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This guy is bad news. Terrorism, weapons, uranium, nukes. Someone's got to stop him.
~ Jack McClane to his father, John

John "Jack" McClane, Jr. is the son of John McClane and Holly Gennero and the younger brother of Lucy McClane. He is seen very briefly in Die Hard as a young boy and was never seen again until the fourth sequel, A Good Day to Die Hard as the deuteragonist, whom he is an undercover CIA agent set to stop when a weapons-grade uranium heist by terrorists.

He is played by Jai Couretney in Good Day to Die Hard.


Jack is later introduced as an CIA agent who deliberately puts himself in dangerous situations, is described as "by-the-book", and his secret mission took three years to set up. Along with his father, he intends to bring terrorists to justice.


He briefly appeared in Die Hard, where he was a young child. In Good Day to Die Hard, he has grown up and took a job as an CIA agent. He intends to get himself arrested so he could infiltrate the Mafiya, but his estranged father suddenly comes to rescue him, much to his dismay. Then after the heart-to-heart talk between son and father, they team up to take down terrorists.


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