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Heroine Overview

Don't know about you guys, but I'm living the dream.
~ Jacqui surrounded by Kotal Kahn's army.
From champ to chump.
~ Jacqui before fighting Liu Kang.

Jacqueline Christine "Jacqui" Briggs is the daughter of Jax Briggs and a heroine in the Mortal Kombat series, who made her debut in the Mortal Kombat comic series. She also serves as one of the main protagonists of Mortal Kombat X, along with her best friend, Cassie Cage, her fiancé, Takeda Takahashi, and their friend, Kung Jin. She is also known as the very first black female character of the Mortal Kombat series.

Her archnemesis is Kotal Kahn (though they are on much better terms during Mortal Kombat 11).

She is voiced by Danielle Nicolet in Mortal Kombat X, and by Megalyn Echikunwoke in Mortal Kombat 11. Nicolet also has voiced Sareena in the same game and Echikunwoke also has played Vixen in the Arrowverse.


Jacqui is a young, muscular African-American woman with brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair, which she keeps in cornrows and small ponytail. Her civilian attire as depicted in the comics consists of a white T-shirt with either black pants or purple shorts.

In the game proper, Jacqui wears full military camouflage under standard body armor with the Special Forces insignia on it, and a utility belt around her waist. Knee pads line her knees and she wears mechanical powered gauntlets on both her arms, reminiscent of her father's mechanical arms.

Misceallaneous Information

Height: 173 cm (5' 8")

Weight: 66 kg (145 lb)

Build: Muscular

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Age: 20 (MKX), 22 (MK11)

Combat characteristics

Jacqui is a trained Junior grade Olympic boxer, able to go toe-to-toe with Cassie and knock a grown man unconscious with her bare hands.

She was able to successively beat Reptile, Ferr & Torr, Ermac and Kotal Kahn.

She uses a pair of electronic gauntlets that greatly enhance her physical strenght and can fire plasma energy, shotgun rounds or rockets depending on her variation. The gauntlets are used in both of her fatalities. She also uses a submachine gun in her Full Auto variation.

Signature Moves

  • X-Ray Move: Jacqui uppercuts her opponent, and as he/she falls down, she delivers a barrage of punches to the ribs, breaking them one by one. She then delivers a punch to the jaw, obliterating it and uppercutting the opponent once again. Finally she lunges up to her opponent and delivers a punch to the spine, snapping it. (MKX)


  • Blown Out: Jacqui rips off the sides of the waist of the opponent. She then burrows her powered gauntlets and uses the shotgun in it to blast the opponent's insides with enough force to completely shoot the opponent's back off, and part of the skull. (MKX)
  • Fist Pump: Jacqui violently grabs her opponent by the throat, breaking their neck slightly which causes the opponent to kneel on the ground. Jacqui then reels her arm back with so much leverage that the ensuring punch causes a gaping hole through the opponent's head. She slowly reels her hand out as his/her face is completely decimated. (MKX)
  • Spider Mines: Jacqui fires 5 bombs at the opponent, which latch onto their knee, waist, pectoral and eye sockets. She then remotely activates the explosives, blowing up a leg, part of the chest and an arm. Finally, Jacqui activates the bombs stuck onto her enemy's eyes, destroying her victim's head. (MK11)
  • Nothin' But Neck: Jacqui leaps into the air and delivers a powerful punch to the opponent's head, obliterating it. She then rockets herself backwards with two shotgun blasts that bust open a hole in the victim's torso. Turning around, Jacqui tosses her shield generator into the cavity her attacks created and activates it, bisecting the victim's decapitated corpse and leaving it to slide down the energy wall as their still-beating heart pounds against it. (MK11)


