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Hero Overview

And here it is; the revelation. Just as there's no real differences between myself and I, there's truly no differences between acceptance and denial. The only two things defining each are semantics and level of emotions. Maybe that's why I had trouble understanding the differences, how to apply them to myself; it's all a matter of shifting perspective.

Maybe there's an end in sight. A goalpost where I can break free of the consistent years spent in nothingness, feeling my atoms turn to wet, and resisting. All I have to do is step forward, remember that "yes" is "yes", and hold on. Eventually, the answer will come for why things are the way they are.

Answers always come.
~ James Talloran in "…Like Clockwork Hub".
I wrote and I wrote and I wrote, spewing out the story beats that came to my head, and realized Talloran spoke through me. It's my belief that characters aren't something authors write; they already exist, and we just bring them out through writing and through creative endeavors. So when I wrote, Talloran told me their story. And then I realized there was more to the story than I could tell in that moment.
~ Sunset, the author, talking on her writing about Talloran in "The Vampyre of Time and Memory".

Researcher Talloran, real name James Martin Talloran, was one of the more famous researchers serving the SCP Foundation. He served the Foundation, until he became the focal point of the monstrous entity designated SCP-3999 who endlessly tortured Talloran and his loved ones both mentally and physically for countless centuries. Talloran eventually sacrificed himself to end the torture and destruction of SCP-3999. Talloran is the main protagonist in the "…Like Clockwork" series.


James Talloran was born to a dysfunctional family with his parents not loving each other anymore but still remaining married, while he and his sister struggled a bit while growing up because of his somewhat abusive father and their surroundings. His mother tried her best to properly raise Talloran, and when he became an adult he struggled with finding a place to live.

Talloran became a successful doctor and eventually a Level-3 researcher after being employed by the SCP Foundation. During his time in the Foundation, Talloran learned of an imprisoned poor anomaly and took pity on it, but this caused distress in him and was later reassigned and forced to make sessions with Dr. Cutler and then Dr. Glass. Draven Kondraki, a special task force agent and the son of Dir. Benjamin Kondraki, eventually developed a crush on Talloran and one day he build up the courage to tell him his feelings to which Talloran reciprocated and the two entered a relationship. During two years of being together, Talloran began doing his best in helping Draven with his father whose mental state began deteriorating over time, but as his condition kept worsening Talloran would try to comfort his partner who was being heavily affected by this. One night when Dir. Kondraki killed himself, Talloran arrived at the hospital where he found a shocked Draven whose sight caused Talloran to be saddened by this, and tried to comfort him, but after two hours he noticed that Draven had in his hands parts of his father's blown head due to Draven trying to put his father back together. After seeing this Talloran grabbed a biohazard bag and guided his boyfriend to let go of the parts, and then tried to clean Draven of the blood before his boyfriend fainted, prompting Talloran to quickly try to catch him.

After Draven woke up in the examination room, Talloran gave him his favorite jacket to wear and took him to his own house where he helped Draven to shower at which point Draven began to scream and cry, until Talloran comforted him, telling him that everything would be alright and after having him drank some sleep pills given to him by the doctor Talloran rested Draven on his bed. After being unable to sleep during the night, Talloran answered Draven's phone when it began ringing and talked to Draven's mother and tried to explain to her what had happened, but eventually he was forced on her request to wake Draven up so he could talk to her. As Draven began breaking down while talking to his mother, Talloran became dismayed by the sight and tried to support his boyfriend and after finding out that he didn't sleep Draven asked Talloran to also take a rest and the two slept together. After a few days, Talloran accompanied Draven to his father's funeral where he began to cry along with the rest of the attendants, except for Draven who tried to be close to Talloran, before returning to his home where Talloran cried a bit more, while Draven vomited in the bathroom, startling Talloran. Following that, the two went to bed where Talloran began reading since he was unable to sleep, but after Draven woke up he forced his boyfriend to get some sleep while he read on his own. However, Draven decided to rob his father's ashes from the graveyard and asked Talloran to assist him in spreading the ashes to a place where Benjamin would have wanted, to which Talloran begrudgingly accepted. The couple drove to Łeba and together scattered the ashes of Dir. Kondraki on the sea and then together began carelessly driving around before deciding to go to McDonald's.

