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NOTE: This article is about the high school student. The demoness that possessed her and assimilated her identity can be found here: Jackie Veda.

You know, you can either be an asshole, or a good guy, Tyler. You can't be both.
~ Jackie

Jackie Veda is a major character in the first season of Netflix's Locke & Key. A student at Matheson Academy and a close friend of the obnoxious Eden Hawkins, Jackie catches the eye of the courageous Tyler Locke upon his relocation to her school and eventually falls in love with him and joins the Keepers of the Keys. However, she begins to suffer from the strain of forgetting magic with her eighteenth birthday coming up. Her birthday is celebrated by Javi, but she hardly considers it her own party and irritably leaves. Later, she is apprehended by Dodge when she transforms her into a demoness, intending to lure Tyler into the open. Tyler frees her from her demonic possessor, inadvertently killing her in the process. He uses her death to justify falling for the machinations of Bode Locke and hunting Dodge like a feral dog, finally avenging Jackie. She is played by Genevive Kang.


Season One

Welcome to Matheson

Jackie Veda enrolled in Matheson Academy and became best friends with Eden Hawkins. When Kinsey Locke enrolled in the school, Jackie suggested Eden invite her to their forthcoming party, but Eden refused, even when Jackie pointed out that while Eden had lost a loved one recently too, she hadn't been brutally murdered like Kinsey's father.


Eden's my friend. She told me everything. You know, I thought you were a really decent guy until this morning.
~ Jackie

The morning after the party at which Eden almost had sex with Tyler Locke, Javi and Brinker Martin asked if last night between Tyler and Eden was good, he claimed it was. Because she knew better, Jackie confronted Tyler when he walked up to the table where she was sitting, telling him he could either be a good guy or a bad guy, and that if he wanted to make things right, he would tell Javi and Brinker the truth about the night before. Tyler never set the record straight, but the two still remained friends.

The Keepers of the Keys

When Tyler was signed up for the 5K run by Mr. Ridgeway, she began to bond with him, and the two begin talking. Tyler, wanting to impress Jackie, later uses the Head Key to insert knowledge about the wars into his head.

Family Tree

His efforts are futile, however, and Jackie reveals that she isn't into the wars, but Jane Austen; she remarked that she never expected Tyler to be into that kind of media. However, he seemingly took offense to this.

The Black Door

When Tyler did not attend the 5K, Jackie was furious, and, arriving at Ridgeway's remembrance party, she called the relationship between the two — and the friendship — quits. She had no idea a girl named Dodge had been with him just before that.

Ray of F*cking Sunshine

In the morning, Jackie reconciled with Tyler, telling him not to bail out on her ever again.

Crown of Shadows

Mostly I'm just sorry that you didn't think you could tell me about all this stuff sooner. I get that, but I'm not scared. [...] And I'm not going anywhere.
~ Jackie

Later, Jackie agreed to help the Locke Children enter the Drowning Caves to dispose of what was presumed as the unconscious body of Dodge through the Black Door. They began dating shortly after. Ironically, it was because of Dodge, who had ultimately left a decoy with unexpected consequences for Jackie's best friend, that Tyler became mature enough to take his relationship with Jackie seriously. When summer came around, she knew her parents owned a boat, so she invited Tyler to go fishing with her; Tyler confirmed to Kinsey that he was accepting her invitation.

Season Two

She was possessed by a shadow demon when Dodge used the Demon Key on her. Tyler exorcised the shadow, but Jackie didn't survive.


Jackie is a petite and frail girl with naturally brown hair as well as dark brown eyes. Unlike Eden and Kinsey, she dresses casually. Her appearance was objectively on par with Nina Locke, as her reasonably potent physical beauty was casually appreciated by several peers, especially Tyler, though she is not on Eden or Dodge's level.


Highly gentle, friendly, and easygoing, Jackie Veda is an extremely intelligent and nerdy teenager who enjoys reading up on famous names and organizing school events such as the 5K to help teachers she respects such as Joe Ridgeway. She is eager to get into a university, although she never decides which one she could be eligible for. Jackie's opinion of Jane Austen is particularly high, with her citing that no one can hope to emulate such a unique writer. While she is passionate for her academic studies, the only other thing that could possibly equal it is her love for Tyler. At first, Jackie considered him unusually decent and handsome, but began to doubt him when he did not follow through with having sex with Eden and blatantly lied to their friends about it, just for approval. But when Jackie bonded with Tyler, they had a huge falling-out because Tyler bailed to attend the 5K and crashed at Javi's party instead. She is assertive, perhaps excessively so, being skeptical that Tyler hesitated to tell her of the magical keys. Although she is popular and has a lot of casual friends at school, Jackie is slow to trust people according to Logan Calloway. Even when Jackie complimented Kinsey's hair, Eden childishly criticized her for looking too Easter-like. Jackie also has a sarcastic side, taking two shots when Tyler lamely claimed that she did not understand him. This also shows underage drinking is not beneath her, especially since she suggested she and Tyler play beer pong immediately afterward indicating she wanted to get more drunk than before.


Expert literarian: Jackie is very well-versed in literature, with Jane Austen being a personal favorite.


  • Although Jackie is the best friend of a show's major antagonist, she is also the girlfriend of the male protagonist and she has not been known to have done anything wrong at all throughout the twenty episodes. She even wanted Eden to befriend the admittedly toxic and childish female protagonist, Kinsey Locke.


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