Jamie McCrimmon was the Second Doctor's main companion travelling with him for most of his tenure. Meeting the Doctor in the Scottish Highlands from after the battle of Culloden, Jamie initially travelled with Ben and Polly, who were followed up with Victoria, and finally Zoe



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Season 4

Jamie first met the Doctor, Ben and Polly in The Highlanders, after the Battle of Culloden, where the English had defeated the Jacobean Rebellion. Jamie and his fellow Highlanders faced being hanged, butchered by the Duke of Cumberland or sold into un-survivable seven-year servitude on the plantations in the West Indies. After escaping the gallows, an unsure Jamie was urged to follow the Doctor, Ben Jackson and Polly into the mysterious TARDIS. 

Travelling with Ben and Polly

Jamie would be whisked through time and space, the first destination being Atlantis, where he and Ben were put to work in the mines, but escaped with the help of fellow prisoners Sean and Jacko. Right after this, in The Moonbase, Jamie and the others visited the Moon in 2070, where Jamie gained concussion, where while in the Monbase's sick bay, he encountered a Cyberman for the first time, initially believing it to be the legendary "Phantom Piper".  To be added

The Daleks and Victoria

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Season 5

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Season 6

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Later appearances

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  • Jamie McCrimmon was the inspiration for James Fraser from the Outlander series. 


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