After the couple moved into Dir. Kondraki's old apartment to live together, Talloran and his friend Dr. Yamada were reassigned to Site 118, much to Draven's dismay, and upon arriving Talloran was assigned to study a Keter-class anomaly designated SCP-3999. However, upon entering the chamber of 3999, the entity snatched Talloran and began torturing the poor researcher by manipulating all of reality around them. As part of its torture Talloran was removed from contact with the Foundation and put in a secluded area, before removing him from human population and having him commit suicide, but was then removed from all animal life and trapped in a secluded shack. 3999 then had various Mobile Task Forces to kill Talloran's family and friends and proceeded to nail their corpses to the outside wall of Talloran's office where Talloran was forced to watch as 3999 burned the corpses right in front of him. 3999 then had Talloran's colleagues poisoned by trained Foundation agents.

After that Talloran had his memories removed and was made to think that he was a high Fifthist leader named Brian Fredrick Bondiskey who was delivered to the Serpent's Hand alongside 3999, which masqueraded itself as a Fifthist artifact. Talloran was then forced to remain together with 3999 by the Hand who were informed that the leader and the artifact should not be separated. 3999 then used SCP-2432 to create a maze connected with a pocket dimension identical to 2432. Talloran was turned into an inhabitant of the dimension alongside other organisms, but after being discovered by Foundation agent who were exploring the anomaly they killed him following their interview. Talloran was temporarily removed from 3999, reunited with it, temporarily killed, placed inside the entity, and removed again from 3999 but still connected to it. Talloran then found himself inside an unfamiliar site being interviewed by a doctor. Talloran tried to explain his experience to the doctor but he soon realized that the doctor was a construct of 3999 which ate the doctor before causing the floor to vanish and letting Talloran fall into the blackness.

Eventually Talloran was forced to live with his mother until this thing was blown over, and Talloran was forced to assist personnel who were affected by 3999's infohazard. After 3999 faked its death, Talloran was made to think that he was now free and lived a happy life with his loved ones. Following this illusion Talloran was forced to remove himself from his own ego by meditating, but this failed and he was shot in the head by personnel, and after seeing that 3999 was unaffected by this, the entity had the personnel use a submachine gun to shoot Talloran's still living corpse multiple times. 3999 then made Talloran the precious son of the Dursleys family from Harry Potter who were also the leaders of the Global Occult Coalition in the reality created by 3999. After having Talloran witness his colleagues remove their hands and eyes, 3999 masqueraded itself as a Maxwellist artifact while Talloran was made to think that he was a high Maxwellist leader named Max Lipshitz, and were again forced to remain together by the Church of the Broken God. After Talloran was transformed into a scented candle, 3999 went on to rape Talloran's younger sister and after mutilating her it reversed the damage and hanged out with her. 3999 had some children laugh at Talloran's back, and tortured him once a month before playing American comedy specials with MTF Rho-19, Fifthist Patton Oswalt and Talloran's mother.

After Talloran was locked inside a secluded Foundation cell, he tried to get out of 3999's cell via the door, but when realizing that it would not open he tried to leave via another way which left him to return back to where he was. He tried to exit through the door again, but instead slammed into a wall which was part of a pedestal holding a representation of 3999. Talloran tried to think of a way out and decided to desperately claw at the floor beneath him and was successful in opening a hole. However, this attempt failed and he, alongside 3999, were inserted into an incoherent loop show where a family performed an act to impress a talent agent. Talloran tried to fight back, but 3999 forced MTF Lambda-14 to inject him with a great number of tapeworm eggs once a month. After Talloran was forced to feed 3999 some cornflakes, the entity made everyone on Earth hate him due to racism, before making personnel consider Talloran as a product of Prometheus Labs, Inc. which caused them to execute him twice a month, while his father was flayed alive in front of his mother and then burned along with the house. The personnel then inserted a hose inside Talloran's rectum causing his entire body to be filled with water, taking a spherical shape before exploding. After dying repeatedly and forced into complete seclusion again, Talloran was split into several copies who were forced to perform the containment procedures of SCP-2845.

