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James Adams, formerly known as James Choke is the main protagonist of the CHERUB series from The Recruit to Shadow Wave. He was a teenage delinquent who joined the spy agency CHERUB, and became one of the agency's most proficient agents. He retired from the agency in Shadow Wave.


James Choke was born in Tuffnell, London in 1991 to Gwen Choke, the head of the biggest shoplifting gang in London, and a mathematics teacher who left shortly before he was born. When he was two, his mother gave birth to his half-sister, Lauren Onions (later Lauren Adams), to Ron Onions, his abusive step-father.

The Recruit

Class A

Maximum Security

The Killing

Divine Madness

Man Vs Beast

The Fall

Mad Dogs

The General

Brigands M.C

Shadow Wave

Black Friday

Lone Wolf

New Guard


James was known for a short temper, which often led to him lashing out at others (such as Samantha Jennings and Andy Langan). Despite this shortcoming, James was rather intelligent, and was a prodigy in maths even before his induction into CHERUB. He was very protective of his sister Lauren, which was partially why he was so angry at her for manipulating him in Man Vs Beast. James was notorious for getting off with almost every woman he met.


James is well-built and has blonde hair and blue eyes, and stands at 6'0 when fully grown. He is known to gain weight easily, and is described as "being a bit soggy around the middle" before his induction into CHERUB. This is due to him not caring about what he eats. He is considered physically attractive, which is why he gets with so many girls both on campus and on missions.

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