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Jacob Kowalski is the tritagonist of the Fantastic Beasts film series (the prequel film series to the Harry Potter books and films).

Jacob is played by Dan Fogler, who also played Luke in The Walking Dead.

He is a "muggle" (a mortal with no magical powers) who gets entangled in the events of the movies when he visits the same bank Newt Scamander is visiting. His bakery is about to be foreclosed by the bank, so he brought a bunch of pastries to show the quality of his baking to the bank, but the suitcase containing his pastries got switched with Newt's magical briefcase that Newt uses to contain the magical creatures Newt tames.

Jacob quickly befriended Newt and Porpentina Goldstein, becoming one of their closest friends. He also fell in love with Queenie Goldstein.

At the end of the first movie, it seems like a magical rain wiped his memory. However, he returns in Crimes of Grindelwald, revealing that the rain only erased the bad memories of his previous adventures, leaving him with just the good ones. Queenie joins Gellert Grindelwald's side since muggle-magical marriages are outlawed, and Grindelwald promises to reverse that. Jacob doesn't approve of this, since he knows Grindewald isn't willing to fulfill his promise, and Jacob is deeply saddened by Queenie falling into evil. However, Queenie eventually redeems herself, and she and Jacob marry.

Jacob, is noble, kind, friendly and generous. He is fascinated with magic and magical creatures, and he has a close bond with Newt. 

Jacob is the fan-favorite character of the Fantastic Beasts series, and most viewers were overjoyed to see him return in Crimes of Grindelwald and Secrets of Dumbledore.

It's unknown what became of him during the events of the Harry Potter books/movies.