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Jack Malloy is the main protagonist of 1990s sitcom Unhappily Ever After. He was portrayed by Geoff Pierson and created by Arthur Silver and Ron Leavitt.


Jack is a depressed, cynical, schizophrenic alcoholic who hates his wholly unsatisfying job as a used-car salesman and his unhappy marriage. He gets little respect from his family, who think that he is insane or senile. He converses with a stuffed bunny called Mr. Floppy that only he can hear. His daughter Tiffany is his only real hope in his otherwise depressing life, though he's unaware of how she often uses him to her own advantage. He and his wife tend to bicker over trivial things and she appears to dominate him. He doesn't really care about his family (except for Tiffany), as they are the cause of most of his woes. He is the sole source of income for the family and often tries to manage the money he makes, though it never gets to him as he has to pay for bills, food, expenses, allowances, and presents for Tiffany.

Heroic Deeds

  • Tried to make up buying his wife a wedding ring with a fake diamond.
  • Sometimes protective towards his family.
  • Provided his daughter financial aid when she was accepted to Harvard.


  • He is similar to Al Bundy from Married With Children, as both of them have unsatisfying jobs as salesmen and disrespectful families as well as somewhat similar personalities.
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