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Some men are coming to kill us. We're going to kill them first.
~ James Bond to M

Commander James Bond, C.M.G., R.N. (b. 2nd March, 1968 - d. 2021) is a Senior Operational Officer of the 'Double-O' ('00') Branch, an ultra-covert Black Ops unit within the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). As an agent of MI6, Bond holds code number "007". The 'double-O' prefix indicates his discretionary license to kill in the performance of his duties. He is the titular protagonist of the 007 film series reboot.

He was portrayed by British actor Daniel Craig, who also portrayed Mikael Blomkvist in the 2011 film adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Lord Asriel in The Golden Compass, and Jake Lonergan in Cowboys and Aliens and Benoit Blanc in Knives Out. He appeared in Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012), Spectre (2015) and No Time to Die (2021). In addition he also provided his voice and likeness for several James Bond video games.


The Bond of the reboot series is a much darker character than the glamorous playboy portrayed in previous Bond films. While he retains the wit and charm of previous incarnations, he is characterized as a ruthless, morally ambiguous killer whose only clear virtues are patriotism and a sense of duty. By his own admission, killing does not bother him, and he is willing to manipulate and even harm innocent people if it furthers "the big picture" of his mission. He also has mixed feelings about his job; in four out of five of the films in which he has appeared, he has tried to quit or retire, only to be lured back when a new threat arises.

Like his previous incarnations, he is a womanizer who sees women as "disposable pleasures" and thus sleeps with virtually every woman he meets, with the exceptions of M, Camille Montes, and Miss Moneypenny. This does not prevent him from having genuine feelings for a few of his love interests, however; he falls in love with Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale, cares for Camille Montes in Quantum of Solace, and, in a first for the character, enters a long-term relationship with Madeline Swann in Spectre.

In the films

Youth and Meeting Blofeld

James Bond was born on March 2, 1968, in London, England, United Kingdom. His father Andrew Bond of Glencoe, Scotland, was a Senior Accounts Manager for Vickers Defence Systems (now BAE Systems Land & Armaments Group), while his mother Monique Bond (nèe Delacroix) was originally from Yverdonm Canton de Vaud, Switzerland. Until age 11, Bond was educated in Switzerland and Germany, where his father was stationed as a Vickers executive. Both parents died tragically in a climbing accident while attempting to scale northeast ridge of the Aiguille de la Persévérance. After the death of his parents, he was privately tutored by his aunt and guardian, Miss Charmain Bond of Pett Bottom, Kent. He also lived at the family's estate in Scotland, Skyfall.

From age 12 to 13, Bond attended Eton until he was expelled for repeated curfew violations and 'trouble' with one of the maids. He then attended his father’s alma mater, Fettes College. While there he won numerous athletic competitions and twice boxed for the school as a light weight. He also formed the first intermural judo league for the public school circuit. During his teens, he studied climbing and skiing with local Austrian instructor Hannes Oberhauser of Kitzbühel during term breaks at Fettes. Oberhauser thought of Bond as a surrogate son, while Bond thought of Oberhauser as a second father. Oberhauser adopted Bond when he was 13, provoking the jealousy of Hannes' biological son, Franz. Oberhauser died in an avalanche while skiing, apparently along with Franz.

During a stint at the University of Geneva under an exchange program with Fettes, Bond led an expedition to the very mountain where his parents had died. Bond climbed it with friends and never told them of his tragic link to the location.

After graduating from Fettes at the age of 17, Bond began attending the Britannia Royal Naval College. While there, Bond excelled in all areas of training. Bond matriculated from his coursework at BRNC with passable marks. However, whilst excelling at athletic competitions, strategic operations, and counter-intelligence courses, his unconventional approach to his education, his diffident attitude, and his contempt for authority drew him many demerits. On more than one occasion, a fellow candidate was strongly suspected of lying to protect Bond from punishment. In his later teens, Bond lost his one surviving close relative, his aunt Charmain Bond.

Military Service

Bond conducted his year of Sea Service with high recommendations from his Chief Petty Officers and Warrant Officers. He applied for and was uniformly recommended for work in Naval Intelligence. Bond served as an intelligence officer on HMS Exeter both before and during Operation Granby, and later was able to transfer to submarine service, touring on the HMS Turbulent. His natural abilities, mental quickness and confidence impressed his commanding officers. Within the year of being assigned to HMS Turbulent, it became apparent that Bond was not being sufficiently challenged with his duties, so Bond volunteered for the Special Boat Service. Bond excelled at SC3 and Underwater and Aquatic Warfare training. He constantly equaled or bested his superior officers and instructors in all areas after nominal experience.

