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Jack Carver is the main protagonist from the video games Far Cry and Far Cry Instincts. Jack is an ex-United States Army Special Forces soldier (Green Beret) who became a boat captain on the Pacific Ocean.

Jack is voiced by Peter Thias in the game, and is portrayed by Til Schwaiger in the 2008 Far Cry movie.


It's very little know about Jack Carver. Only that know, he was born in United States, in the year of 1972. Jack, then, joined to United States Army Special Forces, after that, has left his past behind and offers his services as a freelance boat charter in the South Pacific.

Events of Far Cry

First Adventure

by the way, my name is Jack Carver.
~ Jack Carver

The game's events is 2025. He is employed by a reporter named Valerie Constantine to take her to a mysterious island, once occupied by the Japanese during the war, claiming to study its little-known World War II ruins. When Valerie goes ashore alone on a jet ski, Jack anchors down shortly before his boat is destroyed by a missile launched by an army of mercenaries occupying the island. After being washed up on shore and running for his life, he is knocked out in a close escape and wakes up in the ruins of an old fort. Jack spots a mercenary leader: Richard Crowe, who says to his soldier to keep eye of some punk with a "red hawaiian shirt". He is soon contacted via PDA by a man named Doyle, Doyle warns him that he need be careful with mercenaries. and then, Jack grabs a pistol on the box, ammo and a kevlar. Jack exits the bunker and passes through a small camp manned by four mercenaries. After crossing a couple of meters of water, he reaches another island where a larger mercenary outpost is situated. At this point, Jack stole a vehicle and head for an old wrecked Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi from the World War II era at the other end of the island where, according to Doyle, Valerie Constantine is being kept.

When Jack enters the carrier through a hole in the side. Upon entering, he gets spotted by a mercenary who throws a grenade in the water. When Jack entered the hole in the side of the carrier, one of the mercenaries atop the deck threw a grenade in the water. The explosion caused parts of the structure to collapse, shutting off Jack. Doyle advises him to get to the upper deck where a boat could be found. Along the way, he is supposed to search for any trace of Valerie Constantine who is thought to be held captive on the ship.

In one of the cabins on the upper deck, Jack discovers Valerie's camera and a file about Dr. Krieger. In this footage, Krieger explains that the islands are isolated from international shipping lanes, which makes it a perfect place for his research. Before entering the cabin, Jack overheard a radio conversation between Crowe and a mercenary and learned that Valerie is being transported to a location called The Bunker. Doyle claims he knows that place and tells him to get a boat so he can meet him. When Jack finally enters the boat, he heads for the east towards the island of Kabatu.

Destroying the Communication Center

After leaving the carrier on an inflatable boat, Jack arrives at the Kabatu island. He is tasked with disabling the communication system operating in the area in order to divert their attention so that he can escape and focus on rescuing Valerie. His target is the satellite dish situated in an old WWII Japanese fort on top of a mountain. On his way, Jack overhears mercenaries speculating that he is not working alone and that there is an all-out invasion from the outside incoming. When Jack approaches the communications center, Doyle informs him that the door is locked electronically. Doyle attempts to bypass the security system to unlock the door from his position. In the meantime, Jack is forced to withstand the onslaught of mortar shells fired from a boat and the gunfire of helicopters aggravated by the landing of additional troops.

Once Doyle manages to unlock the door, Jack enters the building. In one of the rooms, he catches a mercenary commander watching Dr. Krieger displayed on a screen. Jack listens to him speaking out of context about his "test subjects demonstrating superhuman qualities". Finally, Jack places a pack of explosives on the gas generator which powers the com center and then runs through a tunnel towards the exit.

After destroying the communication center, Harland Doyle instructs Jack Carver to meet him at the pier, on the other side of the island. to not compromise Doyle's cover, Jack must secure the area for him. Jack uses the hand glider to go in to a nearby camp, Doyle says that the communication network is broken down, and will take hours to restore the systems back.

Jack spotted a mercenary camp. Doyle tells Jack to destroy the armory in the camp to create a distraction for him. After killing all mercenaries in the camp Jack grabs the explosives and destroys the armory, Then Jack takes a vehicle to get to the pier.

Doyle needs Jack to secure the pier, after eliminating all the mercenaries, Doyle meets Jack and transports him to another island where Valerie is. Doyle tells Jack that the bunker where Val is, is on the other side. Doyle also says that there is a radar system in there that will spot Jack and Doyle. To find a safer route, Jack must go the research facility and finds a Key card within a cabin.

