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Jack is the main protagonist of the movie Fight Club, he is meant to represent the average "Everyman" of modern society. He suffers from insomnia and depression and strives to free himself from society.

He was portrayed by Edward Norton.


When the story begins, the Narrator is a recall coordinator for a major car company (shown to be named "Federated Motor Corporation" in the film). He starts out suffering from chronic insomnia, causing him to slog through life in a flat, half-asleep state of depression. He finds temporary relief by attending various support groups under false pretenses; but when this stops working (thanks to Marla Singer) his insomnia returns with a vengeance. It's shortly after this when he "meets" his split personality in the form of Tyler Durden, and his average, boring life is turned upside down.

After his apartment is destroyed he lives in a dilapidated with Tyler, they start up Fight Club. Throughout the story Tyler tries to make Jack hit rock bottom, to 'set him free'. The two make soap from women's fat and use the glycerin that is formed during the making of the soap to make explosives. Over time Fight Club gets bigger and bigger, which eventually turns into Project Mayhem. During his confrontation with Tyler, he finds out that they're both the same person. He also discovers Tyler's plan to blow up major credit card buildings. All of this sends him into a panic, and he frantically tries to stop Tyler's plans from succeeding.

At the end of the story, Tyler makes it clear to the Narrator that he plans to kill Marla, on the grounds that she stands in the way of the Narrator's freedom. This is the final straw for the Narrator, who opts to kill himself and destroy Tyler in the process. Tyler (apparently) dies, but the Narrator survives because the bullet merely goes through his cheek. Marla then arrives (in the book she came with members of a support group to save the Narrator; in the film she was brought there by members of Project Mayhem under orders from Tyler). The movie version of the story ends with Marla and the Narrator hand in hand, silently watching buildings explode as Tyler's plan takes effect. This is in sharp contrast to the end of the novel. In that version of the story, the building explosions fail. The Narrator then shoots himself right in front of Marla. He subsequently winds up locked in a mental ward, wrongly assuming that the gunshot killed him and he's in Heaven.

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