Bond earned the distinction of being the only candidate to entirely escape detection during the night limpet placement operation at Plymouth. There was some doubt as to whether Bond had actually accomplished the mission per the assignment until he demonstrated his rather ingenious method of eluding the underwater infra-red cameras and sonar systems in-place. His techniques were rapidly included in future training.

Upon completion of UAW training, Bond commenced Advanced Commando Parachute training at Brize Norton. A very dramatic incident occurred when Bond participated in the first group free fall exercise. At 900 meters the third jumper Lieutenant Cameron's ripcord pins jammed causing the main chute to malfunction, and he panicked. As the fourth jumper, Bond spotted Cameron, and at great personal risk, re-positioned himself to aerially intercept Lt. Cameron at approximately 450 meters, and deploy Lt. Cameron's chute. Bond deployed at 250 meters. Lt. Cameron shattered his hip upon landing, although Bond escaped without serious injury.

Bond's record with training earned him placement with the 030 Special Forces Unit, rather than deployment as a swimmer-canoeist with the standard SBS Units in Poole. During further training with 030 SFU, Bond earned certifications for the operation of assault helicopters, Harrier-class jets, fixed wing aircraft, hovercrafts, marine assault vessels, armored vehicles, and other crafts. Bond served with distinction in the 030 Special Forces Unit. He proved adept at training other candidates, initiating athletic competitions, and fostering a creative environment. During his three-year tenure with the 030 SFU, Bond rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He saw covert service in Iraq, Somalia, Iran, Libya, and active service in Bosnia. Upon completion of his duties in Bosnia, where Bond was credited with saving the lives of nearly 100 men from a Serbian militia in one village. Bond was recruited by the RNR Defence Intelligence Group and awarded the rank of Commander.

Bond's work with the Defence Intelligence Group at Defence Intelligence and Security Centre, Chicksands, proved highly satisfactory, although his fellow officers noted Bond's rather casual attitude toward command structure and protocol. Bond's work provided vital intelligence during key moments with Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Cyprus, Indonesia, China (during the Hong Kong handover) and North Korea. In Libya, Bond was able to secure detailed assessments of the status of the Libyan government's reputed financial ties to numerous terrorist organizations, as well as crucial information related to the settlement of issues related to the Pan Am 103 case. In Iraq, Bond was able to monitor Iraqi counter-moves to the UNSCOM (now UNMOVIC) inspections process during one key period.

Bond undertook a particularly hazardous mission into Afghanistan to rescue a researcher deemed important to Her Majesty's government who was being imprisoned by the Taliban government. During the S-300 missile crisis in Cyprus, Bond helped undermine the Republic of Cyprus government's confidence, and, it is felt, helped bring a peaceful resolution to the matter. During his tenure at the RNR DI Group, Bond attended specialized courses at Cambridge (where he achieved a first in Oriental Languages), Oxford and other institutions. Bond left the RNR DI Group after recruitment by MI6 at the age of 30.


Bond completed all orientation and MI6 Covert Operations training in eight weeks. He received exceptionally high marks for physical endurance, logic, and Psychological Ops exercises. His first assignment was at the British Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica. His duties there included: translation of Haitian, French and Dutch West Indies communiqués, interdiction efforts with gun and drug smuggling between Kingston and London (resulting in a letter of commendation from his superior, Charles DaSilva), and four days of Black Ops reconnaissance in Cuba, penetrating military compounds.

Bond then was appointed Senior Advisor at the British Embassy in Rome. He was promoted to Ops Specialist simultaneous with this posting. Although based nominally in Rome, his duties took him to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, France, Spain, China and the United States. He worked back-channel sources to aid in solving a minor crisis between the U.S. and China. Bond worked with his former Special Forces unit to penetrate and gain intelligence on Iraqi military and suspected unconventional weapons installations in late-2002 and early-2003. Afterwards, Bond was posted to the MI6 headquarters in London, where he continued to work as a Mission Specialist (within Black Ops) in such locations as Cuba, the United States, Austria, Spain, Russia, the Ukraine, Uzbekistan, the Sudan, and the UAE.

Casino Royale

At the age of 38, Bond is promoted to 'Double-O' ('00') status. The ultra-secret '00' Branch is the elite of the Secret Intelligence Service. These covert agents, known as 'double-Os', have proven themselves capable enough in the field to be entrusted with the license to kill—the authorization to, at their own discretion, commit assassination and acts that might be otherwise considered murder in order to complete their missions, without having to seek permission from headquarters.

