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Jack Burton is the main protagonist in the 1986 film, Big Trouble in Little China. Jack is a truck driver and battles Lo-Pan throughout the entire movie. By the end of the film, he hits the open road. He is played by Kurt Russell who later played The Commander.


Picking Miao Yin

Encounter with Lo-Pan

Captured and Escape

Final Battle


Because he killed Lo-Pan, he unknowingly inherited dark magic bond that the sorcerer previously put onto one of his loyal demon, a yeti-like beast that sneak onto his truck. He thought that the demon wanted to avenge its master's death, only for it affectionately lick him and offered its servitude to him. So, he consulted to Egg Shen and went for another adventure where he need to do something on the bond between him and the demon.



  • A recurring gag over Jack Burton is, every time he tries to act like a badass, it comically backfires. The instance can be seen when he and his allies rally for stopping Lo Pan and his minions, Jack fires his machine gun to the air to challenge his enemies, only for the shots causes a piece of the ceiling hilariously knock him flat.
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