The J-Team is a recurring group of heroes in the Jackie Chan Adventures series. They consist of the Chan Clan and several of their associates. They were originally formed to even the odds against the Dark Hand when they were armed with the Talismans in the 2nd season's beginning. Since then, they've been reformed several times against the following seasons' main antagonists or against Bartholomew Chang.


  • Jade Chan — Founder and de facto leader
  • Jackie Chan — Official leader, archeologist and martial artist
  • Tohru — Sumo wrestler, apprentice in chi magic and former Dark Hand enforcer
  • El Toro Fuerte — Luchador
  • Viper — Security consultant and former cat burglar
  • Uncle Chan — Honorary member, chi wizard and antiquarian
  • Paco — El Toro's apprentice
  • Captain Black — Honorary member, benefactor


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