I don't know who I am. I look at myself in the mirror and I see Stephen Herondale, but I act like a Lightwood and talk like my father—like Valentine.
~ Jace Lightwood, City of Fallen Angels

Jace Lightwood (born as Herondale, also Wayland) is one of the main characters of The Mortal Instruments book series, it's 2013 film adaption The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and it's television series Shadowhunters. He is a excellent Shadowhunter, and the person who pulls Clary Fray into the Shadowhunter world.

He was portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower in the film and Dominic Sherwood in the television series.


Jace was born to Circle members Stephen and Celine Herondale in 1991. Unknown to them, Valentine Morgenstern, the leader of the Circle fed Celine angel blood which effected a then unborn Jace. Following Stephen's death, Celine supposedly committed suicide but Valentine was able to save Jace by cutting him out of his dead mother's womb and then raised him alongside his own son Jonathan (who had demon blood in him).

Valentine later faked his death and Jace was placed in the care of ex-Circle members Robert and Maryse Lightwood and grew up with their children Alec, Isabelle and Max.


Jace is usually sarcastic, arrogant, and very self-confident. He enjoys saying sarcastic comments to his friends and enemies. When he is not using glamours, he seems to always draw attention from many females in the city. He never lies and often tells the brutal truth. 

Jace's personality changes when he is around Clary Fray. He is described to become vulnerable around Clary and is drawn to her unlike he is with any other girl he has met. Often when they're alone, instead of showing arrogance, he is softer and loving towards her.


Jace is said to be perhaps the best and one of the youngest shadowhunters there has ever been. He is an excellent fighter and rarely had to rely on his parabatai, Alec Lightwood, to protect him. Some weapons he uses in combat include sacred and crystal swords, daggers, and knives. Since he grew up with extra angel blood running through his body, he developed some extra skills such as jumping higher than other people. Like all shadowhunters, he applies runes on his body using a stele before leaving for a battle. 


  • Jace is left handed.
  • Like his ancestor Will, Jace has a fear of ducks.
  • Cassandra Clare originally had a proluge for City of Bones from Jace's point of view but it was cut out from the books when it was released.
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