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Psst. Hey there, castle boy. My name is Jamzy. What's a royal doing at a crummy school like this?
~ Jamzy introduces himself when he and Prince Camillot meet up.

Jamzy is a character appearing in the show Mixels. He is a Mixies Mixel whose debut occured in Every Knight Has Its Day. He is the leader of the Mixies band and their lead singer.


Jamzy is usually shown as soft spoken, but he has a chance to panic at times. He is the lead singer of the Mixies band. His talent may be lacking, but he never gives up.


Shaped like a classic Frender Mixokaster guitar, this Mixel was born to rock Mixopolis! Jamzy might have more confidence than talent, but this one-eyed character never stops trying to entertain.

Physical Appearance

Jamzy is based off a Frender Mixokaster guitar. He is bigger than Camillot and Booger are by 10% and 80%, respectively.

Jamzy has a large body that also acts as a head. He is yellow, wide, and he resembles a guitar. Nearly below his body is a purple, six-toothed mouth; three sharp teeth on his bottom lip and three sharp teeth on his upper lip. His gray eyestalk has stripes resembling guitar strings that lead to his headstock that houses three tuning keys and a single eye. His arms are purple and his hands are yellow, with a small portion below his hands. He usually is seen holding a microphone. On the back side of his body, there are two purple spikes. He has short, grey legs that lead to small, flat feet sporting a single purple toe.

In the cartoon, his body is flat instead of rounded, which is reminiscent of a real guitar. His pupil is also thicker.


Jamzy became a famous musician even though he was young. His brothers followed that path as well.

Every Knight Has Its Day

Jamzy made his debut in Every Knight Has Its Day as a student at the Mixopolis Middle School. Camillot and his cousin Mixadel bump into him en route, and Jamzy introduces himself (see the above quote) and asks what they are doing at the school because it is so crummy. Jamzy was on the same team (blue) as Camillot and a Glorp Corp student named Booger were in a game of Murpball, and got murpified shortly after helping Camillot learn how to play. When Camillot allowed the blue team to lose due to his indecisiveness, Jamzy got angry.

Later, Jamzy helped Camillot fight back when the prince's cousin Mixadel caused a Mixeloptor outbreak at the Mixopolis Zoo, being in multiple Mixes. Camillot found his confidence as a result of this.

Judging from his absence in Nixel, Nixel, Go Away, Jamzy could have survived the Nixel invasion.


  • Jamzy earned his name from "Jam", which can be used idiomatically as a verb for to "Rock and Roll".