Bond earns his stripes in the '00' Branch by killing two people, Section Chief Dryden - who had been selling secrets from within MI6 - and Dryden's contact, Fisher. After Bond kills Dryden's contact in a bathroom in Lahore, Pakistan, he flies to the Czech Republic, where he kills Dryden in the Section Chief's office. Bond is consequently granted '00' status and awarded the code number "007".

On his first mission as agent 007, Bond and an agent named Carter worked cooperatively in an attempt to capture international bomb-maker Molloka Danso. At a mongoose/cobra fight in Madagascar, Bond and Carter conduct surveillance on Molloka but, due to a foolish mistake made by Carter, the suspected criminal realizes he is being watched and fled. Bond pursues Molloka through the jungle, up an enormously high construction site and finally to the Nambutu Embassy, where he attempts to arrest the suspected bomb maker. However, Bond finds himself surrounded by Nambutu soldiers, who demand that he hand Molloka over to them; Bond complies, but then shoots him dead a few seconds later and blows up the embassy. The incident embarrasses the British government, as Bond had only been instructed to capture Molloka, but the criminal's cell phone leads Bond to discover a terrorist plot to blow up a prototype Skyfleet airliner at Miami International Airport. Bond manages to stop the bombing and kills Carlos Nikolic, who had replaced Molloka as the criminal responsible for destroying the airliner.

Following this success, MI6 chief M informs Bond that the mastermind of the bombing is Le Chiffre, who serves as a private banker to terrorists. Le Chiffre has been using his clients' money to short sell successful companies and then would engineer terrorist attacks to sink their stock values so he can make a fortune. When Bond foiled Le Chiffre's plan to destroy the Skyfleet, the banker lost millions since he had shorted the company's shares.

Needing to recoup his clients' money, Le Chiffre has set up a high-stakes poker tournament at the Casino Royale in Montenegro. Hoping that a defeat would force Le Chiffre to aid the British government in exchange for protection from his creditors, MI6 enters Bond into the tournament. He is assisted in the mission by a fellow MI6 officer named René Mathis and Vesper Lynd, a foreign liaison agent from HM Treasury's Financial Action Task Force, sent to make sure that Bond manages MI6's funds appropriately.

During a break in the game, Bond and Vesper are attacked by Steven Obanno, one of Le Chiffre's clients, and his men. Bond kills them with Vesper's help, and then comforts her when she feels guilty about their deaths. When Bond loses his stake during the next hand with Le Chiffre, however, Vesper refuses to give him more money to continue playing. Because of his loss, Bond decides to assassinate Chiffre, until a fellow player, Felix Leiter, reveals himself to be a C.I.A agent. Leiter offers to stake Bond in exchange for custody of Chiffre. Back in the game, Le Chiffre has his girlfriend Valenka poison Bond's drink. Bond goes into cardiac arrest, but is saved by Vesper. Bond wins the tournament and puts the money into a Swiss bank account, but Chiffre abducts Vesper and uses her as bait to capture him.

Chiffre interrogates Bond for the account password by whipping his testicles. Bond refuses to give him the the password, however, so Le Chiffre threatens to castrate him. At that moment, however, Le Chiffre's employer, Mr. White, arrives and kills him for being untrustworthy. Bond awakes in a hospital, tells Vesper he is in love with her, and resigns from MI6.

Bond and Vesper travel to Venice, where he learns that the winnings were never transferred to Vesper's account - meaning that Vesper stole the money. He pursues her and the men to whom she gives the money. In the ensuing firefight, the inflatable supports holding the building are punctured and Bond kills the men. He tries to rescue Vesper, but she locks herself in an iron fame lift and commits suicide by allowing herself to drown. Bond is devastated, but deals with the loss by renouncing Vesper as a traitor and going back to work as if nothing had happened.

Bond discovers from MI6 that Vesper had a French-Algerian boyfriend who was kidnapped by Quantum, the organization behind Le Chiffre and Mr. White, to blackmail her into cooperation. Bond also learns that she agreed to deliver the winnings in exchange for Bond's life. He then finds a text message from Vesper with Mr. White's name and phone number. Bond follows Mr. White to his house, shoots him in the leg, and introduces himself: "The name's Bond - James Bond."