SCP-3999 in the form of Death began chocking Talloran and asked him if he understood the pleasure of drowning in ichor or the troubles that feast upon life to which Talloran responded that he simply wanted to have a happy normal life, and tried to hope for a chance of freedom, but 3999 mentally destroyed Talloran before killing him and breaking reality. Talloran then found himself as a fetus developing within his mother's womb before going to a near light and burning alive. He then found himself in a black room where 3999 took the guises of Talloran's mother, sister and niece and began to slowly kill him with a knife and some wasps causing Talloran to experience his past memories. His body was then transported to a baseball stadium where his parents first met and they began taunting him. However, after being brought back to life yet again Talloran found himself in a movie setup where he came across a projection of Dr. Yamada in a beach resort formed from his memories. The projection told Talloran he was temporarily safe from 3999 and guided him to a projection of Site-118 where he narrowly escaped 3999. He and "Yamada" proceeded to walk under the starry night, eventually entering through a gate where they came across SCP-765. As Talloran began remembering his good memories he accidentally manifested a projection of Dr. Glass who starts a session with Talloran while "Yamada" slowly fades away. As 3999 began to take back control "Glass" informs Talloran that he should accept the bad things that happened around him be it his fault or not before he too faded away leaving Talloran at the mercy of 3999 again.

Talloran was pinned to a conveyor belt of a big machine where 3999 began to bite on his body, but Talloran was unable to feel pain anymore. A confused 3999 discussed with itself about this occurrence and went on to hack away at Talloran's body. After that Talloran was presented with a projection resembling a colorful Rorscharch test which began talking to Talloran in his own voice and asking about his fear and his gender identity. 3999 was then irritated at Talloran's numbness and decided to leave him alone to contemplate at his request and so Talloran became stronger. After countless years of torture, Talloran became bored of 3999's attempts of torment and began talking to 3999 who decided to open up to Talloran and confess about its insecurity. Talloran takes the opportunity to temporarily escape the torment and at that moment saw a number of happy and sad lives that happened in other realities, and after seeing these lives he let himself to be recaptured by 3999. This time 3999 transformed the reality around them into a trial of Talloran for his "crimes" while 3999 became the judge. The crimes Talloran was charged with were: Working for the Foundation Instead of Pursuing a Better Career, Anhedonia, Mental Illness in General, Inability to Cope, Non-Conforming Gender, Non-Conforming Sexuality, Taking Shit Too Seriously, Unable to Care About Others Adequately and Frustration With Hobbies, and was sentenced to more continued self-assessment and prolonged imprisonment. While being crowded by the paparazzi, Talloran used a grenade disguised as an apple to get free and run away. After the grenade destroyed all of reality around him, Talloran kept running through the nothingness hoping to finally escape the hellish torment, and eventually came across a black line in the horizon and upon investigating it he began falling. While falling he began thinking about Draven before crushing through the forums of the wiki's authors and after realizing what was going on he guided the reader to the next tale.

After talking to the author of the tales about their personal struggles, Talloran finally realized that 3999 was capable of doing all of this thanks to his own existence and he used this to gain control of the situation. He confronted 3999 in an interview and told it that after millions of years he had grown numb to the pain and the suffering delivered by it, and became determined to finally end its reign of terror. However, 3999 simply melted Talloran's body leaving the dunkleowolves to slurp the goo. Despite this, 3999 realized that it was all a waste of time and energy, and that this experience was greatly hurting its mental state and couldn't take it anymore, and so after Talloran reformed himself it decided to let him finally kill both of them and end all of this. At that moment Talloran formed a cord that went around both of their necks and began fighting each other. After the cord snapped Talloran transported both of them in the interview room where 3999 initially snatched Talloran up. Following another heated argument, Talloran strangled it causing the surrounding reality to be destroyed. Following their "deaths", reality was returned to normal with everyone having no recollection of what had happened, with the Foundation only thinking that Talloran went missing for three months. Foundation staff eventually found the unconscious body of Talloran inside the empty chamber of SCP-3999, and besides his body was his phone where he wrote his experience while being tortured by the entity. The Foundation realized that he was still alive and rushed him to the hospital. Upon waking up Talloran lied to them since they probably wouldn't believe him and was reunited with Draven.

