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Jables, aka JB, is a fictional representation of the actor Jack Black and the main protagonist of the movie Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny.  He runs away from his strict Christian family at a young age in order to become a rock star and arrives in Hollywood years later.  In Hollywood, he meets Kage and the two form the band Tenacious D.  They discover that all the great rock stars from history used the same guitar pick - the Pick of Destiny, fashioned from Satan's tooth and infused with suprenatural powers.  Jables and Kage then set out to steal the POD from the Rock and Roll History Museum. When they return, they accidentally break the pick in half, and Satan, disguised as a nightclub owner, reattaches the pick to his tooth.  The D challenges Satan to a rock-off, which they win.  Satan tries to kill Kage, but Jables deflects his lightning with his guitar and breaks off the devil's horn, which he uses to banish him to hell once more.  They later convert the severed horn into "the Bong of Destiny".

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