We Are Not Alone

When Jack enters a cave, he encounters a mercenary in panic and hears a strange noise. A gorilla-like creature attacks the mercenary, killing him. Doyle starts losing Jack's signal and says that he is in something like cave, which is actually a seawater pumping station. The lights are out, and he must restore the power. Jack says the place is a chaos. Doyle tells Jack over the radio that the communication center he destroyed says the "Trigens" are escaping, and Jack must move to another location in the facility.

After Jack enters in the facility, he releases that he is NOT alone. Jack found a dead creature, Doyle says that the creature is the Trigen, one of Krieger's research, Doyle says that there is a scientist in a supervision area, that can help Jack to find Val. In there, Jack asks Doyle why the Trigens are doing in the facility, Doyle says that is all part of Krieger's plans, Doyle says the Krieger created a serum that used to enchaces the muscles in primates. and then, became ultra-violent.

After that, Jack enters the facility, Doyle says that Jerry Spensic the lead scientist on supervision area, is trapped in a room surrounded by a whole mess of Trigens and he have a keycard that access the Bunker, Jack found the scientist, that now is killed by a Trigen, Jack found a keycard, in the way to the bunker, Jack asks Doyle that if Krieger planted the serum on humans, Doyle says that he had a lots of projects.

Jack founds the bunker, he reveals that the gate was blocked and need find something to blow, and then on another bunker, Jack finds explosives and blow a broken barrage.

After he enters on the bunker, Doyle warns Jack that Valerie will be transfered to a helicopter. Jack, angry, will rescue Valerie, after he killing all the mercenaries and Trigens, Jack found the chopper with mercenaries held Val as prisoner, Jack jumps on the helicopter's wheel, this make Valerie free and kill the two mercs and the pilot, also Val kicks Jack and jumps from the chopper before will explode.

Also, Jack and Valerie lands on a beach, She reveals herself that is not a journalist, but yes, a C.I.A. agent who works with Doyle, also she knows about Jack's past, Jack knowing that, he became so disappoint with her, Val wants Jack hear something that she wants to tell, Val tells that CIA was all the Krieger's island and them, they lost contact with them three weeks ago, Doyle begins talking through on the radio, Jack gives her the radio, Val tell to Doyle that where he is, but no of explain, Doyle says that Jack and Valerie need destroy the regulator to free Untrained Trigens.

Find and Destroy the Regulator

Valerie and Jack have to split up, Valerie need to go at Krieger's archive and Jack to destroy the regulator. Jack in his way to the regulator, he kill three Trigens and lot mercenaries in the jungle, Doyle warn Jack that in a small mercenary camp, there is a CryThermal vision goggles.

Jack finds the camp and finds the goggles and take-point to the regulator facility, Doyle tells Jack, that he need be careful with the jungle because of Trigen-outbreak. after Jack finds the facility, Jack founds the map of regulators, Jack says the he need find three junctions 4, 5 and 7, and he enters in a garage, and Val enters in contact that she enter on Krieger's archive, and Jack warns that she need be more careful, Jack enters in the regulator facility, Doyle warns Jack that he is detecting heat spikes around the facility and could be lethal, Jack found three keycards to increase the junction's preassures. after the increase all the junctions.

Jack finally destroy the regulator, and Valerie warns him that he need go to a shaft to find Val, after he enter on the shaft, The Trigens is finally free killing all the mercenaries one by one, freeing a Human-Trigens too.

Warzone: The Way to The Archive

Valerie in a emergency warning, says that the area of all facility is full of Trigens, and Jack enters on a facility that is infested of Trigens, and Jack had to find a way to get out of the facility. in the way, Jack found a trigen name "Fat Boys", is a strong-human trigen with rocket launcher in his right arm. after he exit to facilty, Jack discovers that mercenaries and Trigens are declaring a massive war on the island, and Jack take a vehicle in the way to archive facility. Jack found the archive and enters on the facility.

When Jack enters on the complex, he reveals that the place is stored a old test subjects. and Jack meets the Stealth Trigen, a invisible trigen, after Jack kill this trigens and the scientists in in complex, Jack need active a door to the elevator, Doyle warns Jack that Crowe, mercenaries's leaders send a lot of elite soldiers to clean the place.

After killing around the trigens and elite mercenaries, Jack wents outside and kills a lot of mercenaries. and went to another place of facility, Jack discovers that the place is very infested with humans and primates trigens. after the found Val, Doyle warns that they have a problem, is that Krieger send a electrical magnetic field, and jamming all external transmissions, and they find a secondary exit on a room that take them outside.

