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Thanks for taking care of me.
~ Jake, Fazbear Frights #6: Blackbird

Jake is one of the main protagonists of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, serving as the main protagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights book series.

He serves as the main antagonist of Epilogues 1 and 2, the main protagonist of Epilogues 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9, the deuteragonist of Epilogue 7, 10 and 11, and the titular main protagonist of The Real Jake. He is one of the spirits inhabiting the Stitchwraith, and the archenemy of Eleanor.


Jake is kind and altruistic, always trying to be gentle with people and to help as many people as possible.


The Real Jake

Before the events of the story, Jake's mom died when he was 5 and the tumor started to grow when he was 6. Jake was starting to become progressively less healthier with chemotherapy and other medical treatments weren't able to help him., but he kept being hopeful At age 9 where the story takes place, his caretaker Margie and his father Evan had an idea to try to make Jake feel happier. Evan communicated with him trough a walkie talkie in his cabinet, pretending to be a magical friend named Simon, who asked him what the real Jake did. Jake should have answered to this question saying what he imagined he would be doing if he hadn't cancer and was like the other kids, imagining activities he could do.

Margie decorated a doll with all the signs left over by the activities Jake imagined to do, and put it in the cabinet, so that, when he would have been healthier he could have opened the cabinet's door and found it .

Eventually, Evan died at sea. Margie inherited the house and custody over Jake. He's told by Margie that Simon won't be visiting, unaware of his father's death. Jake's condition worsens and he dies. As his body is carried away, none notices the cabiner is wide open.

Epilogue 1

Jake, as the Stitchwraith, is accounted by the police department as responsible for five murders. The victims had withered skin and black liquids streaming from their eyes.

Epilogue 2

Jake, as the Stitchwraith, is seen collecting the Plushtrap Chaser's remains from the railroad line, where the chaser got run over earlier in the story Out of Stock.

Larson inspects an house, occupied by Margie. Margie tells Larson she used to take care of a sick kid when his father was overseas. The kid then died, and his father left her the house. Meanwhile Larson finds an empty cabinet in one of the bedrooms, and gives a look to its inside walls, noticing black scribbles all over them. It's confirmed that Jake is the kid Margie was referring to.

Epilogue 3

The scientist Phineas creates the Stitchwraith, putting on an endoskeleton's head the face of Simon, the doll that was possessed by Jake, and puts the battery pack of Fetch, a robotic toy dog manufactured by Fazbear Entertainment, on its chest. The Stitchwraith ends up accidentally killing Phineas by touching him.

Epilogue 4

Jake is the first to awaken in the Stitchwraith. He has vague memories of a past life, but he can't remember for sure. He meets Andrew, who is rude to him at first, but Jake is patient with him. He is able to see out of the Stitchwraith, but Andrew cannot. Jake offers to be friends with him by telling each other stuff, and Andrew reveals that he wanted revenge on someone who had hurt him, so he had attached himself to their soul so they couldn't die. Andrew added that he was brought to a big place with "cool stuff", and how he wanted to be everywhere. He remembered being all over the place, and infecting objects, including Fetch.

A man then comes into the truck. Jake moves to alert the man, and the man is startled. Jake reaches out to the man to try to comfort him, but the man screams and grabs his head. The man's body begins to wither, with black streaks running down his sunken eyes.

Jake is horrified and asks why it happened, and Andrew replies that it is probably him. Jake asks incredulously why he is killing people, but he responds that he just wants to scare people with a zap. Jake is mad and tells him that the zap is killing people. Andrew says that he only wants to hurt the man and it's not his fault. Jake says that he has to get the objects Andrew infected as his rage could kill more people. Jake asks him to help him find the objects but Andrew refuses. Jake then manages to connect to Andrew and read his thoughts to find the objects. He begins his journey to find the haunted objects, even if Andrew is unwilling.

