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James Gordan is an ally of Batman in the show The Batman. He ended the cops hatered for Batman.


Unlike every other cop, James sees Batman as help for the city. He congratulated Ellen Yin for bringing Joker, Penguin, and Riddler to justice he also makes sure his daughter Barbara is safe in Gotham.


He first appeared asking Angel Rojas why it was so important to capture the Batman. He explains having the bat on their side will be better for them. After Batman stopped Joker, Penguin, and Riddler he accepted Batman as a hero in Gotham.

He is shown to have a daughter named Barbra Gordan and catches her with Pamela. He tells her the pam is a bad infulence and safes her alongside Batman from the criminal Temblor. When Pam becomes Posion Ivy, she kidnaps Gordon as revenge for not doing anything about plant companies having Barbra save him as Batgirl. He would reappear helping stop Penguin before realizing that Batman had amnesia, assining Cash Tankinson to guard Bruce (unaware that he is Batman). He even learns Strange is a bad man after the doctor made Wesker go back to crime and when he bulit Dave.

In the fourth season, he meets Robin when he tries to solve a crime by Black Mask.