Destroy the Transmitters, Find the PDA and Krieger's Secrets

Doyle leaves Jack and take Val to Pagow Island where Krieger's main compound is, but somehow, Crowe interrups transmission in pure anger will find and kill Jack, and Doyle says that he need destroys three transmitters in a separeted islands, before Crowe will find both: Jack, Val and Doyle.

After Jack destroys all the transmitters, Doyle discovers that there is a freighter and they had mobile backup that there are jamming the signals. and Jack found a demolition pack, and destroys the frieghter, and Crowe comes with a helicopter, and Jack destroys the chopper, but Crowe jumps, Doyle warn Jack that his friend Dr. Anderson, another CIA agent, have PDA, and now he is dead.

So Doyle takes Jack to Pagow, and have to find the PDA in a old temple, Doyle says is the mercenaries are using the nerve gas to kill all the Trigens that found on the area. Jack find a C4 and destroys the Temple entrance, and Jack releases that the temple is full of Trigens, and after he found the Dr. Anderson's corpse and the PDA, Doyle says that he need transmitting the PDA. After Jack blow a temple exit with demolition pack,Doyle warns him that Crowe is nearby and need to be careful with him , after the exit on the temple, Doyle says that the transmitter is in other side of river. so Jack take a boat and heads to the end of river.

In the end of river, Doyle reveals Jack, that Crowe will call a lot reforceiments to kill Jack, but then, Jack kill all the mercenaries and Crowe. Dr. Krieger talks through the radio, and Jack steps and destroys the radio, after that he use the PDA and connects, and talks through Valerie.

Valerie founds Jack, and she found something on Crowe's corpse: a paper with plan, she tells that Crowe is using this to cover their tracks with a nuke. So a conversation between Jack and Valerie that Krieger was from U.S. Defense Deparment specialized to create super-soldiers in combat the: Trigens. And this is why the reason that Val and Doyle are here, Jack and Val head to a camp and stole a vehicle and head to a weaponry camp. and Jack clear the way to Val and take the nuke, and they take ahead to the compound.

Doyle says a thing to warning: that when the bomb detonates, will cause a massive explosion that will infect both Jack and Valerie, and they need find antidote before the explosion. After Jack kills a lot of mercenaries, Jack asks Doyle what is this place, Doyle says that the facility is where Krieger created the Stage Three of Trigens, and Krieger got a such of hurry to create, and this kind of Trigens are supersoldiers created out of his zygotes, after they injecting themself with the antidote, Val arms the bomb and Jack defends, the Nuke arms, Jack and Val escapes but they're caught by the explosion.

Confront, Revelations and Final

Jack wakes in a helicopter with Val as prisoners. Krieger shows Jack a horror scene that Krieger created, that the nature fails the mankind, and his social darwinist speach, and he brutally kicks Jack out of a helicopter dozens of meters up in the air onto a nightmare island infested with Trigens, then tosses him a gun with only 10 bullets as a joke.

Jack again needs to rescue Valerie and get out of the place. Jack find another radio on a destroyed helicopter, with Doyle telling Jack that if he is okay, and instructs that need get out of the area, after Jack enters in a weapons cache, Jack notices his arm turning green, Doyle answer Jack that is the Trigen Mutagen, and Doyle explains that the mutagen concentration in the air might be too strong for the antidote, and reveals Krieger was infected too, and he developed a agent to keep him spreading, Doyle says that Krieger is still on treatment, so then Jack responds that will talk to him and give a sample, and Doyle warns him to asking nicely, and says that Krieger is not completely human. This explain that Doyle says, It reveals that the first sign of a human becomes a Trigen, is his skin turning green, just like happen to Jack and Val, and the antidote is one of Krieger's serums to create the Trigens.

Jack, now with full of equipment, will find both Krieger and Valerie in Krieger's laboratory inside of a Volcano, but Jack needs fight a massive war between mercenaries and human trigens and Jack enters in Volcano, after Jack killing full of Krieger's guards, confronts Krieger, now a Trigen, with Val has been infected with the Trigen mutagen. In her frail condition, she is unable to fight, after defeat Krieger and his elite guards, Jack asks Krieger: "WHERE IS THE ANTIDOTE?!", Krieger do a question that what infected him and Val, Jack says: "WE ENTERED IN THE TOXIC AREA!", So then, Krieger explains that the mutagen can be only on administrated by subdermal injection and he did not have the time to prepare antidote, and then, Krieger dies. Doyle appears again in hologram says that he had no head for bussiness, it soon becomes obvious to them that they were tricked by Doyle into infecting themselves thinking that they received shots meant to prevent the infection.

