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Jacoba Brink is a major character in 007 film, For Your Eyes Only.

She is a fictional former world-class Soviet figure skater hired by ex-Greek military Aristotle Kristatos, and she got new job of Bibi Dahl’s coach on Olympics Ice skeater.

She was played by the late Jill Bennett.


She was originally the financial investor of Aris Kristatos and is the coach of Bibi Dahl who spends every day training for the Olympics and Brink is always there with her to train her to win the gold medal with the former world skater. She doesn't like the way to train her that she tells Kristatos to make her have little freedom, but Bibi likes her to be her coach.

During Kristatos 'return from Greece, Bibi is tired of her sponsors' lack of enthusiasm for her Olympic success and therefore asks for her retirement, Kristatos takes it out on Brink, but Bibi defends her too. As Bibi packs her bags, Brink tells her that he will always be with her. After that, Bibi joins Bond unaware of Kristatos.

After seeing Columbo kill her kidnapper, he gives Bibi money by telling her that she and Brink have a new sponsor.


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