Jaga is a male Thunderian sorcerer in the 2011 cartoon series Thundercats.

As a young man, Jaga used the Sword of Omens to fight Ratilla after the latter found the ancient Sword of Plun-Darr. Jaga was able to defeat the warlord. Jaga placed a curse on the Sword of Plundarr and created Mount Plun-Darr to hide the weapon so that it wouldn't fall in to the wrong hands.

Eventually Jaga became the head of the clerics, and mentored a young woman named Cheetara as she undertook the training to become a cleric.

When the nation of Thunderia was attacked, Jaga anointed the young Lion-O Lord of the Thundercats after Lion-O's father Claudus died. He bought time for Lion-O and a small group of Thundercats to escape. Jaga's spirit was taken prisoner by the undead Mumm-Ra, who forced Jaga to reveal the location of the Tower of Omens. When Mumm-Ra arrived at the tower, he fought with Lion-O and his friends and proved too powerful. Jaga broke free from the lantern holding his spirit, sacrificing himself to save his friends and forcing Mumm-Ra to retreat.

When Lion-O died, Jaga's spirit met Lion-O and told the younger man that the Spirit Stone had deemed Lion-O worthy of a second chance. Lion-O was forced to face a series of trials, and was willing to sacrifice his soul when he failed the last trial. This willingness to sacrifice himself earned Lion-O another chance at life, and he was resurrected. Jaga appeared to Lion-O and the other Thundercats to inform them of this.

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