Quantum of Solace

After shooting Mr. White in the leg, Bond takes him captive and manages to evade pursuit by his various minions in a car chase in his Aston Martin DBS V12. After interrogating him with M at a closed off location, Bond and M are both betrayed by a traitorous MI6 agent who allows Mr. white to escape before being killed by Bond. Bond then makes it his mission to go after Mr. White's accomplice, corrupt industrialist and Quantum agent Dominic Greene, when he realizes his connection to Vesper's death. When one of M's assistants, Strawberry Fields, is murdered by Greene's men after she sleeps with Bond, M fires him, saying that his obsession with avenging Vesper has rendered him incapable of doing his job. Bond then escapes MI6 custody and goes rogue, determined to see his mission through even without MI6's approval.

He is aided by Bolivian intelligence operative Camille Montes, who is after Greene because of his connection to General Medrano, an exiled dictator who murdered her family. Together, they learn that Greene plans to stage a coup in Bolivia to put Medrano back in power, in return for giving his company, Greene Planet- and, thus, Quantum - control of Bolivia's land and water rights. They foil the plot together, Camille kills Medrano, and Bond interrogates Greene about how he set Vesper up, and leaves him to die in the middle of the desert. After bidding farewell to Camille with a kiss, Bond tracks down Yusef Kabira, Vesper's former lover and a Quantum agent who seduces female intelligence operatives and pretends to be kidnapped in order to blackmail them into betraying their governments. Bond saves Kabira's latest victim, and forgoes his revenge by sparing his life and handing him over to MI6. M reinstates Bond, who finally forgives Vesper and lets her go.


James Bond is in Istanbul, Turkey, teamed with Eve Moneypenny, to protect a computer drive later revealed to contain the identities of every NATO agent embedded in terrorist organisations the world over. A French mercenary called Patrice eludes Bond and ransacks the safehouse, where he steals the computer drive. Bond pursues him, armed with his standard-issue Walther PPK.

Bond and Moneypenny briefly pursue Patrice in a van, and eventually corner him in the Grande Bazaar. The local police try to defuse the situation. Patrice unsheathes a machine-gun and mows down the police, cornering Bond. Moneypenny distracts him and Patrice tries to escape on a motorbike, but Bond steals a motorbike himself and gives chase, going over the rooftops of the Bazaar. The chase drives the two of them to a bridge, where Patrice boards the top of the train and Bond heroically severs the motorbike in an attempt at boarding the train. In the ensuing brawl, M orders Moneypenny to shoot Patrice, but she misses and hits Bond, who falls into the water below while Patrice escapes with the computer drive.

Bond survives, and uses his presumed death to disappear into the Caribbean, where he spends his time drinking, popping pills, and womanizing. When news arrives of a terrorist attack on MI6 headquarters, Bond decides to go back to England and find the culprits. He is taken to the new MI6 headquarters and immediately engages in training. During the psychological exam, Bond reveals that he blames M for his injuries, and displays discomfort when the psychiatrist mentions Skyfall during a word association test. Even though fails booth his physical and psychological exams, M clears Bond to return to duty, and orders him to find Patrice and find out who hired him. Bond then meets with MI6 Quartermaster Q, who gives him a specially adapted Walther PPK, modified so only Bond can use it, and a distress signal device.

Bond finds Patrice in Macau at the top of a building, where he is about to kill another target. During the ensuing fight, Bond tries to get the name of Patrice's employer, but Patrice commits suicide rather than tell him. Bond spots a woman in a backless black dress, staring at him malevolently. He tracks the woman, Severine, to a casino, and they flirt until he deduces that she is a prostitute, and that her pimp is the brains behind the MI6 bombing. She reveals that her bodyguards are going to kill him if he tries to leave. She tells him the location of her boat, and that she will take him to her employer. Bond lets her leave, and fights her bodyguards when they try to kill him. The skirmish takes him and the surviving thug into the sandpit, where a Kommodo dragon is circling them. The thug regains consciousness and they fight brutally. After using Q's cunning devices to survive, Bond finally manages to kill the thug, who is later eaten by the Kommodo dragon. Bond escapes and meets Severine on her boat, where they have sex.

They sail to a deserted island, where they are kidnapped by the bombing's mastermind, Raoul Silva, a former MI6 agent turned cyberterrorist for hire. Silva tries unsuccessfully to recruit Bond, and then takes him out to where a bloodied Severine is tied up against a pillar. Silva places a glass of scotch on Severine's head and challenges Bond to shoot the glass off without hitting her. Bond deliberately misses in an attempt to save her life, but Silva sees through him and shoots her in the head, killing her. Bond then attacks, killing Silva's thugs in a matter of seconds, and then holds Silva at gunpoint. Bond reveals he called MI6 after arriving on the island, takes Silva into custody.

