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It's turns out the best Janet was the Janet that was inside Janet all along.
~ Janet to Michael
Hello, I’m Janet.
~ Janet’s common catchphrase
Fun fact: Janet is me!
~ Janet

Janet is a main character of the comedy TV series, The Good Place.

Janet is a walking database containing all the information in the universe, even all events in earth and in the afterlife. She even knows everything about everyone, and where their current locations are.

Janet also claims she is not a robot, or a woman, but is still referred by both. 

She was portrayed by D'Arcy Carden.

Character Backstory

Janet claims that she was created by the beings who refer themselves as "The Makers of Light, Darkness, and Everything in Between,” with the explicit purpose of serving as a basic operational mainframe for both the Good Place and Bad Place.

This specific Janet was initially supposed to serve in a Good Place neighborhood before being stolen by Bad Place architect, Michael to operate his neighborhood.


Janet is an honest Walking Database for the Good Place (W.D.G.P) who cannot tell a lie, as she is programmed not to.

On some occasions, Janet will inform the Good Place residents of some random fun facts, including some dark facts about famous people who have arrived in the Bad Place.

She also enjoys spawning and calling things on command, as it’s her favorite hobby, considering how much she loves helping other people.

Janet is programmed to tell the truth and serve the people of the afterlife, specifically the Good Place. She can be called upon by speaking her name in the afterlife, where she appears and gives the person what they desire.

Janet is always smiling and happy to give advice and whatever someone desires. However, after being rebooted several times during Michael’s tests, she started to develop human emotions and later started to have feelings for Michael and the other humans.


Janet seems to appear in every episode of The Good Place. She is a supporting character in season 1, a major character in season 2, and a main character in its last two seasons (3 & 4).

Other Media

Janet appears in some NBC shorts, explaining how the Good Place works. Some others, she can explain some ideas of the Good Place.


  • Janet is neither a human nor an Eternal Being, but rather an anthropomorphized vessel of knowledge; akin to an Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, they are not a robot, nor is they a girl, and they politely points these out whenever anyone mistakes her for being either one.
  • Janet states that there have been 25 versions of Janet, the first having supposedly had a click-wheel. This means they are upgraded similar to a computer program. they also refers to herself in the third person when discussing herself as if they are an object.
  • When Janet is away from her designated neighborhood they loses all of her normal abilities. This does not appear to affect her knowledge of the universe.
  • they can also alter her own appearance; they usually does this when rebooted, though they can do so at any time. In Existential Crisis they temporarily appears in different clothes and with blonde hair, in a form which Michael calls "Jeanette".
  • In the episode Dance Dance Resolution, Eleanor refers to her as "Busty Alexa" while trying to remember her name. Alexa is the name of Amazon's intelligent voice-controlled personal assistant, similar to Siri. 
  • Funko released The Good Place Funko Pop!s, including a Janet holding “Eleanor‘s File” (a cactus).  
  • Janet is activated by pressing her nose for three seconds. 
  • In the episode Janet and Michael, it is said that in case of continued malfunction, holding down Janet's nose and inserting a paper clip into a small hole behind her left ear will cause Janet to rapidly collapse in on herself until they are a marble and can either be launched through an inter-dimensional suction tube, or eaten as a mid-day snack. This is also show in chapter 23 "Best Self" when Michael turns Bad Janet into a marble. 
    •  Marbleization can be reversed. In chapter 43 ("Tinker, Tailor, Demon, Spy"), it's revealed that the Bad Place marbleized Good Janet and replaced her; in the next episode Jason and Michael rescue de-marbleized Janet from the Bad Place.
  • Although the character is named simply Janet, sometimes they are referred to in articles about the show as Janet Della-Denunzio. The reason for this is that when the show was first announced, the press release claimed that D'Arcy Carden would be playing "Janet Della-Denunzio, a violin salesperson with a checkered past". This turned out to be a big lie. 
  • As stated by Janet, they are very high in potassium, like a banana. 
  • During their stay at The Medium Place Janet and Jason attempt to have sex but they are very unsuccessful. This strongly implies that Janet has no genitals, they seems to be simply woman-shaped.
    • However, when Michael asked Janet for a personality change to be friendlier, and Janet "slipped straight into overt sexuality", they said to Chidi Anagonye, as a reference to Michael's wording "I got something you can slip into...", implying vaginal presence. they could have also been talking about any other orifice they may or may not have. The most likely explanation is that they was simply being sexual, even though they can't have sex.
  • TV critics regularly describe her as the show's breakout character.


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