Jack Walker (Japanese: ジャック・ウォーカー), or Jackie (Japanese: ジャッキー), is a prot
Jack Walker
agonist in the movie Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea.


Jack Walker is an athletic young man, who decided to become a Pokémon Ranger after being saved from a blizzard by a group of Altaria, Swablu, Shroomish, Furret, and Sentret. He takes his duties seriously. After meeting Ash Ketchum and his friends Jack decided to team up with them to protect the Egg containing Manaphy and deliver it to the Sea Temple Samiya. When the egg hatched and Manapy became close to May, he showed concern for their relationship, knowing that they are getting too attached and as it was Manaphy's destiny to leave them for the Sea Temple.

During the credits, he is last seen going up the mountains, where he encountered a Zapdos, and used his styler to capture it, allowing him to cover ground quickly.


  • Chatot (Formerly owned by The Phantom).

Controlled by the Capture Styler

  • Mantine.
  • Fearow.
  • Mantyke.
  • Zapdos.


  • At first, Jack didn't have a partner Pokémon that is usually with the Ranger at all times, though during the end of the movie, The Phantom's Chatot may have remained with him, which can thereby be his very first partner Pokémon.
  • All of the Pokémon that were caputured by him are part Flying-type.
  • It's unknown what his Rank is as a Pokémon Ranger. However as seen in the opening Spurt!, revealed that he is a Rank 9 Ranger.
  • His surname Walker, may be a refference to the popular television show Walker, Texas Ranger.


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