During interrogation, Silva reveals that, years earlier, M had betrayed him to the Chinese government, who tortured him for months before he attempted suicide with a cyanide capsule, which disfigured but did not kill him. He then tells M that he has been planning to destroy her ever since, and that his attack on MI6 was designed to ruin her professionally. Privately, M tells Bond that she gave Silva up to the Chinese in exchange for the return of six captured agents and a peaceful transition of power. Bond then realizes that her giving the order that resulted in his injury was nothing personal, as her job requires her to make difficult decisions in impossible situations.

Bond and Q try to hack Silva's computer, which triggers a computer virus that wrecks MI6's intranet and opens the door to Silva's cell, allowing him to escape; Bond realizes that Silva had wanted to be captured so he could inflict even more damage on MI6. Bond pursues Silva through the London Underground, where Silva nearly kills him by rerouting a train directly into his path. Bond manages to escape, however, and saves M when Silva attacks her during a government inquiry. M is led to a car to take her to a safehouse, but Bond "takes her hostage" and they escape to Skyfall, where they prepare for Silva and his men to attack.

Bond and M meet Kincade, the estate's caretaker who has known Bond since he was a child. Kincade helps to arm Bond and set several traps and explosives. Silva and his men arrive by helicopter, and open fire on the house. Bond sets off numerous explosives that destroy the house, before he escapes through a priest's hole he used as a boy, he remarks that "always hated this place". All but one of Silva's men are killed in the explosion, but Silva himself survives.

Bond then confronts Silva on the frozen lake, but Silva shoots through the ice, ending with Bond and Silva's surviving henchman fighting underwater. Bond gains the upper hand and kills the henchman, and arrives just in time to stop Silva from killing M by throwing a knife into his back. As Silva dies, Bond quips, "Last rat standing". He then sees that M was mortally wounded during the gunfight, and comforts her as she dies in his arms.

Bond returns to London and meets with Moneypenny, who reveals that M left her Churchill bulldog, an ornament that survived Silva's attack, to Bond in her will. Bond accepts Moneypenny as his secretary and goes in to meet the new M, Gareth Mallory. After the battle, Mallory was left with his arm in a sling. He is now head of MI6 and remarks that he was unused to field work, considering his injury a trophy. Mallory hands him a file with his name and serial number on it. Mallory asks Bond if he is ready to get back to work. Eager for the next chance to save the day, Bond replies, "With pleasure, M, with pleasure."


On a mission in Mexico City, unofficially ordered by the previous M, Bond tracks down terrorist Marco Sciarra, kills him and steals his ring, which is emblazoned with a stylized octopus. Upon returning to London, Bond is indefinitely suspended from field duty by M, who is in the midst of a power struggle with Max Denbigh, the head of the privately-backed Joint Intelligence Service, who campaigns for Great Britain to join "Nine Eyes", a global surveillance and intelligence co-operation. Denbigh uses his influence to close down the '00' section, believing it to be outdated.

Bond travels to Rome to attend Sciarra's funeral. That evening he visits Sciarra's widow Lucia, who tells him about SPECTRE, a global terrorist organization to which her husband belonged. Bond infiltrates a Spectre meeting, where he learns that Franz Oberhauser, his adoptive brother who was presumed to have died 20 years earlier in an avalanche with his father, Hannes, is the organization's leader. When Oberhauser addresses Bond by name, he escapes, pursued by Mr. Hinx, a Spectre assassin. Moneypenny informs Bond that the information he collected leads to Mr. White, who reveals that Quantum is a subsidiary of Spectre. White, who is dying of thallium poisoning inflicted by Oberhauser, asks Bond to find and protect his daughter, Dr. Madeline Swann. White then commits suicide. Bond locates Madeline, but she is abducted by Hinx. Bond rescues her and the two meet Q, who discovers that Sciarra's ring links Oberhauser to Bond's previous missions, identifying Le Chiffre, Greene and Silva as SPECTRE agents.

