Jason is an orphan in The Care Bears Movie. He has an older sister named Kim, and he is voiced by Sunny Besen Thrasher.


He is Kim's younger brother. He is a 6-year-old boy with brown hair who wears yellow t-shirt, blue overalls and sneakers, too.


They first meet Friend Bear and Secret Bear while out for a walk in a park. They take no interest in them at first but then after an accident caused by Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs, they are transported to Care-a-lot. They are introduced to the kids and get a tour around Care-a-lot. After a "Cloud Quake" happens (caused by The Spirit), they were sent to the park but the portal malfunctions, causing them to discover the Forest of Feelings. Once there, they meet Brave Heart Lion and Playful Heart Monkey. The spirit attacks them with a spell in forms of a spearfish, a tree and a eagle. Then they go to Earth to help Nicholas. Kim and Jason help Nicholas realize what he has done and he closes the book with the spirit in it. Later on, Kim and Jason are adopted by parents who take them to one of Nicholas' shows.


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