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Jack Flowers
Jack Flowers is an character who appears in the episode It's Goin' Down in the show, The Boondocks. He is a secret agent for the Central Terrorist Agency. Once Huey is cleared from any wrongdoing from the imminent terrorist attack in Woodcrest, Huey and Uncle Ruckus join Jack in order to stop Ed and Rummy from blowing up a Wuncler building. He is best known for his brutal interrogation technique of kicking people in the nuts with a solid steel boot he carries around in a briefcase. He has had 3 girlfriends who were all killed in strange ways while he was on missions. One, Tracey, had her head cut off with a sword. Another, Elanor, was blown up with explosives after being pushed off of a roof. The last, Taquanda, was killed by being tied to a missile. Jack is constantly tortured by the voices of the people he has kicked in the nuts. Ruckus calls him "the greatest white man since G.I. Joe."


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