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Who have I become?
~ Jason after torturing his younger brother

Jason Brody is the main protagonist, anti-hero, and playable character of the video game Far Cry 3. He is a 25-year-old man who came to the Rook Islands somewhere in the Pacific Ocean for vacation alongside his two brothers Grant and Riley, his girlfriend Liza Snow, and his friends Daisy Lee (Grant's girlfriend), Oliver Carswell and Keith Ramsay. Jason is a unique figure as he is portrayed with heroic tendencies to begin with, as he tried to save his friends from being enslaved, but developed a sociopathic, anti-heroic side when he rejected the opportunity to abandon the violence and leave the island with his friends.

He is voiced by Gianpaolo Venuta in the English version of the game, and by Massimo Di Benedetto in the Italian version of the game.

Far Cry 3

Shortly after their arrival to the island, Jason and his friends are kidnapped by a sadistic pirate leader named Vaas Montenegro on the orders of his boss Hoyt Volker. Jason and his older brother Grant are held captive by Vaas in a cage.

As they manage to escape from their cage whilst Vaas is absent, the two finally make it out of the camp, but Grant gets shot in the neck by Vaas. Jason desperately tries to stop Grant from bleeding, but cannot prevent his death. Instead of shooting Jason, Vaas tells him to run to the forest as he chases him, which will later be his undoing.

Jason barely escapes from the camp and is rescued by a native named Dennis Rogers. Dennis promises that he will help him in finding his friends. After finding his first friend Daisy, who had been nursed back to health by Dr. Earnhart, Jason learns that his girlfriend Liza is held captive by Vaas personally. Jason then assaults the slave prison that was said to hold Liza.

However, it turns out to be a decoy, and Jason is knocked out and captured. As he wakes up, he finds himself tied to the chair, and Vaas is seen pouring gasoline all over the place. He then lights the building and leaves Jason and Liza to die, but takes Oliver with him. Jason manages to free himself, but falls to the lower floor. After a race against time, he manages to get himself and Liza out of the collapsing building.

After escaping with Liza from the hotel, Jason is introduced to the Rakyat's leader, a woman named Citra. While at first disliking him, Citra begins to notice how powerful of a warrior that Jason is, and Citra begins training him in different ways to become the a great warrior, and to avenge his brothers Grant and Riley (who's believed to be shot and killed by Hoyt Volker) by killing Vaas.

Later, Jason raids a celebration party given by Vaas about Jason's "death" at his own compound. Although Jason believes that he successfully infiltrated the compound, he's surprised when Vaas broadcasts that he knew that he was coming, and he sounds the alarm. After fighting against Vaas' pirates, Jason finally confronts Vaas and challenges him in a knife duel, and ultimately kills him.

After Jason kills Hoyt and rescues Riley, they make it to Dr. Earnhart's mansion to get their friends and leave the island, but they find out that the mansion was burnt to the ground, Earnhart was killed, and their friends had been kidnapped by the Rakyat.

Jason and Riley make it to Citra's temple. As Jason enters the temple with thoughts of saving his friends, again he's sedated by Citra and awakes to her proclaiming her love for him and how he has become a powerful and fierce warrior.

He then has a vision of walking down a fiery path, experiencing visions of his friends trying to deter him from completing the path of becoming the ultimate warrior. After the vision ends, he finds himself holding the knife at Liza's throat while Liza is begging him not to kill her. At this point, the player will have two options.


Join Citra

If Jason accepts Citra's offer, he will slice Liza's throat, who dies uttering the word "Ja...son..." Then, he will be seen having sex with Citra in a ritual.

After finishing, Citra stabs Jason in chest as a part of the ritual. As Jason lays bleeding to death, Citra says that he is a warrior and should die a warrior ,and that their child is going to lead Rakyat. Before Jason dies, Citra whispers, "You won."

Save Your Friends

If Jason chooses to save his friends, he refuses Citra's offer to join her and begins cutting the ropes holding his friends up, starting from Liza's. Citra tries to convince Jason to stay with her by saying that she loves him, but fails as Jason tells her that his whole intention was getting his friends out of the island and that he had seen enough bloodshed already.

Then, Dennis goes ballistic at Jason and starts lambasting him about his choice for what he considers an outrage to both Citra and the tribe for rejecting Citra's love. As he was about to stab Jason out of fury, Citra gets in his way in order to save Jason and ends up getting stabbed by Dennis' knife.

As Citra lay dying in Jason's arms, she says that she loves him, and asks not to leave her, Jason says that he's sorry, and with that, Citra dies. As the credits roll, Jason is seen leaving the island alongside his friends, whilst Jason gives a short monologue.

"I've killed so many people, I've lost count. I can't come back from this - I'm a monster. I can feel the anger inside me. But I know that somewhere still, I am more than that. Better than that." However, even with this ending picked, Jason can still choose to send his friends home and stay on the island.


  • Jack Carver, Ajay Ghale, and Takkar do not die at the end, regardless of the player's choice, since Jason can be killed by Citra in the bad ending of Far Cry 3, and the protagonist of Far Cry 2 dies in either ending.
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