Bond and Madeline travel to an eco-hotel in Morocco, where they find co-ordinates pointing to Oberhauser's facility in the desert. They travel by train to the station nearest to the coordinate. Hinx attacks them on the train, but Bond kills him. After arriving at the station, Bond and Madeline are escorted to Oberhauser's facility. There, Oberhauser explains that SPECTRE has been staging terrorist attacks around the world with Denbigh's help, creating a need for the Nine Eyes program; in return, Denbigh provides SPECTRE unlimited access to intelligence gathered by Nine Eyes. He reveals that he hates Bond because his father, Hannes, favored him over his own son, and that he killed his father and faked his own death so he could use SPECTRE to inflict pain upon Bond - including the deaths of Vesper and M - under a new identity: Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Blofeld attempts to extract Bond's eyes with a surgical drill, but at the last second, Madeline destroys the drill with an exploding watch that Q had designed; the explosion scars Blofeld's face and blinds him in one eye. Bond destroys Blofeld's facility, but Blofeld escapes. He and Madeline return to London, where they meet M, his assistant Bill Tanner, Q and Moneypenny; they intend to arrest Denbigh and stop Nine Eyes from going online. Madeline leaves Bond, explaining that she does not want to be part of Bond's violent, dangerous world. On the way, the group is ambushed by Blofeld's men, who kidnap Bond and take him to Blofeld to the old MI6 building, which is about to be demolished. Blofeld tells him that he has three minutes to find Madeline and escape the building before the explosives are detonated. Bond saves Madeline and shoots down Blofeld's helicopter, which crashes onto Westminster Bridge. Bond leaves Blofeld to be arrested, his plan foiled after Denbigh is killed and Nine Eyes taken offline. Bond then quits MI6 and leaves with Madeline.

No Time to Die

Bond and Madeleine, now on vacation in Matera, Italy, both agree that in order to live their lives together, they must first let go of the past, namely Vesper Lynd's death and Madeleine's encounter with the bioterrorist Lyutsifer Safin as a child. After a night with Madeleine, Bond leaves the next morning and goes to the cemetery where Vesper is buried. As he pays his respects to his former lover and tells her goodbye one last time, however, Bond is ambushed by SPECTRE, which booby-trapped Vesper's tomb with a remote explosive. Bond survives the explosion and neutralizes an onslaught of SPECTRE henchmen led by the assassin Primo before making his way back to Madeleine, whom he now suspects is the one who tipped SPECTRE off as she was the only one who knew that Bond was in Italy. As the pair escape, Madeleine receives a call from Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who congratulates her for allegedly helping them and further solidifies Bond's suspicions in the process. After Bond and Madeleine successfully manage to escape another group of SPECTRE henchmen, Bond drops off Madeleine at a train station and breaks off their relationship, telling her that she will never see him again. As Madeleine leaves crying on the train, Bond makes his getaway, now alone once again.

Five years after Italy, Bond, now living in Jamaica, is contacted by Felix Leiter and another CIA operative named Logan Ash, who meet him at a nearby club. Leiter approaches Bond with a favor, offering him one last mission to track down a scientist named Valdo Obruchev, who had been captured by SPECTRE and was last seen in Cuba. Although at first reluctant, Bond's interest is piqued when Leiter reveals to him that Obruchev had been working on a bioweapon named Project Heracles, which Bond thought had been terminated by M. He tells Leiter that he would think about the offer. However, as Bond leaves the club, he finds that his car has broken down. Initially stranded, Bond is offered a ride home by a woman going by Nomi, whom he had caught a glimpse of at several occasions on his way to the meeting with Leiter. Once back at Bond's home, Nomi reveals herself to be an MI6 00 agent who took Bond's 007 codename, much to his dismay. Before she leaves, she threatens Bond not to accept Leiter's mission, as she was also tasked by M to track Obruchev down. Now aware that MI6 is also after Obruchev, Bond accepts Leiter's offer and leaves for Cuba.

Once in Cuba, Bond makes contact with another CIA agent named Paloma, who helps him get into a party hosted by SPECTRE to celebrate Blofeld's birthday. At the party, Bond finds out that Blofeld, although incarcerated at Belmarsh prison in London, is still "attending" the party via a bionic eyeball linked to a hidden camera feed. Bond and Paloma locate Obruchev, however, before they can make their move, Blofeld reveals that he knew all along that Bond was at the party. Cornering Bond, Blofeld releases a gas containing a strain of Project Heracles specifically designed to target only Bond and leave the other attendees unharmed. Fortunately, Obruchev, who had actually been working for Safin all along, had sabotaged the bioweapon so that instead of killing Bond, it would kill every SPECTRE attendee at the party. With the situation instantly tipping in their favor, Bond and Paloma fight their way out of the party, chasing Obruchev to the streets outside. After a fight with SPECTRE operatives and Nomi, who had gotten to Obruchev first, the pair succeed in kidnapping the scientist and make their getaway, leaving Nomi to deal with Cuban authorities. Bond and Paloma split up, with Bond taking Obruchev and stealing Nomi's plane to make his way to Leiter's extraction point. Once onboard a cargo boat belonging to the CIA, Bond, Leiter, and Ash interrogate Obruchev, asking him who he works for. Before Obruchev can answer, Ash pulls out a gun, exposing his true nature as a double agent working for Safin. Ash shoots Leiter in the stomach and after a brief scuffle with Bond, holds him at gunpoint and instructs to go into the hull with the severely wounded Leiter. As Ash leaves the ship with Obruchev, he detonates several explosives onboard, sinking the ship with Bond and Leiter still in it. Bond manages to escape, but Leiter's wounds are too severe for him to carry on and he bleeds out, dying in James' arms.