Val is severely infected and desperately in need of an antidote, Doyle betrays them by revealing he had just been using them all along to do his dirty work and that he intends to sell the mutagen on the black market. Jack takes Val to safety at the docks before confronting Doyle, and then eventually tracks down and kills Doyle, and then Jack grabs the antidote, and a self-destruction happens on volcano, finally Jack and Val escape the island alive heading back home. Val on the bed, looks on a book named: "Project: Far Cry".

Physical Appearance

In game: Jack Carver has brown hair, blue eyes, caucasian skin. his outfit that the wears a cargo pants, a black cargo boots a red hawaiian shirt with palm trees, a mercenary kevlar. Jack has a polynesian hawaiian wave-style tattoo on his right arm, Jack wears a necklace with shark teeth, also he uses a black fishing gloves. When he was infected by mutagen after the explosion of Krieger's complex, his skin is green with veins around on his arm.

In intro cutscene: Jack Carver in game's intro, he wears a Red hawaiian shirt with flowers, but black pants and a shoe, black hair, brown eyes, and white skin, without his fishing glove, also he don't have a tattoo on intro.

In the movie: Jack Carver in Far Cry movie wears a red hawaiian shirt with flowers, a black t-shirt, a cargo pants, a watch. after he surrender a mercenary, Jack now wears a kevlar, a camouflage military hat, a cargo boots. in the end, now, Jack wears a blue hawaiian shirt with flowers.


Doyle! unless you give us the antidote! you're not leave this island alive! now i've the one who you can blame because of a gun pointed in your head, BUT IS TRUE!!!
~ Jack Carver angry at Doyle's betrayal.

In the start of the game, Jack shows very confused that what is happen with the island and why the mercenaries is hunting down, but Jack has a strong personality, and takes too long to reveal. After he talks with Harland Doyle with in the radio, Jack shows gained his trust with Doyle, Jack is very serious and calm when he is talk with Doyle.

Jack later discovered that he was in hell-nightmare on over the island. when he now in danger situations, he can't escape, when Carver finds a lot of Trigens on all of islands, Jack shows that is very fearless, and that he is very courage in some high-risk than his primary enemies: the mercenaries.

In final level, When Doyle betrays Jack and Val, he became very furious and angry. This is proove that Jack is very vengeful, like in Far Cry Teaser Mod: BRP: Beta Restoration Project, Jack says that someone will pay for his boat.

After Valerie shows herself as a CIA agent, Jack became so disappointed after that. Jack is very focused and concetrated in his missions and objectives. Jack also likes doing some jokes. and he is very respectful with womens, like example, in "Swamp" level, when Val tells in sneak the camp and clear the way for her, Jack calls her a "lady" with full of surprises.



  • Far Cry (2004)
  • Far Cry: Instincts (2005)
  • Far Cry: Instincts - Evolution (2006)
  • Far Cry: Instincts - Predator (2006)
  • Far Cry: Vengeance (2006)
  • Paradise Lost (2007)
  • Far Cry 4 (mentioned only, 2014)


  • Far Cry (2008)



  • One inconsistency in Carver's background is his military service: the original Far Cry states that he was an Army Special Forces soldier, while in Instincts it was established that he was a U.S. Navy officer (presumably a SEAL given his combat expertise). This leads to the fact that Jack Carver from original Far Cry and Jack Carver from Insticts series (Evolution, Predator, Vengeance) are from different timelines. This is confirmed by the fact that Ubisoft wanted to make their own Far Cry game.
  • Some players believe that Jack Carver is the Jackal, an arms dealer in Far Cry 2. Some of the evidence that fans have gathered to prove the oint is compelling while other evidence seem more far fetched. Some of the evidence inlcude: their names, similar build, similar backgrounds, a cutscene at the end of Far Cry: Instincts and the fact that the textures of the Jackal in the game's files are named "jackcarver", which implies that the Jackal is an older version of Jack Carver. Videos for and against this theory exist.
  • Initially, Jack was supposed have blonde hair. This is confirmed in the Far Cry mod, BRP: Beta Restoration Project.
  • Back in 2003, there was a removed cutscene from the Fort level showing Jack arming the explosive for 15 minutes, but it automatically arms for 15 seconds and Jack says: "Ahhh, shit!!!"
  • Jack Carver, Ajay Ghale, and Takkar are the only protagonists who can't die at the end, regardless of the player's choice, as Jason Brody can be killed by Citra in the bad ending of Far Cry 3, and the protagonist of Far Cry 2 dies regardless of the ending.
  • Alongside with Ajay Ghale from Far Cry 4, Jack has military and combat experience due to his years serving in the U.S. Special Forces.

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