him for his bravery. As the kids flee to safety, Deku and Katsuki proceed to fight Nine.

Izuku and Katsuki gain the advantage after Nine is reaching his limits of using his multiple Quirks and overwhelms him with a combination of Detroit Smash and Explosion. On the verge of defeat, Nine uses the entire empowering drug in his life-support system which amplifies all his Quirks to the maximum and proceeds to decimate Izuku and Katsuki with his Bullet Laser and uses his Hydra to start crushing them to death.

With the entire class down and wounded, Izuku makes the desperate risk; he transfers One For All to Katsuki, breaking the grip from Nine. Infuriated, Nine attempts to kill them by summoning another massive firestorm on the island, destroying much of the island's infrastructure. Katsuki reaches One For All: Full Cowl - 100% and together with Izuku, they use Detroit Smash to stop the storm.

Nine is just shocked by what he just witnessed, still he refuses to give up on fulfilling his dreams, and engages Izuku and Katsuki in intense combat, releasing all his Quirks at their maximum power. After a lengthy fight, Izuku and Katsuki finally manage to defeat Nine once and for all using the Explosion Quirk combined with St. Louis Smash at 100%, effectively ending the threat. Both heroes pass out. As Izuku loses consciousness, he thanks the One For All for everything as its last embers are extinguished inside him.

After Class-1-A emerged victorious over the threat, the military and a large number of heroes arrive on Nabu Island, rescuing the civilians, medically treating Class 1-A, and putting the villains into custody. All Might recovers the barely conscious Izuku and the unconscious Katsuki. He cradles Deku in his arms and says he did well, as Izuku asks if Katsuki is okay. Deku then starts crying as he apologizes to All Might for giving One For All to Katsuki because he had no other choice to protect the people on the island, before losing consciousness.

All Might forgives Izuku, saying he is brave and deserving of One For All, and then miraculously, Izuku's body glows with the power of One For All, coursing through his veins once more. All Might says it's a miracle, but perhaps the predecessors willed it for Izuku to hold this power. All Might then thanks his master Nana as well as the predecessors for returning One For All back to Deku. All Might takes both boys to be healed. Later, they are healed by Recovery Girl and Katsuma.

For the next two weeks, Class 1-A continues to stay on Nabu Island to help repair the damage done by Nine and his villains until the Public Safety Commission suspends the program and orders them to be sent home. With the island being repaired by the military and the heroes, Class 1-A boards a ferry to leave. Izuku had a conversation with Katsuki, who suffered amnesia where he doesn't remember using One For All. Katsuma and Mahoro, who are reunited with their father, say their good-byes to Class 1-A for protecting them and saving the island. Katsuma promises Izuku to get stronger enough to be enrolled in U.A. High School in the future.

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