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Jann Lee

Jann Lee (simplified Chinese: 李强, traditional Chinese: 李強, pinyin: Lǐ Qiáng) is a bouncer and Jeet Kune Do martial artist that made his debut in the first Dead or Alive. Throughout the series, Jann Lee's only goal is to become the greatest fighter of all time. To get to his goal, Jann Lee enters the Dead or Alive Tournament to prove his skills against others who join. He was the winner of the 5th Dead or Alive Tournament.

Jann Lee has made many friendly rivals through the series, like Lei Fang, Ryu Hayabusa and Hitomi to name a few. Like other Jeet Kune Do characters before him, Jann Lee is very similar to the late martial artist and movie star Bruce Lee.


A Bouncer and a self-taught Jeet Kune Do martial artist, Jann Lee is a regular in the Dead or Alive tournament, he has been participating since the first edition; Jann Lee’s sole purpose in attending these tournaments is to improve his martial art discipline and show the world that he is a great fighter.


Jann Lee comes from a troubled childhood, his parents died early in his life and so he was taken to an orphanage at -some province in China, apparently he lived in poverty as he was seen out of the orphanage begging for food; the local thugs bullied him and ridiculed him for being young and defenseless, with this harsh life and horrible surroundings the young Jann Lee decided then to become strong and make a living for himself through martial arts.

Jann grew up into a great martial artist, using his skills to work as a Bouncer at clubs, he became quite overconfident and slightly arrogant too by reaching this far. Now living the good life Jann Lee only focuses in improving his already great martial art discipline, that’s when he decides to participate in the Dead or Alive Tournaments, through it he met great combatants who became his regular friendly rivals, Lei Fang whom he saved from a group of thugs six years prior the first tournament, Ryu who tried to warn him off the tournament as bigger threats were involved and Hitomi who also believes real strength comes from within oneself.

Jann Lee wins the fifth Dead or Alive tournament. However, previously before the tournament begins, he was beaten by Rig in a bar brawl, and participated in the tournament to avenge his defeat, thinking that Rig is a participant. However, Rig did not appear and Jann Lee swore to defeat Rig for his loss.


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