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JJ Dolls, known individually as Jenny and Jewels, are a famous pop star duo in the Bakugan Battle Brawlers anime. They initially serve as hired hands by Masquerade to Brawl the Bakugan Battle Brawlers and banish their Bakugan to the Doom Dimension using Masquerade's Doom Card, but after being defeated by the Brawlers, they renounce serving Masquerade, return to their music career, and later become allies of the Brawlers, aiding Marucho Marukura in fighting one of Naga's hybrid Bakugan commanders in the Aquos/Ventus hybrid Tayghen.


Jenny appears with blue eyes and long, purple hair, while for attire she sports a yellow choker, blue sleeveless top with a white polka dot pattern, and a yellow skirt with a slit up to her hip on the left side that has multiple layers extending down to at least her lower leg or ankle on the right side with blue fingerless gloves. Her preferred Bakugan Attribute is Aquos with her guardian Bakugan being an Aquos Siege, one of the few Bakugan whose weapon varies based on their Attribute, with Aquos Siege armed with a javelin-like lance or spear.

Jewels appears with brown eyes and short, teal green hair, while for attire she sports a shoulder-less white dress with pink sleeves, pink shorts, and red fingerless gloves. She also wears a pair of necklaces and yellow/gold earrings. Her preferred Bakugan Attribute is Subterra with her guardian Bakugan a Subterra Centipoid.

When hired by Masquerade, both girls sported Masquerade's patented dark Bakugan launcher on one wrist, color-coded to match their gloves: Blue for Jenny, and red for Jewels. They got rid of them after their defeat by the Brawlers and returning to their stardom.


Jenny and Jewels are enjoying their stardom when they are visited by Masquerade, asking for their help with battling the Battle Brawlers. To do so, he provides them a Doom Card to use to banish the Brawlers' Bakugan to the Doom Dimension. Growing restless of their busy schedule, JJ Dolls decide to take Masquerade up on his offer and confront the Brawlers during Marucho's welcome party after they learned he was moving to Wardington and was in the process of building his new home there in episode 7, "Bakugan Idol". However, Marucho's new guardian Bakugan, Preyas, is able to turn the tables on Jenny and Jewels with his ability to change his Attribute from his default Aquos to Subterra or Darkus. With that helping pull Dan and Drago out of a tight spot, Jenny and Jewels are defeated in the following episode, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".

Following their loss, Jenny and Jewels renounce further aiding Masquerade and return to their stardom. However, much later, in episode 46, "The One Hit Wonders", JJ Dolls are preparing to perform at the Wardington Stadium when they find themselves playing to an empty house, much to their disappointment. They later learn that the reason is because Wardington is under attack from Naga's hybrid Bakugan commanders. After the Aquos/Ventus hybrid Tayghen breaches the barrier Wavern erected around Wardington to protect it, Jenny and Jewels head to the harbor to aid Marucho in battling her, upset that Tayghen ruined their concert, while Marucho, due to his crush on the JJ Dolls, is happy to have their help. Despite their initial success against Tayghen, she quickly recovers and fights back, blowing JJ Dolls away and leaving them hanging on for dear life from a crane. They nearly fall to their deaths before they are rescued by Preyas Angelo. However, the incident shakes them up so badly that they refuse to fight Tayghen further, until Marucho calls them out on their cowardice and points out all their fans who have come to watch and show their support. Moved by the love and support of their fans, JJ Dolls regain their confidence and rejoin Marucho. After Angelo switches out for his brother Preyas Diablo, Marucho uses a combination of his Gate Card to turn Tayghen and Jewels' Centipoid pure Aquos and an Ability Card that required four Aquos Bakugan to be effective to take Tayghen down, destroying her once and for all. With Tayghen dead, Jenny and Jewels celebrate with Marucho by giving him a kiss on both his cheeks.

Later, JJ Dolls watch the final battle between Drago and Naga, before Dan uses Drago's ultimate ability, Dextra Attack, to destroy Naga's body, while his spirit is condemned to the Doom Dimension for eternity. However, with the threat of Naga over, the Bakugan must return to Vestroia to see to its rebuilding, and Jenny and Jewels sadly say goodbye to their Bakugan as they and the other guardian Bakugan, and many more, are led by Drago back home to begin rebuilding their homeworld.

Jenny and Jewels are only seen on billboards and other media in the later seasons, still going strong with their pop star careers.


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