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Yates dorchen

Jacob Yates-Dorchen is the deuteragonist in the 2010 film Hot Tub Time Machine. Jacob is played Clarke Duke.


Original Timeline

Jacob was born to a single mother Kelly Yates and an unknown father. When his mother got a new boyfriend, Jacob moved in with his Uncle Adam. Jacob, who was addicted to video games, spend his time playing Second Life. Adam tired to convince his nephew to get a job or a girlfriend, but to no avail. Jacob joined his uncle and his friends, Lou Dorchen and Nick Webber, to trip to Kodiak Valley, much to the dismay of Lou who disliked Jacob. Along the way to the town Lou shows Jacob, Adam, and Nick a illegal Russian energy drink known as "Chernobly". Upon arriving at Kodiak Valley, they all that the town has is not the same, as it has fallen on hard times. At the ski resort they brought to the hotel room where Adam, Lou, and Nick, spend their weekends at when they were young and their luggage is brought by Phil, and a bellhop who has worked at the resort since Adam, Lou, and Nick were teenagers and who is now embittered at the lost of one his arms. During the night while they failing to have fun, they discover the hot tub outside their hotel room, which was broken they first, is now working. Adam, Lou, and Nick head into it, but Jacob reluctant at first, but the three convince him. Then they all spend the rest of the night doing some heavy drinking.

New Timeline

In the morning when they wake up, they decide to go skiing. However, while recklessly skiing down the mountain, they find more people there and are confronted by two members of the ski patrol Blaine and Chaz, for the trouble they caused.


  • The fact that Lou didn't care about the possibly about Jacob not being born is ironic when it is revealed that Lou is his father.
  • When Jacob was 12 Lou tried to bite him.
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