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Janperson for Justice!
~ Janperson

Janperson (ジャンパーソン Janpāson) is a purple & silver android robot who works as a detective. He was once a killing machine known as the MX-A1, that was deactivated due to him becoming out of control but was later rebuilt with human emotions by the young female scientist Kaoru Saegusa. Like RoboCop, he upholds the law but he is purely mechanical. He is seen to be the kind of police officer who never gives up that easily. He also has problems dealing with his former life as MX-A1 when he is forced to destroy evil easily. He wears a jumper but in combat mode, he wears a pair of goggles.

He can jump 20m high, he can run 100m for 6.5 seconds and his weight is 34 tons.


High firepower made forerunner of Janperson, robotic criminals into heavily armed police deal with robots. Green body, equipped backpack the right eye to the back of the scope.

Project runaway after the first trials by programming behavior, erratic and the height of the attack of unruly poetic justice each buried in darkness.


  • Janperson Cards
  • Jandetic
  • Jack Cannon
  • Bucket Controller
  • Jan Stick
  • Jan Blader
  • Jan Vulcan
  • Dual Laser
  • Wire Punch
  • Knee Kick Missile

See Also

  • Karato, his american counterpart in Big Bad Beetleborgs.


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