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J.J. Robinson is the benefactor of the G-Crew having looked after the lives in the galaxy for many years. He selects individuals with the right characteristics to join the G-Crew by creating their NOTEs. J.J. often gave the G-Crew warnings through prophecies that he distributes through their notes.


He is currently the tallest character in the show. His skin is dark brown and wrinkled to some extent. He wears a blue men's kimono with a red & black striped scarf and a golden hair pick. In his first appearance, he seemed to have been wearing white baggy pants.


He still remains a mystery, but shares some interests with Hajime, such as appreciation for origami. He's often shown to be a calm, almost monk-like character that sends cryptic prophecies about future events to the G-Crew on their NOTEs.


J.J. appeared to Hajime when she was on the top of her school building and created her NOTE. Afterwards, he usually stayed within the G-Crew's base distributing his predictions through their NOTEs and observing their progress through his origami. When Berg Katse begins his CROWDS crisis, the G-Crew decide to take matters into their own hands as J.J. looks on. Later O.D speaks with him before fighting Katse to which J.J. observes from a distance before looking at Katse with his plan foiled.


J.J. possesses the ability to extract the spiritual essence from a person which become NOTEs. He has some form of foresight that he explains in a prophetic manner to others. J.J. can also use origami to show events on the outside such as Joe's battle with Katse and the thousands rampaging through the CROWDS app. When O.D fought Katse, J.J. was shown floating in mid-air.


  • J.J. is portrayed by veteran voice actor Katsuji Mori, the original voice of Ken the Eagle in the Gatchaman series trilogy from 1972-1979.