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Jago is one of two main protagonists of the Killer Instinct franchise, the other being his sister, Black Orchid.

Role in the Series

Killer Instinct

In the first Killer Instinct, it is revealed that Jago was adopted by Tibetan monks that worshipped the Tiger Spirit, who the young Jago would grow to idolize. Jago eventually became powerful enough and old enough to venture out and defeat evil, and the Tiger Spirit ordered him to eliminate the evil of Ultratech, a corrupt megacorporation, by entering their Killer Instinct Tournament. His opponent was Fulgore, a prototype robot built by Ultratech.

Killer Instinct 2

After Black Orchid's victory over Eyedol, many of the contestants of the Killer Instinct Tournament were whisked away into the past along with Ultratech itself. Shortly afterward, Jago was horrified by the revelation that the Tiger Spirit was really Gargos, the rival of Eyedol who was just as evil as his fallen foe. This shook Jago to the core, and, promising to get revenge, set off on his own to find and defeat Gargos for his betrayal.

Killer Instinct (2013)


In the first Killer Instinct and 2/Gold, Jago wears a torn blue bodysuit with a red sash and strap for the sheathe of his sword, while also wearing blue gloves with red lines, also slightly torn, and black boots with red strings on them. He wears a blue headband and facial mask to hide his identity, and his long hair falls over part of his face. His weapon of choice is a jagged katana that glows brightly during combos.

Jago's appearance drastically changes in Killer Instinct 2013, having done away with his old bodysuit and other clothes and said to have fashioned his new look from the very temple he lives in. He is now shirtless, exposing the intricate tiger tattoo covering his left arm and upper torso, wears new armguards and belt, a new sash, blue pants, tiger mouth shaped shinguards and new blue sandals. His outfit is very humble and ramshackle, being composed of the curtains, ropes, floor tiles, and centerpieces that make up his lair. Instead of a cloth mask, he now wears a plated metal mask that covers his entire head save for his windswept hair. He has replaced his katana with a curved Tibetan machete called a kora.


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