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People are remembered for the challenges they overcome. You can run away and forget what you're capable of or you can face your fears and remind the world of who you are
~ Jane Romero

Jane Romero is one of the playable survivors in Dead by Daylight being introduced in Demise of the Faithful. She is an influential celebrity with a knack for taking on her problems with a variety of ways.


Jane is the daughter to celebrity Loretta Lawrence and her father was a struggling visual artist. Her parents divorced when Jane was just a baby due to her mother was always being busy with her life as a celebrity leaving Jane's father to care for her. Jane had a very love hate relationship with her mother on one hand she hated her mother for abandoning her and her father but on the other hand admired her on the screen. Jane desired to be famous like her mother which her grandfather often told her to be brave, believe and work hard and she could make her dream come true.

Jane soon got a job at a radio studio in which she pitched her idea for her own radio show at the studio but was turned down due to her idea being too risky. Soon Jane became the co-host of the failing talk show The Quick Talk and with her honest delivery of her thoughts on personal issues the viewer count began rising and soon Jane got her own segment: The Jane Romero Show. Critics gave it less than positive reviews which Jane took to heart. But everything changed after she did a 2 hour special on divorce and learned that her mother had agreed to appear on the show. Jane put on her brave face and all went well until Loretta interrupted Jane and told her that they weren't even related.

Jane confused and angry attempted to drive to her father's house but between her sleepiness and continual pains Jane couldn't stay fully awake and crashed her car into the nearby river. Authorities fished Jane's car out but her body was never found and she was declared dead. In reality Jane was taken into the Entity's realm just before the impact as she now uses her skills to help other survivors like herself to escape from the murderous clutches of the Entity's servants.

Skills and abilities

Jane comes with 3 teachable perks. Solidarity allows her to heal while healing her fellow survivors. Poised allows her to lose her scratch marks whenever a generator is completed. Lastly, Head On allows her to stun killers upon exiting a locker at the cost of her becoming exhausted.


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