Mortal Kombat X

Leave my teammates alone.
~ Jacqui Briggs to D'Vorah.
Why not be your own man, Ermac?
~ Jacqui Briggs to Ermac
Messin' with the wrong girl.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Erron Black
You need new friends.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Ferra/Torr
Specialist Briggs, reporting.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Johnny Cage
Gonna give you to General Blade.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Kano
Ready, Mr. Takahashi?
~ Jacqui Briggs to Kenshi
A princess should look happier.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Kitana
We should be allies Emperor.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Kotal Kahn
I don't want to fight you, Liu Kang.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Liu Kang
Settle down, crazy woman.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Mileena
I don't get you Reptile. Always fodder for other people's wars.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Reptile
I'm Special Forces.
~ Jacqui Briggs after Scorpion ask if she is ready for a task
Aunt Sonya.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Sonya Blade
Not the date I had in mind.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Takeda
You better bring it.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Triborg
I won't hold back Raiden.
~ Jacqui Briggs traing with Raiden
Don't think you're ready for this.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Ferra/Torr
You need some new friends.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Ferra
Join us, Goro.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Goro
My decision! I'm ready!
~ Jacqui wanting to prove herself to her dad
I don't want to hurt you, dad.
~ Jacqui to her father Jax
I can protect myself.
~ Jacqui wanting to show her father that he doesn't need to worry about her
Come on, Mr. Cage.
~ Jacqui wanting to fight and prove herself to Johnny Cage
I like sparring with you.
~ Jacqui to Kenshi
Settle down, crazy woman.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Mileena
I don't get you Reptile. Always a fodder for other people's wars.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Reptile
Prove away.
~ Jacqui wanting Scorpion to show her how good he is at fighting
I'm Special Forces.
~ Jacqui Briggs ready to show Scorpion that she is prepared for the task
Leave dad in peace. His kid's not half bad, you know?
~ Jacqui asking for Sonya to let her dad retire and ready to prove that she can take his place
Aunt Sonya.
~ Jacqui to Sonya
Dad says you helped him.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Sub-Zero
Not the date I had in mind.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Takeda Takahashi
Don't want to wrestler me to the ground?
~ Jacqui to Takeda
Don't hold back?
~ Jacqui to Cassie
Permission to strike a superior officer?
~ Jacqui Briggs asking if she can fight with Cassie Cage
Sure your ready for this?
~ Jacqui to Cassie Cage
We gonna throw down? Not as much fun.
~ Jacqui Briggs wanting to fight with Cassie rather doing each others hair
Sorry, dad.
~ Jacqui mid fight with Jax
Don't touch me creep.
~ Jacqui Briggs mid fight with Kano
You okay, aunt Sonya
~ Jacqui Briggs mid fight with Sonya Blade
I was trained by the best.
~ Jacqui Briggs mid fight with Johnny Cage
Come strong or not at all.
~ Jacqui Briggs in between rounds
Next time, I'd block.
~ Jacqui giving advice to her opponents during mid fight
Cool your jets, general!
~ Jacqui trying to get Sonya to calm down during the mid fight
Fighting the wrong battle.
~ Jacqui telling Kotal Kahn he should die with Earthrealm during their mid fight
Well, it looks that way.
~ Jacqui Briggs after Kotal Kahn says she dares to challenge him
Then let's go!
~ Jacqui after Ferra & Torr says their ready to fight
Kano. Puns are a crime against humanity.
~ Jacqui after Kano says a pun
No, not at all.
~ Jacqui after Johnny Cage asking in a joking way if Jax is jealous of him.
No jokes. Let's do this. It never stops.
~ Jacqui Briggs to Johnny Cage.
We going again Kenshi-san?
~ Jacqui asking if her and Kenshi are going to train again.
You where looking for me?
~ Jacqui asking if Kitana wants to challenge her
Mr. Inferiority Complex. Which proves my point.
~ Jacqui when Kung Lao says he resents her implication
Like Liu Kang, but with an ego.
~ Jacqui noticing how Liu Kang ego grew after he become a villain
This'll cheer me up.
~ Jacqui saying fighting Quan Chi will make her feel better
They haven't been upside your yet.
~ Jacqui after D'Vorah thinks that her weapons are a joke
I'm bigger than you, shrimp-kin.
~ Jacqui talking about Ferra's height after Ferra calls her a doll
Been waiting a while for this.
~ Jacqui wanting to fight Erron Black
Dad, go home.
~ Jacqui worring about her father
What is it, Liu Kang?
~ Jacqui wanting to know why Liu Kang is challenging her
I'm a lot more than that.
~ Jacqui telling Sub-Zero she isn't just Jax's daughter but she is also a skilled fighter
I'll led.
~ Jacqui after Kano ask her if they are going to dance
Try, me Kotal Kahn.
~ Jacqui Briggs after Kotal Kahn talks about challenging her
I've found what I came for.
~ Jacqui Briggs talking about how she wants to fight Mileena
The boys are going to love this.
~ Jacqui Briggs saying to Cassie that boys enjoy watching girls catfight
Just look at you.
~ Jacqui Briggs mid fight talking about how opponent needs to do better
That's why you're losing.
~ Jacqui pointing out her challengers mistakes in between rounds
Should've stayed retired, dad.
~ Jacqui Briggs mid fight with her dad wishing that he would thinks easy
Dad taught me that one.
~ Jacqui Briggs mid fight with Johnny Cage
Got hives? Get some ointment!
~ Jacqui Briggs joking around with D'Vorah
Gotta to break your pasty face.
~ Jacqui Briggs saying she has to hurt Quan Chi for his evil deeds

Mortal Kombat 11

I know my dad's still alive, but it's like I'm seeing a ghost.
~ Jacqui about the younger Jax.
The things that happened to my Dad. That trauma he suffered. It's why my parents met. They fell in love while he was in recovery. If they don't happen, you and Mom may not meet. I may never be born.
~ Jacqui to Past Jax.
Jacqui: This mean you're back?
Jax : This means I'm sorry, Jacqui. And hell yeah I'm back.
~ Jacqui after her father turned his back on Kronika.
Jacqui: Those are cool blades, Baraka.
Baraka: Why compliment me?
Jacqui: To take the sting out of losing.
~ Jacqui to Baraka
Jacqui: You're always getting me in trouble.
Cassie: You love trouble and you know it.
Jacqui: Not as much as you do, sister.
~ Jaqui to Cassie Cage.
Jacqui: Hear there's a lot you can teach me
Rambo: I leaned how to fight from the best
Jacqui: Bring it.
~ Jacqui to John Rambo.
Jacqui: Dad gave everything, fighting guys like you.
Joker: And how did that work out for him?
Jacqui: His pain is no joke.
~ Jaqui to The Joker.



  • Mortal Kombat X (2015)
  • Mortal Kombat Mobile (2015)
  • Mortal Kombat 11 (2019)


  • Mortal Kombat X (2015, 16 appearances)
  • Mortal Kombat X (2015-16, 6 appearances)
  • Mortal Kombat X: Blutsbande (2015, 1 appearances)


  • Jacqui is the only member of her team not to possess any supernatural abilities or items.
  • Jacqui is the first Mortal Kombat X character to have more than six Brutalities. In her case, she has seven.
  • She had her second name in honor of Sonya Blade who is one of her father's best friends.
  • Initially Jacqui was a mixed race character but had her phenotype and skin tone changed to resemble of woman purely black ancestry as of Mortal Kombat 11.

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