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Glory to JALAKÅRA.
~ Various members of the Three Moons Initiative.
JALAKÅRA, host and benefactor, rose His ancient face,
smiling on the courage of the resurrected human race.
His protection guides us to a heaven in each sacred moon;
Humankind, an army made of angels, thus returns His boon.
Whether in life or death, resilience and strength — that is the human destiny!
Homo sapiens invictus ever shall we be.
~ SCP-5319-2, the lyrics of the first verse of the Three Moons Initiative's anthem.

Jalakåra of the Impenetrable is a character in SCP Foundation Mythos. He is one deities native to the afterlife or dimension known as Corbenic and the patron deity of the Three Moons Initiative, aiding the group in protecting humanity from the multiverse.


Jalakåra is depicted as a gigantic spider with the face of a bearded human. 


Jalakåra was a deity residing in "The Impenetrable", a massive web-fortress that was located thousands of lightyears above the sky of the afterlife-plain Corbenic, where he was worshipped by some tribes before the arrival of the Three Moons Initiative. He was seen as a god of silence, labor, modesty, obedience, and bureaucracy.

Jalakåra existed in a symbiotic relationship with the Three Moons Initiative: he supplied energy and weapons in exchange for worship and servitude, as well as having the final say in all administrative matters.

Powers and Abilities

Being a god native Corbenic, Jalakåra possessed some control over a portion of the afterlife. He was able to supply the Three Moons Initiative with powers and weaponry which they used to interact with different iterations of humanity from the multiverse, although Jalakåra himself was able to affect the universes as seen when he possibly destroyed Multiversal Iteration 4V which had been taken over by the Administrator.


Not much is known about Jalakåra's personality, but it's evident that the Corbeneze god is somewhat arrogant as he forced his worshippers to constantly praise and revere him, making have his own mindset, and would always have a final say in administrative matters, but otherwise was honorable and goodhearted. He possessed great hatred against the Striders and the Witch-Queen and because of this shared hatred he originally allied with the Three Moons Initiative.


  • Bears resemblance to Lovecraftian deity Atlach-Nacha.
  • The word "jalakara" in Sanskrit means weaver.
  • Based on SCP-5603, Mekhane and Yaldabaoth are acquainted with Jalakåra, but apparently don't have a great relationship as Mekhane mentioned that Jalakåra would try to kill them if they ever met.


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