Epilogue 5

Jake has brought an Ella doll to the abandoned factory where he keeps all the objects infected by Andrew's agony. He also took with him some flowers. As he's reflecting about how hard it is to find all the infected objects and how sad it is things like toys and dolls caused so much harm, he starts experiencing an happy memory. He's with his smiling dad eating hot dogs at baseball game. The more he focuses on the memory, the more he feels separated from the Stitchwraith's body, and ready to pass on. However, he understands he can't just leave Andrew, with all his rage and sufferance, alone. So he stops thinking about the memories, concentrating on the here and now, and he picks a can to water the flowers.

Epilogue 6

Jake has brought a Foxy animatronic to the abandoned factory, throwing him into the trash compactor to be destroyed. Detective Larson, who has been on the Stitchwraith's tail the whole time, finally makes himself known and points his gun towards the Stitchwraith. Andrew takes partial control, attempting to kill the detective, while Jake holds him back. As the two struggle, Jake accidently throws the Stitchwraith into the compactor. Jake is returned to the memory of the baseball game, trying to being Andrew in as well for sanctuary. But, Andrew is being pulled back by the man who killed him, who had hitchhiked on the Stitchwraith. Jake is able to free Andrew from the man's clawed grasp, but the man, now enraged attacks him instead, and forcing his soul back into the Stitchwraith.

Epilogue 7

Jake's soul, inside the Stitchwraith, rises back up. Against his will, the Stitchwraith's body is being dragged into Afton's Amalgamation slowly, and Jake tries to save any parts he could from being sucked into the thing. Jake sees a Withered Eleanor crawling away from the other rubbish. Eleanor the pins Jake to a wall as her eyes glow a bright white. Eleanor's been pulling out and borrowing into herself the piece of Afton's evil, which burrowed his way into Jake's soul after hitching a ride in Andrew, and was most likely the thing causing the Stitchwraith's touch to be deadly.

After the destruction of the Amalgamation, the Stitchwraith approaches Larson, and uses the power coming from Fetch's battery pack to heal him and get rid of the piece of evil Afton injected into the detective by stabbing him. As Larson passes out, due to blood loss, Jake completes the process, and then leaves when he hears ambulance sirens. As he runs away, he remembers to have felt Afton's soul as weak and barely having a grasp on the physical reality, wondering how it could have been able to create and control the Amalgamation, and he has a terrible realization: Afton couldn't have done it alone. He got help from something else and whatever it was, it was worse.

Epilogue 8

The Stitchwraith, haunted by Jake, is roaming the streets, as he finds an homeless man. He ends up accidentally touching him, but this time he doesn't die. Instead, Jake is able to see trough the man's memories and watches his entire life unfolding. Wanting to make the man feel better, he manages to make an happy memory the strongest one in the man's mind. He then runs and hides in a brick building, in what looks like a storage room, where he finds a skinny girl. Almost immediately after, two dealers enter inside as well, and start insulting the girl and asking her to give them the money for the drugs they gave him. Jake tells them to let her alone. The two criminals at first make fun of Jake and ignore him. Jake, decided to save the girl, attacks and injures the two criminals. Later, he escapes alongside the girl and reaches a maintenance shed. Towards the end of the epilogue, he hears a metallic rattle. He feels scared by what the thing making the sound could be.

Epilogue 9

Jake returns inside the shed, bringing food, and he meets the girl again. They start talking to each other, with her presenting herself as Renelle. When Jake mentions the men he saved her from, Renelle acts weird at first, demanding who he's talking about. When Jake says he thinks they're dealers, and explains Renelle he protected her from them. She thanks him for that, and say that, even though people consider monsters those like Jake due to his appearence as The Stitchwriath, the real monsters are those who take advantage of others. She then talks about how she supposedly ended up with the dealers. She says her mother died when she was young, and that his father started getting unhealtily obsessed with his job. In the end, she tried to steal money from him, and he kicked her out of her home, when she was only thirteen. Jake then notices Renelle is wearing a silver pendant shaped like an heart. The pendant's description matches the one Eleanor is said to wear in To Be Beautiful.

