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For the record, I'm everybody's type.
~ Jackson to Danny in Abomination

Jackson Whittemore was a main character and a former antagonist on the supernatural drama Teen Wolf. He was captain of the Cyclones lacrosse team and according to Lydia in 1x01 - Wolf Moon has been for the last three years. Jackson was likely a sophomore and could not have been captain for more than one of those years. If he was made captain as a freshman, he is in his second year of being team captain.

Jackson was also captain of the swim team.

His teachers describe him as an unusually driven student. His parents assume that because he's adopted he feels a need to prove himself to the biological parents he's never met. Since Scott has been challenging him in lacrosse, Jackson's desire to achieve has notched higher. 

Jackson lives across the street from Isaac Lahey. His house number is 890, and the house itself is strikingly modern in design.

Jackson's birth parents are both dead and buried in Beacon Hills Cemetery. They died in a car accident on June 14, 1995, on Route 23 off Old Deacon Rd. When Jackson turns 18, he will be getting a huge settlement. Jackson was born on June 15, implying that his mother was pregnant with him at the time of her death and the doctors managed to extract him before he died as well.

At the end of season 2, Jackson's adoptive parents move him to London over the summer, after Derek has had a chance to teach him to control himself during the full moon.

He comes back in season 6 and it turns out he's now Ethan Steiner's boyfriend. They are both attacked by werewolves hunters and go back to Beacon Hills to help Scott and his friends defeat the Hunters and the Anuk-Ite.


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