Maybe next time, when we aren't fighting for Shen Gong Wu we can go out for ice cream, my treat.
~ Jack after he helped the Xiaolin Monks defeat Wuya in Citadel of Doom

Jack Spicer is one of the main antagonists of Xiaolin Showdown and Xiaolin Chronicles. Even though he is portrayed as the primary antagonist, he has done some good things and sometimes serves as the show's anti-hero since he stands at a line between good and evil and was shown to be relatively friendly to the heroes.

He's voiced by Danny Cooksey in Xiaolin Showdown and Eric Bauza in Xiaolin Chronicles.


Jack is constantly building robots, the most known being the Jack-Bot. We first see him in "Journey of a Thousand Miles" when he met Wuya and found out about Shen Gong Wu, and stated he wanted to rule the world from second grade. Although skilled in making robots he often resorted to sobbing in public and screaming in terror.

He lives in his parent's basement, where he has a secret lab. His parents are very wealthy as they are socialites and his dad is a famous archaeologist. Despite his wealthy upbringing he's doesn't seem to be the stereotypical spoiled rich brat we often see on TV, and is more of an angsty Goth stereotype and has a miserable life, as he is constantly neglected by his parents and bullied by his cousin and without real friends.


Jack can be best described as cowardly and childish. He often screams in terror and sobs in public. He is very skilled at building robots however despite this he's goofy, immature, childish, clumsy, absent-minded, naive, gullible, and eccentric. But also he's cantankerous, churlish, whiny and obnoxious, and everyone finds him annoying. Also, even though most of the time he displays an overconfident attitude, he has deep-rooted insecurities and self-esteem issues which most likely stem from childhood. He has a fear of failure and rejection, and he seeks world domination because he feels small and worthless. As the series progressed it was made clear that he isn't truly evil, and only sides with The Heylin because he fears failing at being good. Although he tries to be evil, he displayed at times a kind, sweet, caring, sensitive, friendly, gentle, compassionate, and affectionate side and was stated to be one generation away from good. It was suggested that he doesn't truly hate his enemies, and he even kind of likes them. Interestingly, when he lost his good chi he couldn't say to a parrot a bigger threat than "I'll hurt you until you cry". This shows that although he brands himself as a villain he still doesn't want to hurt anyone to a serious degree, meaning he isn't truly evil.

Heroic Acts

Despite his role as an antagonist, he has done some good things and often allies with the Xiaolin Dragons if there is a bigger threat, and it was suggested that he might be good on the inside without even realizing it.

Xiaolin Showdown

  • He helps the dragons defeat Wuya in "Days Past", and offered them to hang out when they aren't fighting for Wu.
  • He helped the dragons to return Omi back from the past with his time machine in one episode.
  • He helped capture The Chi Dragon in "Enter The Dragon" as Good! Jack.
  • He tried to not do anything bad in "Deep Freeze".
  • He helps the monks capture the giant spiders in "Dangerous Minds".
  • He tried to become good in "The Apprentice". In that episode, it is stated that he's only evil because he has fears of failing at being good.
  • In one episode he helped the monks defeat Chase, Wuya, and Hannibal Roy Bean by winning a Showdown.
  • He is frequently friendly with his enemies and even sort of likes them.
  • He loves his mom.
  • He is nice to his robots.
  • He is displayed a capacity for love.

Xiaolin Chronicles

  • In "Drawn to be Evil" he is nice to his number one fan, and later after the said fan betrays him and starts wreaking havoc, he helps the monks defeat him.
  • In the series finale, he helps the monks to stop Chase.
  • In "Chase Lays an Egg" he tries again to be good. He forms a friendship with Omi but he later betrays him.
  • He often gives the monks gifts.
  • He delivers incriminating spycam photos of Tomoko to Kimiko only to do something nice.
  • In "Super Cow Patty" he wanted to give up the Wu hunting and become a crime-fighting sidekick as Veal Boy.
  • In "Who Shrunk Master Fung?" he saves the tiny and frail Master Fung and starts spending time with the monks.
  • He is concerned when he sees Chase hitting Shadow and talks to her about this later, showing that he has compassion for some people who are close to him.


  • He's allergic to liver.
  • He was named after a famous American poet.
  • He was originally planned to be the Xiaolin Dragon of Metal in Xiaolin Chronicles but executive meddling got in the way of this.
  • His parents are rich, but he isn't really a spoiled brat, as he never brags about this, and tries to make it on his own and he can sometimes be nice to people even if they are his enemies, and he was also nice to his biggest fan, so he doesn't let his parents' status go to his head. Also despite his wealth, he has a miserable life.
  • He frequently betrays people, because he thinks he can not trust anyone.
  • Unlike most villains he isn't evil out of selfish or petty reasons but because he's afraid at failing at being good.
  • He believes that he is evil but deep down he is a sweet boy.
  • He's similar to Megamind.
  • He has a thing for tomboy and tsundere girls.
  • He has a younger cousin named Megan.
  • He likes pudding.
  • He, just like Kimiko, is a Spoiled Sweet.
  • Despite being rich, he doesn't get what he wants all the time, and he doesn't have everything like other rich antagonists.
  • Unlike most rich kids, he's NOT treated like a king or anything; in fact, he had an EXTREMELY abusive childhood. His parents are horrible, horrible people and treat him like dirt, and he fully knows how it's like to not be on top. Also, he doesn't get everything he wants. He also knows how to do things for himself very well, and he has no problem doing so since he is used to it.
  • His Neutral affiliation makes him similar to Magneto.
  • Sho Minazuki, a character from Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, is similar to Jack Spicer in appearance.
  • Another anime character that is similar in appearance with him is Captain Kidd from One Piece.
  • He is an artist.
  • Contrary to popular belief, he and Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls aren't similar in the slightest, as Jack is not a Spoiled Brat like her, he is Spoiled Sweet.
  • He has Tareme Eyes.
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