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Jaime Sommers is a former professional tennis player who, after a skydiving accident, became the third known human to undergo bionic surgery (after Steve Austin and Barney Hiller) and the first known female to do so. Afterwards, she became an agent for the OSI.

After a skydiving accident left her broken and near death, a top secret OSI-funded surgery turned the tennis pro into the world's first bionic woman. The procedure was apparently successful initially, and she commenced training to utilize her bionic abilities. However, subsequent bionic rejection led to the formation of a blood clot at the base of her brain, the attempted removal of such leaving her medically defined dead on the operating table. Miraculous cryogenic procedures and further surgery later restored her to life, but left her without most of her long-term memories. Subsequent treatments gradually lessened her memory loss, while she struggled to map out a new life for herself.

Thinking her bionics would have given her an unfair advantage on the tennis court, Jaime left the sport following her surgeries. She returned to her home town of Ojai, California, and used her college degree in education to become a school teacher at a local military base. But she also insisted upon repaying her debt to the government that saved her life by occasionally going on secret missions that required her unique assets, though her relationship with the OSI was a strained one, particularly in later years.


  • Jaime Sommers was played by veteran actress Lindsay Wagner.