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Jane Jetson is George Jetson's wife. Always looking for a new look and finding ways to make life as pleasant as possible for poor George. Dials a great dinner daily, for example beetle juice and lunar locks. She's a member of the Galaxy Women Historical Society. Enjoys the work of Leonardo de Venus and Picasso Pia and loves to go shopping at Mooning Dales. She is the deuteragonist of The Jetsons animated series.


Jane has a slender body with medium-length red hair, like her daughter Judy and her son Elroy and unlike her husband, she has a small nose. She also wears red-pink growth lipstick.

She wears a purple dress with a white triangular shaped collar, and thigh-high leggings. According to her profile, she wears size 8.

In the first episode, she clearly states that she is 33 years old.


Jane is materialistic, as shown during the intro to the cartoon, where she swipes George's wallet over a single dollar bill that George initially tried handing her, frustrating him. This trait is also displayed by the fact that she often goes shopping frequently (likely because she does not have a job like her husband does).

Despite this, she is very close to her family, and tries her best to make her family as pleasant as possible. Although generally friendly, she can become upset if her family is threatened, and often tries to stand up and protect them.


  • According to herself in the first episode, she is only 33 years old, making her 7 years younger than George. This would mean that she was only 17 years old at the time of Judy's birth.


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