While at the hospital, Talloran was given Class-C Amnestics in order to forget all of that horrible experience and after full recovery Draven took him to their home. However, as a side effect of the amnestics Talloran had at first forgotten how to read and this greatly affected him, but Draven comforted him and assured him that everything would be alright.


Talloran was described as a man a little shorter than Draven, clean shaven with neat, short hair and an empathetic smile. He also wore a pair of glasses. After his torture at the hands of SCP-3999, Talloran was left with two scars running across his cheeks, from the edges of his mouth to the end of his jaw, most likely left from his lower jaw being ripped from his head before healing.

Powers and Abilities

Talloran was a normal human and possessed no abnormal powers at first, although he possessed some intellect. After being tortured for three million years, Talloran was able to use his will and connection to SCP-3999 to manipulate reality around them and after a long time he finally defeated 3999, although the being had surrendered and let him to defeat him.


Because of his tough upbringing and some past traumas Talloran became an introverted man who always put the blame on himself. He was non-binary and despite his anti-social nature he was capable of forming a few friendships with fellow personnel. He especially had deep love for his boyfriend Draven Kondraki, as he was shown to deeply care for him and became distraught when seeing his partner suffer. After countless years of endless torment at the hands of SCP-3999, Talloran was at first broken by the monster, but he eventually gained enough courage and determination to fight back and put an end to this hellish nightmare and fought hard against the monster which resulted in Talloran being finally free. Although he used amnestics to forget his horrible torture, Talloran was still affected emotionally by this experience and had a hard time trying to move on even with the support of Draven.


  • Talloran's creator LordStonefish had envisioned several stories involving his character, but he became so obsessed with him that he once suffered a nightmare involving a jawless Talloran and other monsters based on SCPs mocking the author about his work in the SCP Foundation wiki. This inspired LordStonefish to create his representation named SCP-3999 to torture the character.
    • SCP-3999 torturing Talloran through different ways can be interpreted as LordStonefish putting Talloran through different ideas of stories he had originally envisioned for the character.
  • Talloran's favorite Beatles song was from Magical Mystery Tour.
  • In the comedy tale "Talloran Shoots Archduke Franz Ferdinand", Talloran tried to shoot Adolf Hitler from the Captain Planet series, but he instead shot Franz Ferdinand of Austria and at that moment 3999 emerged and told Talloran that his Jordans were fake.
  • In SCP-3999-J, a new researcher is introduced as Guest Researchers Mitch Talloran. It is unknown what relation he has with James Talloran.
  • In the tale "The William Penn Iteration", in a reality created by 3999, James Talloran as Frank Talloran was married to Sadie Louis.
  • In "Dent on Plaster Cast", an alternate version of Talloran exist in which Dr. Kondraki died according to the tale "The King Is Dead".
  • When the Foundation used SCP-978, a camera that when takes a picture of someone the photo it produces shows the individual's biggest desire, to take a photo of Talloran, the picture showed him in the body of a woman. This is most likely due to his transgender nature.
  • A story produced by Dr. Wondertainment's SCP-V1l3-J told about the romantic interaction between Talloran and 3999 which ended in both of their deaths.
  • In 'Excerpts From "How To Survive When Reality Doesn't", by Alto Clef', Dr. Clef became angry at Talloran for giving SCP-3999 the Apollyon object-class when it was supposed to be exclusive to SCP-2317.
  • When Dr. Bright was chosen to unlock SCP-????-J's new lock form, in his first attempt he needed to beat both SCP-076-2 and Talloran in a match of SCP-3301 to which he succeeded.
  • In SCP-001 (Ihp/Locke Proposal), SCP-3999 is cross-tested with SCP-1893, a story infection which turns anything that mentions it into a fictional story including a new character who is aware of the person reading the story, but will maintain the original message in the form of dialogue. The result of the cross-test is unknown as the corpse of James Talloran is seen hanging in the middle of the chamber, while the sound of a wooden baseball bat dragging on concrete can be heard from time to time.
  • In "1,001 Dark and Stormy Nights", Talloran in his child form was forced by 3999 to kill his brother. It is unknown if Talloran actually has a brother, or it was simply a construct formed by 3999, since this brother is not mentioned anywhere else.


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