Epilogue 10

Jake tells Renelle that if she's ok with it, he's going to take her home. It's said that he tried, without success, to read into her thoughts to try and understand where her father is, finding only confused and isolated memories. Renelle gladly accepts and she makes him follow her as they go to the house of her father, who is revealed to be Dr. Talbert, a scientist who studies and collects a mysterious liquid called Remnant. Jake rings the doorbell, and Talbert answers, thinking it's a delivery. The two enter, and Jake looks around, seeing various photos. One of them shows Talbert and Phineas Taggart togheter, wearing lab coats. Another one shows Renelle, but she appears very different, with black curly hair and brown eyes, as opposed to the straight brown hair and blue eyes she has at the moment. Shortly after Jake sees as Detective Everette Larson enter into Talbert's house and immediately falls unconcious, whispering the name Eleanor. Jake finally understands that the girl in front of him isn't Renelle but rather something pretending to be her. Talbert finally shows up, and hugs Renelle, happy to have finally found her after seemingly having lost her forever. Jake realizes this fake Renelle's true name is Eleanor, and that she's the same female endoskeleton he confronted at the factory, and the true force which powered the Afton's Amalgamation, since Afton himself, while unimaginably evil, was too weak at the time to do so. Jake tries to fight against her somehow, by pushing her into the shelters. Eleanor, however, outsmarts him and pretends to be heavily bleeding. Talbert, still under the impression she's actually Renelle, takes a gun and fires three shots at Jake. The third shot hits the Stitchwraith's battery pack, disabling him and leaving him unable to move or speak. Talbert calls the police to report a break-in, and goes away, returing with a metal tray full of Remnant. Jake perceives some of Eleanor's thoughts, and understands she wants it to become powerful and eternal. He watches powerless as Talbert uses an IV transfer to inject the metal into Eleanor, thinking that doing so will let him heal her wound and save her. Eleanor finally gets rid of her disguise and Talbert draws back in horror, as she opens wide her unhinged jaw.

Epilogue 11

Jake is at a birthday party, with a big frozen cake in front of him, alongside a group of friends. He realizes this is just a dream and attempts to wake up. With immense effort he rises back and gets closer to Eleanor, who attempts, without success, to keep him away using her tendrils. He touches her animatronic body and heats her up until she burns, turning into an empty shell, and leaves her trapped in one of her memories, and leaves the house.

He then manages to tie all loose ends, finding the actual homeless drug-addicted girl he saved from the dealers (who Eleanor imprisoned in order to steal her appearence) and bringing her to an hospital and reuniting the real Renelle with Doctor Talbert.

Finally, he goes to Jeff's Pizza, and enters inside the ballpit, leaving the Stitchwraith body sink into it. Knowing the souls of Eleanor's victims are contained in blood spurts and being unable to free them, he manipulates the scenarios they're trapped in to turn them into happy ones rather than dark and painful ones. Among the others, he visits Millie's soul, who was stuck out of his house in a forest, and brings her back home to celebrate Christmas with her granpa. After doing this, the ball turn into gold and then into a clear view crystal, as all of the victims are with their loved ones happily ever after and Jake is finally able to rest.


  • In the story Fetch, a character called Jake McNally appears as a kid the protagonist Greg has to babysit. It's unknown if he's the same Jake from the epilogues and The Real Jake or another character entirely.
  • It's also been speculated that his uncle Michael is actually Michael Afton, which would make Jake William Afton's grandson. However, that's not confirmed and it's likely Jake's uncle and Michael Afton having the same name was nothing more than a simple coincidence. We also see this similar coincidence four times with the name "Jeremy".
  • The short stories Into the Pit, To Be Beautiful, Count the Ways, Fetch, Out of Stock, 1:35 AM, Step Closer, Dance With me, The Man In Room 1280, Blackbird, The Real Jake, Hide and Seek and You're the Band are all connected with the epilogues, as each of these are either referenced by or mention characters featured in the latter.
    • It's also highly likely that Room for One more, The New Kid, Coming Home, Bunny Call, The Cliffs, The Breaking Wheel, He Told Me Everything, Sergio's Lucky Day, The Puppet Carver, Jump for Tickets and Together Forever are part of the epilogues as well.


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