Jane was a Nephilim, the offspring of an angel and a human reproducing. She worked as a waitress. She was the only known Nephilim left in existence until the birth of Jack in season 12. She was killed by her uncle Castiel.

Season 8

Jane is a waitress at Eugenie's in Ojai, California, where Castiel and Metatron meet to discuss the trials. She takes their order and compliments Castiel's appearance.

Metatron then explains her Nephilim heritage and that in order for the trials to be done, Castiel must kill her.

That night, the two angels stalk her but Jane reveals she knows what they are. She begs them to spare her, since she is innocent, and Castiel hesitates as a result. However, when Jane attacks Metatron, Castiel stabs her with an angel blade.

By doing so, Castiel inadvertently triggers the eventual expelling of angels.

Physical Appearance

She appeared to be a woman aged 20-30. She had reddish-brown hair and light blue-green eyes. Her eyes glowed gray during the fight with Metatron and Castiel.

Powers and Abilities

Her angelic heritage endowed her with three distinct abilities that made her superior to humans in terms of physical prowess but inferior to most Angels. However, it cannot be known if she showed her full power during her encounter with Castiel and Metatron.

  • Super strength - As a Nephilim, she bore enough strength to toss low-level angels around. She was also able to throw around a powerful Seraphim.
  • Astral perception - She could perceive the true form of angels.


  • Her heart was one of the three ingredients needed to banish all angels from Heaven.
  • She's the first Nephilim to appear in Supernatural.
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