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Jake is an Orange Star CO and one of the two main protagonists of Advance Wars: Dual Strike alongside Rachel. He is an Orange Star Tank Commander dispatched as part of an Allied Nations force to the continent of Omega Land to combat Black Hole's operations there.


Jake was a member of the Allied Nations forces under the command of Rachel stationed in the continent of Omega Land to stop Black Hole from conquering it. Joining together with Allied Nations COs Max, Sasha, Colin, Grimm, Javier and Jess, Jake and Rachel launch an offensive to liberate Omega Land from Black Hole.

However, Jake and Rachel begin to suspect that something is amiss when the Black Hole Army starts occupying plots of dry land. They eventually learn from defecting Black Hole COs Hawke and Lash that the regime now in charge of Black Hole, the Bolt Guard, plans to drain Omega Land of life in order to give their leader Von Bolt immortality.

After receiving reinforcements and defeating a giant Oozium-238 named the Grand Bolt, foiling Von Bolt's plans of draining Omega Land to become immortal, Jake and the other COs go to confront Von Bolt. If the player picks Jake to shoot Von Bolt instead of Hawke, Jake will shoot Von Bolt's chair, depriving the elderly CO of his life support system and returning Omega Land back to normal.