I'm stuck here thanks to you! All that resentment caused by you summoning me is gonna end you right now! Jashin-chan Dropkick!! The first episode is also the season finale! Enjoy the rest as highlights!!!
~ Jashin establishing the series.

Jashin is the titular protagonist of the anime and manga series Dropkick On My Devil!.

Jashin is voiced by Aina Suzuki.


Jashin is a lamia from Hell whose goal in life is to kill Yurine so she could return to Hell. Unfortunately it is a combination of her incompetence and Yurine's efficiency with using weapons that causes her to fail consistently. When she's not trying to end Yurine, Jashin would often bribe her childhood friend Medusa into buying her items often to use them to try to kill Yurine. Despite this, she does actually value Medsua's friendship, and often becomes jealous if she felt that she was seeing other people.

Good Deeds

In episode 6, Yurine tasks her with giving Pekola a bowl of curry. When Pekola was about to get killed by her former apprentice Poporon, Jashin intrudes and this segues to Poporon knocking the bowl of curry out of Jashin's hands. Enraged, Jashin beats up Poporon and sends her flying, unintentionally saving Pekola in the process.

Poporon would return in episode 7 to get revenge on Jashin. When she fights off against her, Jashin grabs her halo and devours it, thus stranding her on Earth as well. Because of her actions, Jashin received an upgrade from Hell and a potion which gives her legs. After making Medusa upset, she decides to take her on a date. Medusa had decided to purchase some contacts from a shady businessman. When Medusa's legs began to become stone due to the contacts being cursed, Jashin finds the businessman and dropkicks him across the sky as vengeance.

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