Jacquimo intro
Follow your heart. It will lead you home.
~ Jacquimo encouraging Thumbelina

Jacquimo is a swallow bird who is the narrator and the tritagonist in Don Bluth's Thumbelina. He is vocied by Gino Conforti.

He is a swallow who takes Thumbelina under his wing (literally)


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Jacquimo has a very caring, optimistic attitude. Always wanting to encourage others to "follow their heart", believing they can impossible things, no matter what and always helping others on their way. And he is also known as jovial, attentive, compassionate, quick-witted, understanding, inspirational, mature, observant, jocular, affectionate, confident, quirky, unselfish, independent, melodic and outspoken. He enjoys romance stories, beautiful things, and singing.



Follow Your Heart - Thumbelina (1994)

Follow Your Heart - Thumbelina (1994)

Jacquimo encourages Thumbleina to follow her heart


  • Gino Conforti also voiced Bob the Beaver and Horado from the 1993 animated film The Magic Voyage.
  • He is the second Bird character that Jodi Benson had encountered in a movie first being Scuttle.
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