Without any leads and his best friend now dead, Bond returns to London where he confronts M about the existence of Project Heracles. Frustrated by M's callousness and resentfulness towards him, Bond storms out before he is pulled aside by Eve Moneypenny, who invites him to Q's house to better discuss his findings. Using a USB stick retrieved from Obruchev, Bond, Moneypenny, and Q discover the full extent of Safin's plans, with the drive containing the DNA information of millions of people all over the world for Project Heracles to be programmed to target. They also find that Blofeld is among the list of targets, and is the only living target remaining out of all of SPECTRE. Believing that Blofeld may know more about Safin's attack, Bond travels to Belmarsh prison, where he finds out that he needed to be accompanied by none other than Madeleine Swann, who since the events in Italy had become an MI6 asset and the only person that Blofeld would talk to. As the two stand waiting in the interrogation room, Madeleine begins to shake uncontrollably in fear.

Unbeknownst to Bond, she had been contacted by Safin hours prior, who threatened to kill the person she loved the most unless she killed Blofeld via a perfume containing Project Heracles which she had sprayed on her wrist before entering the interrogation room. Unable to handle Blofeld's presence as well as the prospect of killing him, Madeleine prepares to leave the room. However, before she can do so, Bond instinctively grabs her wrist and asks her where she is going. Cryptically, she tells him "home" before leaving. Now facing Blofeld alone, Bond is taunted by his arch nemesis, who tells him that Madeleine never betrayed Bond in Italy and that Blofeld had simply figured it out himself, only calling Madeleine to hurt Bond mentally. Enraged by this revelation, Bond attempts to strangle Blofeld before he is stopped by Tanner, who was watching the interrogation. The damage had already been done, however, as Bond had inadvertently killed Blofeld by touching him with the hand that he had used to grab Madeleine's poisoned wrist, infecting himself with Project Heracles and passing it to Blofeld.

With Blofeld now dead, Bond tracks down Madeleine to her childhood home in Norway. As the two reunite, they are interrupted by a little girl, whom Madeleine introduces as Mathilde and tells Bond that she isn't his. Later, while Mathilde is asleep, Madeleine reveals to Bond exactly who Safin is and her history with him. She also shows Bond a map of his base of operations, which is located on an island disputed between Russia and Japan. As Bond relays this information to MI6, he finds out that Nomi, who was tasked with tracking the now defected Ash, was actually near his location. Quickly figuring out that Ash has found him and is coming for him, Bond, Madeleine and Mathilde flee the house by car but are intercepted by Safin's forces. The three are forced into a nearby forest covered in thick mist, and Bond hides Madeleine and Mathilde, telling Madeleine to shoot anyone who finds them. Bond diverts Safin's forces towards him and manages to kill Ash in the process, but figures out too late that the latter was just a distraction for him as Safin himself captures Madeleine and Mathilde. As Bond is once again stranded, he is once again found and picked up by Nomi, who takes him to an airfield where a plane is waiting to take them to Safin's island.

Bond and Nomi, now tasked with killing both Safin and Obruchev and rescuing Madeleine and Mathilde, infiltrate Safin's base of operations, which is on an island between Japan and Russia. Once inside, they find Obruchev as well as a manufacturing plant where Project Heracles is being produced. The pair plant explosives in the plant and hold Obruchev hostage, but Bond finds a simulation of the effect of Project Heracles if Safin releases it, with millions of people dying if the bioweapon is deployed. They then interrogate Obruchev with regards to Safin's whereabouts, to which he points them in the direction of his office, so Bond gets ready to head there. Before doing so, Bond instructs Nomi to set off the explosives if he does not return. Once upstairs, Bond finds Safin with Mathilde at gunpoint.

