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Janine Melnitz is the secretary of the ghost-hunting team Ghostbusters.

In the Ghostbusters films, she was portrayed by Annie Potts who also voices Bo Peep from the Toy Story films.

In The Real Ghostbusters, she is voiced by Laura Summer who is best known voicing as Patamon for Seasons 1-2 and later, Kath Soucie for Seasons 3-7 who is best known for voicing as Maddie Fenton, Miriam Pataki, Lil DeVille and several other animated characters.

In Extreme Ghostbusters, she is voiced by Pat Musick.


While not much is known about her history, she is from Brooklyn. From the start, she treated the whole Ghostbusters Secretary thing as "only a job". However, she also is well known for her crush on Egon Spengler. Which is what brought her back in 1997 to work with the new team.

The Real Ghostbusters


Janine mainly worked as the secretary of the Ghostbusters. However, she became more than that while working with the team. Janine served as the Ghostbusters' link to the world outside of ghosts. She was usually the one preparing for celebrations and Halloween parties. She also took care of most bills and ordering items and Firehouse maintenance.

At one point, Janine was fed up with working behind the desk and went along with the Ghostbusters on a bust at the docks. She picked an old brass lamp as payment and accidentally released a Genie. After the ordeal was taken care of, Janine decided it was best she stick with her job as secretary. But Janine continued to work the Proton Pack over the years when the situation demanded it.


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