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Jason Jenkins is the main protagonist from Kong: the Animated Series and Kong: Return to the Jungle.

He is voiced by the late Kirby Morrow.


Jason is an energetic and passionate young man. Even though sometimes he becomes arrogant due his ability, Jason is kind toward the others and loves to have fun with Kong and his friends. Because Kong is created and cloned from his DNA, he acts as an "older brother" figure to him and calls him "Bro"

He actually has feeling for Lua, which is seen when both he and Lua confess their feelings and almost kiss in the last episode (before they kiss, Kong splashes them with water).


Jason is the orphan grandson of Dr. Lorna Jenkins, and was taken care of by her in his childhood days in Redwoods. It's also mentioned that Dr.Jenkins used his DNA to create a clone of Kong, who already died falling from the skyscraper. After Kong is born, Jason always spends time with him. Years later, a mysterious man with and his henchmen attacked their house and faced Dr.Jenkins. The man stated he wanted to steal her scientific secret so he get some power to rule the universe, much to her confusion. However, the man orders his henchmen to wreck her lab, but Dr.Jenkins still refuses to answer his question. After that, Jason and Kong arrive and try to save her. When the man wanted to take a gun on the table, the man accidentally got his hand into a hot chemical. The man screamed painfully and hit the other chemicals, but Dr.Jenkins was able to save Jason and Kong from their house before the explosion happened in the lab.

The mysterious man who attacked their house was none other than Professor Ramone De La Porta, who later become the teacher of the university which Jason and Tann attend.

Skill and Abilities

Jason knows some high-level martial-art skills , and has very good reflexes. With Cyberlink, he also can merge with Kong and fight with De la Porta and his henchmen . Jason occasionally merges with something other than Kong. In "Hidden Fears" Jason merges with Soara the Pteranodon and a Tyrannosaurus when Kong is incapacitated by a giant spider's venom that was used by Harpy. In "DNA Land," he merges with a fennec fox to get into Howling Jack Crockett's DNA Land animal park, and later an eagle to get Kong out of there. In "The Renewal," Jason merges with a Pteranodon and then a Triceratops to stop a lava flow while Kong is busy fighting Ominous in a parallel world. When he merges with an animal and becomes a giant humanoid animal, his eyes glow blue.