Safin gives Bond an ultimatum; leave the island unharmed with Mathilde and Safin can continue his operation while keeping Madeleine captive or die along with both of them. Bond at first seems to accept, bowing down to Safin in a show of submission, but secretly pulls out a concealed gun and dispatches Safin's henchmen while the terrorist goes down a concealed elevator with Mathilde. Now free, Bond reunites once more with Madeleine, who managed to escape from her holding cell, and the two set out to look for Mathilde before finding her hiding under a table, with Safin having simply let her go. The three along with Nomi; who had killed Obruchev by that point, flee to a small boat at the edge of the facility. It is there that Q tells Bond that in order to destroy the facility, the freighter's missile silo doors need to be opened manually in order for a missile strike by the British navy to completely destroy it. Bond decides to stay behind to open the doors, and kisses Madeleine goodbye before running back into the facility.

On his way back, Bond kills several henchmen including Primo; who was actually Safin's lieutenant. Initially, Bond manages to open the silo doors with ease, pressing all of the buttons in the command center at once, and instructs M to order the missile strike. However, as he makes his way out of the facility, he finds out that the silo doors are on a timer, only remaining open for a certain amount of time before closing. Before Bond can make his way back to the command center, Safin shoots him in the back, severely wounding him, the two engage in a brutal fight, with Bond getting shot twice before breaking Safin's arm and rendering him immobile. As he lies defeated, Safin shows Bond his endgame; a vial of Project Heracles programmed to target Madeleine and Mathilde. During the fight, Safin had injected Bond with the vial, infecting him with the bioweapon. This meant that even if Bond managed to make it out of the facility alive, he would never be able to touch either Madeleine or Mathilde again, as doing so would kill them instantly. Faced with this revelation, Bond silently finishes Safin off by shooting him three times.

Poisoned and most likely mortally wounded, Bond painfully makes his way back up to the command center and opens the silo doors again, before telling Q to patch him through to Madeleine while climbing up to the roof of the submarine. The two exchange parting words as Madeleine painfully finds out that James will not be making it back after all. As the missiles approach the submarine, Madeleine tells Bond that; "she does have your eyes", alluding to Mathilde and telling Bond that she is in fact his daughter. Calmly, Bond answers back, "i know. I know", before the missiles finally reach their destination, annihilating Safin's operation and killing Bond instantly.

In the aftermath of Bond's death, M, Q, Tanner, Moneypenny and Nomi share a toast to him with one unused glass on the table, while Madeleine takes her daughter in his car as they drive along a country road leading back to Matera. As Mathilde leans against her, Madeleine tells her the story of a man she once met. A man named Bond. James Bond.


  • Peak of Human Physical Condition: Bond was in top physical condition for a man of his age.
  • Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant/Martial Artist: Bond was a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist; his combat style was consist of judo, aikido, brazilian jiujitsu, filipino, eskrima, karate and krav maga. Bond can engage armed and unarmed men and come about as the victor and is skilled at using what is available to him in his environment as a weapon to fight.
  • Master Marksman: Bond was a highly skilled marksman. He had exceptional precision, speed and reaction, which can eliminate many men simultaneously without wasting a shot. He was highly skilled in the use of pistols, shotguns, sub machine guns, assault and sniper rifles, with his most preferring 9mm pistols. His accuracy was unmatched with weapons, almost always fatal shooting targets in locations; such as the organs or the head even when they are moving and attacking.


  • Casino Royale (2006)
  • Quantum of Solace (2008)
  • Happy & Glorious in the 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony (2012)
  • Skyfall (2012)
  • Spectre (2015)
  • No Time to Die (2021)


Don't forget my pathetic love of country.
~ Bond to Silva.
History isn't kind to men who play God.
~ Bond in No Time to Die.
Madeline... You have made the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Perfect. Because she came from you.
~ Bond to Madeleine on their daughter Mathilde.
You have all the time in the world.
~ Bond to Madeleine before his death.
I know. I know...
~ Bond to Madeleine, knowing that Mathilde is his daughter.




  • Bond producer Barbara Broccoli hired Daniel Craig to play Bond in Casino Royale after seeing his performance in the 2004 crime thriller film Layer Cake.
  • Craig's initial casting was controversial, as the actor - who has blond hair and blue eyes, and is 5 feet, 10 inches tall - does not fit Ian Fleming's original depiction of Bond as "tall, dark, and handsome". Following the success of the film, however, Craig's performance in the series has received universal praise.
  • Of all the actors to portray James Bond, Craig has had the part the longest, at 15 years.
  • Unlike the other previous bonds, this character is first of the 007 series to die.


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